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With constantly evolving social platforms, proper social media optimization can have a huge impact on your online presence. At Zenith Duluth Socialcon 2013, Will Scott presented “Getting Social Online” exploring both paid and organic options for making the most of Facebook.

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  • Sometimes however, you have to buy the love. And the great news is that Facebook now has easier to use tools to help you do that.
  • Affinity
  • Page, Content or Event
  • New Facebook Rule – no more than 20% of image can be text
  • When Facebook rolled out sponsored stories, EdgeRank became much harder to obtain. So now, you have to pay for it.
  • I’ve lived in the south for the last 25 years. What are you going to do.
  • Getting Social Online - Will Scott - Zenith Duluth Socialcon 2013

    1. 1. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Let’s get the party (conversation) startedGetting Social Online
    2. 2. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Content Vehicle
    3. 3. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Most VisitedcomScore March 2013 Top US Web PropertiesGoogle SitesYahoo! SitesMicrosoft SitesFacebookAmazon Sites
    4. 4. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Top 5 Searches on Googlefacebookyoutubeyahooyahoo mailfacebook login
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    7. 7. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013FACEBOOKWhat you’ve all been waiting for
    8. 8. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013WHAT GETS SHARED AND SEEN?Content of All Kinds
    9. 9. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Most Shared by Media Type• Video• Photo• Links• Status• *Questions?
    10. 10. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Not All Content Is Equal
    11. 11. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Not All Images Are Equal
    12. 12. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Not All Updates Are Equal
    13. 13. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013
    14. 14. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY FOR ITTying A Steak Around Your Neck
    15. 15. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Just because you paid for it doesn’t make it lesssatisfying
    16. 16. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Why Pay for It?• EdgeRank – Facebook’s Visibility Algorithm– Affinity, Time Decay and Weight– The more connections and the more interaction, themore likely your content is seen• Organic EdgeRank has been diminished– Only ~10% of your fans will see an update• New ad units can reinvigorate EdgeRank• If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no onethere to hear…
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    18. 18. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013
    19. 19. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013
    20. 20. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013PAYING FOR LOVEAccelerating Content Discovery
    21. 21. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Facebook Ad Types• Marketplace Ads– Traditional ad unit, may be like or link oriented• Sponsored Stories– Positioned like Marketplace, focused on content• Like Ads– Leverage connections to grow fans• Promoted Posts and News Feed Ads– Overcome ad blockers and leverage the news feed
    22. 22. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Marketplace Ads
    23. 23. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Sponsored Stories
    24. 24. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Like Ads
    25. 25. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Promoted Posts
    26. 26. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013YEAH, YEAH,BUT HOW DO YOU DO IT?Bringing It All Together
    27. 27. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Does it work?
    28. 28. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Does it work?
    29. 29. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Like Candy from A Baby
    30. 30. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Just Don’t Stop!
    31. 31. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Easier Than Falling Off A Log
    32. 32. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013The Magic Recipe
    33. 33. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Takeaways (feel free to tweet)• Facebook is a vehicle for content delivery - and makingnew connections.• Good content with no promotion is a tree falling in theforest with no one to hear.• Promoting content on Facebook with promoted postsis easier than falling off a log.• On Facebook, if you have no audience, no one can hearyou scream.• Experimentation is cheap and easy - figure out whoyou want to talk to and get your message out.
    34. 34. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013SEARCH INFLUENCEScalable Solutions Powered by Experts
    35. 35. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013About Search Influence• Helping customers successfully market online since 2006• We work with thousands of clients, directly and as a white-labelprovider to major national media companies.• Scalable Solutions Powered by Experts• Search Influence:• 50+ full-time employees• 70+ contract writers• 12 AdWords Certified Staff• Reputation:• 2011 Inc. 500 honoree• Recognized leader in search and social for local business• Over a decade in online media
    36. 36. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013As Seen In:
    37. 37. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013SI on The UpdatesGoogle “Farmer” Update: BigPanda Makes Mountains andMolehillsGoogles Comin, Yo! PenguinUpdate Resources You Can UseSEO is Dead! Long Live SEO!Be Semantic: How to InstallMicrodata
    38. 38. @w2scott Presented to #Zenith2013Thank you!Will Scott–––