Making the Most of Google+ for Local Businesses


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Google+ is Google’s own social network and hub of business information powering local search. The average local business might be missing an opportunity to increase their search engine visibility if not present and active on Google+. Join us to learn about proper setup, optimization and ongoing maintenance of Google+ for businesses and how we make the most of it for your clients.

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Making the Most of Google+ for Local Businesses

  1. 1. Helping small businesses succeed online. @searchinfluence
  2. 2. ABOUT ME SAMANTHA ROSS • New Orleans Native • University of Georgia graduate (Marketing) • Lived in Atlanta, GA for 3 years • Search Influence Account Manager • Currently managing 2 team members and over 70 SEO and social accounts @searchinfluence
  3. 3. WE HELP OUR CLIENTS GET FOUND. WITH GOOGLE+ @searchinfluence
  4. 4. What is Google+? • 2nd largest social networking site after Facebook • Launched in 2011 • May be used to associate content directly to it’s author/publisher @searchinfluence Image Source:
  5. 5. WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT GOOGLE+? @searchinfluence
  6. 6. LOTS OF REASONS… • Maps results • Organic rankings • Carousel • Hashtag searches • Posts in search results • Authorship and Publisher @searchinfluence Image Source:
  7. 7. MAPS RESULTS & ORGANIC RANKINGS @searchinfluence
  8. 8. GOOGLE CAROUSEL @searchinfluence • Google’s own factors (such as the number of +1’s on the Google+ page) determine ranking order • Photos and reviews make a business look more enticing
  9. 9. HASHTAG SEARCHES Image Source: @searchinfluence
  10. 10. POSTS IN SEARCH RESULTS Google+ posts can rank in search results in instances where your website may not. @searchinfluence
  11. 11. AUTHORSHIP @searchinfluence • Client’s headshot and Google+ profile stats can show in the search results • Good businesses for Authorship: • Doctor • Lawyer • Realtor • Insurance agent • Consultant
  12. 12. PUBLISHER @searchinfluence • Branded searches trigger the knowledge graph, including info such as: • Recent Google+ posts • Reviews • Images • How many followers you have
  13. 13. WHAT DO WE DO FOR OUR CLIENTS? @searchinfluence
  14. 14. ALL SEO PACKAGES • • • • • Verify and optimize the Google+ page Link page with existing or new YouTube channel Write and schedule posts (24 posts for 5 keyword package) Setup Publisher (and Authorship if applicable) Add Google+ link to website header or footer Image Source: @searchinfluence
  15. 15. ALL THAT AND… 8 Keyword • • 12 additional posts (36 total) Google+ activity (5 times) 11 Keyword • • 48 additional posts (72 total) Google+ activity (9 times) @searchinfluence
  16. 16. VERIFYING YOUR PAGE • Phone or postcard verification process • Increases trust • Reduced likelihood of being overwritten by data feed @searchinfluence
  17. 17. PAGE ACTIVITY Posts – sent to client for approval • 1/3 engagement • 1/3 product/publicity • 1/3 informational Engaging with other pages – 8KW package and above • Circling (following) other pages • +1’s of pages and posts • Sharing other’s posts @searchinfluence Image Source:
  18. 18. GOOGLE+ AND YOUTUBE A match made in heaven… Create videos in SEO packages • 5 Keyword: 2 videos • 8 Keyword: 3 videos • 11 Keyword: 4 videos
  19. 19. • Connect Google+ and YouTube pages • Best to have both accounts under same login @searchinfluence
  20. 20. DIFFERENT TYPES OF PAGES… @searchinfluence
  21. 21. GOOGLE+ LOCAL PAGE We convert this page to a social page for clients @searchinfluence
  22. 22. GOOGLE+ LOCAL/SOCIAL PAGE This is the ideal page for clients (of course SI has it right!) @searchinfluence
  23. 23. GOOGLE+ BRAND PAGE @searchinfluence • • • • Created for clients who have multiple locations Publisher connected to this page Google+ posts go to this page No location listed
  24. 24. CHALLENGES WE WORK THROUGH @searchinfluence Youtube channel has separate login • We can connect the 2 accounts by adding managers (need both Youtube and Google+ logins) Listing owned by someone else (and login is unknown) • We can work with Google to get the listing claimed, which takes about 2 weeks Image Source:
  25. 25. JOIN US NEXT TIME FOR Geo-modified keywords and their impact on local rankings April 3rd at 11am EST Save the date!
  26. 26. THANK YOU! -SAMANTHA ROSS Account Manager