Metrics 1: Update Meta Settings                                                                     Tactic 1: Perform Stru...
1.   Mission Statement:Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective procedure for Net Lawman; In order toincrea...
Perform Email Marketing on regular basis in order to promote legal documents effectively.ConversionsAfter Performing Marke...
Determine Competitor Prices and their OfferingsCompare your Products and Offerings with Competitor Products and offersEnsu...
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Seo skeleton


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Seo skeleton

  1. 1. Metrics 1: Update Meta Settings Tactic 1: Perform Structured On according to webmaster Page Optimization. guidelines Cost: One Time Tactic 2: Customized URL Metrics 1: Updating Search Engine Structure With Search Engine Friendly URLs Structure Friendly URLs. Cost: One Time Metrics 1: Perform Content Tactic 3: Optimized Content Optimization according to enriched with targeted keywords keywords density. Cost: Recurring. Every month. Goal 1: Increase SERP (Search Engine Rank Position) Metrics 1: Perform Structured Tactic 4: Niche Based targeted Link Building Campagins in order inbound Back Links to get Nichebased inbound links Cost: Recurring. Every Month Tactic 5:Give Freebies could also increase your website traffic Mission Statement: To Increase Metrics 1: Promote Brand on Organic Search Engine Visibility Tactic 6: Website Promotion Various Social Networks andwith effective manner in order to Goal 2: Driving More Traffic through social sharing Microblogging sites.genrate more and more targeted Organically communities, social media & Cost: Recurring. Every Month leads which ultimates aim to online business communties increase sales. Metrics 1: Made Website Design Tactic 7: Content More Attractive & Easy in order to Readability/Usability/Design increase conversions. Cost: One Time Goal 3: Conversions Metrics 1: In Order To Reduce bounce rate and increase Tactic 8: Credibilty Based Creative conversions credible webdesign Website Design should implemented. Cost: One Time
  2. 2. 1. Mission Statement:Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective procedure for Net Lawman; In order toincrease websites search engine visibility across the multiple targeted jurisdictions; We have usedSearch Engine Optimization and Marketing strategies quite effectively in past, Typically SearchEngine Optimization can be divided in to Three major parts. 1. Increasing SERPs (Search Engine Rank Positions) 2. Drive More Traffic Organically 3. ConversionsIncreasing SERPs (Search Engine Rank Positions)Increasing number of sales is directly proportional to increasing SERPs; to explain it further, nichebased keywords selection is one of the most useful and effectively methodology in order to boostsales; more relevant keywords you choose more targeted leads you got. Increasing Search EngineRank Position (SERP) is one of the prime responsibilities of Search Engine Optimizer, There arevarious factors are involved to enhance the Search Engine Rank Position of particular keywords,some major factors are: Strong on Page Optimization with Unique Meta Description. Customized URL Structure with Search Engine Friendly URLs Optimized Content enriched with targeted keywords Content Readability/Usability/Design Niche Based targeted inbound Back Links Social Signals at a Domain LevelDrive More Traffic OrganicallyThere is no denial that organic search engine volume is getting bigger day by day; Google is one ofthe most trusted & authenticated search engine which provides relevant, real time and effectivetraffic. Webmasters can increased their website traffic volume by optimizing more niche basedkeywords as well as more brand promotion in natural way; There are several methods to increasewebsite traffic, some of them are given below: Promote your site through various social media & legal communities Add Net Lawman websites to Google Local according to juries Add Net Lawman Websites to local business and legal directories Promote Website Through Social Book Marking Communities Give Freebies could also increase your website traffic; Documents like free wills could be distributed for free in order to increase website traffic. Perform Website Promotion through blog, write unique & customized articles according to niche in order to grab the attention of more and more targeted audience. Submit Content on Companies Profile Like Crunch Base, Venture Beat Profiles etc.
  3. 3. Perform Email Marketing on regular basis in order to promote legal documents effectively.ConversionsAfter Performing Marketing & Optimization; final process involved in SEO Skeleton is conversions;Increasing Conversion Rate is one of the most important aspect for increasing sales; If you got very goodtraffic from search engines but having higher bounce rate & low conversion rate, you cannot increaseyour sales. In Order to Increase your site conversion rate; you have to perform the following basic &innovative steps: Design Unique, Innovative and attractive layout; in order to attract more and more visitors. Interactive Design should be compatible with all browsers. Perform Comprehensive Usability Testing in order to gain more leads. Build More Trust by inserting VeriSign Secured Logo to all websitesCompetitor AnalysisCompetitor Analysis is one of the most effective procedures in order to increase website traffic bymonitoring your competitor activities; Competitor Analysis is a semantic approach in order to evaluatecompetitor activities for instance; what your competitor performs in order to get more leads; fromwhere your competitor gets back links; what are your competitors domain authority etc, In order toperform comprehensive competitor analysis you have to perform the following steps: Identify Broad and Niche Based Targeted Competitors; In order to evaluate their Strengths and weakness. Determine what their strategy is; how successfully they are implementing it. How well their site is rendering in major search engines. What are There Organic ranking & how many keywords they are targeting initially. See snapshot of domain statistics, including quality, mozRank, Domain Authority, pages and links How effective their web design is in order to attract visitors & increase conversions. Determine what is their website marketing strategy Evaluate From where they are getting back links; Also Determine number of Do Follow and No Follow Back Links Identify Competitors Successes & FailuresCompetitor Price AnalysisCompetitor Price Analysis is another impactful technique in order to maximize your sales with effectivemanner; especially in the era of inflation, declining economies, weak business growth, Costs will remainthe hardest factor to control in the coming competitive landscape. By Keeping in mind these scenarioprice comparison is one of the most important aspect to strengthen your business growth. StepsProvided Below which needed be taken during performing performance analysis.
  4. 4. Determine Competitor Prices and their OfferingsCompare your Products and Offerings with Competitor Products and offersEnsure your Product presentation & product description is more attractive comparable to itscompetitor.Be selective and avoid across-the-board price increases by raising prices of specific products atcertain times.Position your products with as much price sensitivity as possible.Improve on and provide a better customer experience