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Sr web analyst

  1. 1. F A H A D Z A H I D 633 Nizam Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Pakistan Ph:+92-42-7812959, +92-333-4909859 email: young_fahad@hotmail.comOBJECTIVE: To get a responsible and challenging job in a dynamic learning organization offering careergrowth, professional grooming and vigorous exposure. I possess a keen interest in learning along withqualities of leadership and hard work.EDUCATION: BSCS (Computer Science) 2003 – 2008 The University Of Lahore DAE 1998 – 2002 Diploma In Associate Engineering (DAE) From Pak Poly Technic Institute Matric(Computer) 1998 Divisional Public SchoolADDITIONAL QUALIFACTION: 2006 • BA Bachelor in Arts From University of PunjabWORKING EXPERIENCE: • Sep 2007 to JULY 2008 working experience as SEO Expert. At : Paragon Studio July 2008 to Till Sep 2009 working as SEO. At : SamVision OCT 2009 to Jun 2010 Working As a SEO Team Lead At : Five Rivers Technologies July 2010 – Dec 2011 Working As Senior SEO/SEM Expert At : MarkcoTech Jan 2012 till date Working as Senior SEO/SEM Expert At : WTWMTECHNICAL SKILLS: Google Analytics, Tracking & Monitoring, Custom Tagging, Monitoring Sales Through Analytics, Landing Page Optimization, A/B/Multivariate Testing, Paid Advertising, Monitor PPC Campaigns’ Through Analytics, Website Auditing, Email/News Letter Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. W3C Validation. Software Branding, Online Reputations Management, Online Lead Generation, Social Media Optimization, Google Webmaster Tool, Google Adwords For Paid Advertising.MAJOR WORK OF SEO Search Engine Optimization
  2. 2. Perform Meta Tags Optimization, Google Tools Installations, website content optimization includingvideos, images and text, interlinking optimization, sitemap generation & submission, conical issuesresolving, website structured optimization, URL structured optimization, URL redirects.Google AnalyticsHaving great command over Google analytics in order to track daily traffic, leads and sales, canperform Google analytics tracking code installation, perform targeted oriented goal setting, visitor flowchart analysis, visitors stats analysis for exploring ways to get traffic from different sources, customreport generation in order to track keywords, landing pages & daily sales, custom tagging, Analyzingweb pages that produces min and max CTR, perform competitive analysis of mobile visitors, monitorPPC campaigns stats through analytics, track social media campaigns effectiveness through analytics.Great command over getclicky and statcounter.SEO AuditingCan make comprehensive SEO Audit Reports aimed to be identified the issues which isolates searchengine performance directly, Fully capable to determine Technical loop wholes which directly effectsthe website performance. Generally These Reports includes Meta Optimization, URL Optimization,Content Targeting, URL Customization, Site Structure Optimization, URL Redirects Issues, CanonicalTagging Issues, Page Loading Speed Testing, Internal Linking Monitoring.A/B/Multivariate TestingA/B Testing is an experiment in which we made two pages in order to determine which page generatesmore traffic and leads, Perform Spilt/A/B/Multivariate Testing for an website, Made comprehensivereport on A/B Testing which covers all aspects of multivariate testing including conversion rateoptimization & Landing Page Optimization.Landing Page OptimizationLanding Page Optimization is the Process in which we improve the efficiency of landing pages in orderto generate leads into sales. Landing Page is Equally important in PPC campaigns as well as Organic.Fully Capable to optimized landing page respective to Niche, Set Page according to website customstructure, Monitor Designs and Content based issues in order to increase CTR. Reducing Bounce Rate.Keywords Analysis and ResearchFully Capable to perform Descriptive keywords research by using Google Adwords Keywords Tools,Successfully Updates Meta Keywords of Various websites belong to various Niches, accordinglyGlobal Search Volume, Local Search Volume, Broad Match, Exact Match, Geographical Location s etc.Content OptimizationSuccessfully write, unique, fresh content for various websites, blogs & niche based articles, havingcomplete command on writing comprehensive content which covers all aspect regarding specific Niche,also able to write content be keeping SEO prospective in mind.Blogging
  3. 3. Have made & run several free and self hosted blogs, complete command on blogs self hosted blogs CMS(Content Management Systems). Fully able to customize WP blogaccording to requirements. Capable to perform Video blogging as well by embedding YouTube videosin Self Hosted Blogs, Also made some customize channels for Video Blogging on,, etc.Link BuildingSuccessfully Runs various Link Building campaigns by managing several teams of Seo ExpertsSimultaneously, Ability to make Theme based inbound links, Single Way Links, Reciprocal Links, PaidLinks, Contextual Links through Blogs, Made Link Wheels of Several Web 2.O Properties.PPCHave Setup several campaigns for paid advertising on Google Adwords, Run several small & mediumcampaigns by maintaining quality score, made several adgroups in order to generate more leadscategory wise. Maintain ROI (Return Over Investment) on several campaigns.Google Algorithmic UpdatesDeep eyes on Google Algorithmic Updates & Latest happenings in Search Marketing and DigitalAdvertising World. Perform Detailed & Descriptive Analysis on Google Panda Algorithmic Updates.Recover a Site which hits badly Due to panda update, Google Panda Update Deals with On PageFactors. While Google Penguin Update which introduce this year deals with off page factors includingblack hat techniques, automated and spam links.Email MarketingLaunched Some Email Marketing campaigns effectively and efficiently, Setup email marketingcampaigns through mailchimp and icontact. Deeply Monitor Effectiveness of these campaign bymonitoring CTR, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate etc, also having idea regarding performing split testingof email marketing campaigns.Affiliate MarketingPerform Search Engine Optimization of Several Affiliate Marketing based website successfully,Optimized several merchant based pages organically in order to generate more leads. Made Account ontop affiliate networks like CJ, LinkShare, ShareaSale & Google Affiliate Networks. Also run AffiliateMarketing Campaigns as a Merchant in order to promote your brand and getting more n more leads tosales.Social Media OptimizationSocial Media made a revolution in internet marketing; it is one of the most significant way to promoteyour site/brands effectively on different social media platforms. Runs and Monitor Social MediaCampaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Google Plus and other Social Media Sites as well.Team MonitoringHaving more then five years of experience by performing search engine optimization, search marketingand social media optimization. Successfully Lead and Monitor several teams of SEO Experts & Contentwriters in order to write unique & effective content for optimizing several high density keywords.Tools
  4. 4. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Website Optimizer, Pingler,SEM Rush Tools, Back Link Analyzer, Domain Age Checker, Keyword Density Checker, KeywordDifficulty Tool, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Link Popularity Checker, Site Link Analyzer, OutboundLink Finder, Site Analysis, Site Speed Checker, SEO Analysis, Robot.txt Syntax Checker, Ahrefs,Market Samurai, Internet Marketing Ninjas Tools.Web Portal (Final Year Project)My Final year project was web portal. The major objective of this website was providing online buy nsell products, client to client direct communication for buy or sell the product, Other than that we alsosell our on product online through web site, and also providing complete detail of Lahore city. It is aresearch based project. We are including all the information about Lahore.( Tools SQL server 2000 ,ASP.NET(C#), Ajax ,Flash ) PERSONAL DATA: Father’s Name: Zahid Hussain Quershi Data of Birth 04/01/1982 Age: 29 Religion Muslim Nationality Pakistani NIC 35202-2636722-3 REFERENCESAll Sort of Websites and Work References will be Available on request.