Local presence & local claiming webinar


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Looking to increase your local search presence? Claiming and optimizing Google+, Yahoo, and Bing listings are a must, but having a presence on other platforms will also help increase local search presence. Join us as we dive into our Local Presence package and explore the opportunities and ways to increase a client's local search presence.

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Local presence & local claiming webinar

  1. 1. Helping small businesses succeed online. @searchinfluence
  2. 2. • Louisiana Native • University of Colorado Graduate – BS in Journalism(2010) • Lived in Italy twice (Si, io parlo Italiano e mi piace la pizza) • Moved to NOLA in 2012 • Account Manager at Search Influence • Manage over 55 client accounts and another Junior Account Associate Sarah GallagherABOUT ME @searchinfluence
  3. 3. Local Claiming Vs. Local Presence @searchinfluence Why is local search important, why is claiming important, and what’s the difference between the packages.
  4. 4. Why is LOCAL search IMPORTANT? @searchinfluence
  5. 5. @searchinfluence Because People Search Locally! • If people are looking for a business or service they need, they most likely need it in there area • And Google returns local search results- no matter if you use a geo-modified keyword or not!
  6. 6. UNDERSTANDING THE SEARCH RESULTS PAID Search Results LOCAL Search Results ORGANIC Search Results @searchinfluence
  7. 7. Local Search Factors • Geo-Modified Keyword • Ex: alternations in New Orleans • IP Address • Ex: Alterations • Physical Location of the Business • Trying to rank in New Orleans when you’re actually in a surrounding city @searchinfluence
  8. 8. Here’s some EXAMPLES @searchinfluence
  9. 9. When I include the geo-modified keyword (with “in New Orleans”), local business directories and a map pack is at the top of the search results Here’s a search for Alterations in New Orleans @searchinfluence
  10. 10. Even when I don’t include a geo-modified keyword, maps results for that area still show up because Google knows I’m physically located in New Orleans! @searchinfluence Here’s a search for Alterations
  11. 11. So why is it important to have your listing CLAIMED? @searchinfluence A. Google thinks the business is bigger B. Google thinks the businesses management is better C. Google thinks the business is more relevant D. All of the above E. None of the above
  12. 12. Google perceives claimed businesses as more authoritative and relevant Google trusts a listing more that has been claimed by someone at that business Think about it…if you’re going to take the time to go through the verification process, Google knows you’re not a robot, and therefore more trustworthy @searchinfluence
  13. 13. So what needs to be claimed in a listing? Consistent NAP Photos Category Links to other sites/social media EVERYTHING filled out (including hours of operation) @searchinfluence
  14. 14. Consistent NAP… @searchinfluence
  15. 15. Photos… @searchinfluence
  16. 16. Category… @searchinfluence This is the $$$ shot right here! Having the correct, most relevant category associated with your business listings (especially Google+ listing) can make or break your listing’s rankings Ex: Putting “University” when you’re just a community college, could hurt your rankings Full list of Google Categories: https://blumenthals.com/Google_LBC_Categories List of Categories according to Mozbar: http://moz.com/local/categories
  17. 17. Links to other business owned platforms… @searchinfluence
  18. 18. Everything else… Reviews, description, videos, hours of operation @searchinfluence
  19. 19. …SO, WHY DOES A LISTING HAVE TO BE OPTIMIZED? @searchinfluence
  20. 20. Goes back to AUTHORITY… If you’re willing to provide a lot of information about your business, Google is going to trust that you are the authority in that subject matter. @searchinfluence
  22. 22. In the video manager of a YouTube channel Under the advance settings, you can add a latitude and longitude of the business!! This is advanced stuff, guys, and it definitely reinforces the client’s location to Google @searchinfluence
  23. 23. Local Claiming VS. Local Presence @searchinfluence
  24. 24. Local Claiming • These is a one-time fee where everything is taken care of up front! • We claim Google, Yelp, and Bing as well as a big data push • Also manually claim listings on Kudzu, Hotfrog, CitySearch, InsiderPages, Local.com, YP.com, SuperPages, and Manta • No kickoff call is necessary; we just need a detailed client questionnaire filled out with all of the clients contact information @searchinfluence
  25. 25. Local Presence • This campaign is spread over a 12-month period, so a kickoff call is needed to review the clients information, discuss the video topic, and present the deliverables • We take care of Google, Yelp, and Bing as well as a big data push • We also create an optimized YouTube channel with a general, informational video about the business (there’s that YouTube helping with the local presence part) • We also manually claim and correct 2 listings per month that are listed in their reputation monitoring tool @searchinfluence
  26. 26. Which clients would benefit from each? @searchinfluence
  27. 27. Local Claiming • Clients who own a local business • Clients with a limited budget • Clients who want their listings claimed but don’t have time to do it themselves • Clients who want everything to be done in a quick time-frame (completed within 2 months) @searchinfluence
  28. 28. @searchinfluence Local Presence • Clients who own a local business • Clients who don’t have the budget for a full SEO campaign • Clients who want their listings claimed but don’t have time to do it themselves • Clients who are interested in building their branding with YouTube
  29. 29. HOW DO WE MEASURE SUCCESS? YellowBot Reporting Tool @searchinfluence
  30. 30. @searchinfluence
  31. 31. So in the end what is all of this going to do for my client? @searchinfluence
  32. 32. A lot of great things!!! @searchinfluence • Give them a consistent NAP across the internet, which will help strengthen their branding • It’s going to help them rank in the maps search results (remember the “alterations in New Orleans” screenshot?) • Also, if someone searches the business’s brand name, the directories that have been claimed would also show up in search results
  33. 33. SERP Results & Maps Results @searchinfluence
  34. 34. Branding Consistency @searchinfluence
  35. 35. @searchinfluence
  36. 36. THANK YOU! -Sarah Gallagher sgallagher@searchinfluence.com http://www.searchinfluence.com/author/sgallagher/twitter. com/SarahGal318