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Mobile SEO Tips - #SFGettingSmarter


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Our latest #SFGettingSmarter session is about Mobile SEO Tips and shows the benefits of having both a responsive designed website vs. a Mobile website.

This presentation is designed to educate, but we hope that this will also help you decide which avenue is best for your website.

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Mobile SEO Tips - #SFGettingSmarter

  1. 1. MOBILE SEO TIPS By Yvette
  3. 3. 3IMPORTANCE 4 out of 5 global internet users in 2014 were mobile web users. Tablet devices are now in half of all households and 7 in 10 Australians over the age of 16 already own a smartphone. Mobiles are always on, always with us and always connected. Mobile screen time is leading the way according to new data released by IAB Australia and Nielsen which shows that 52 percent of digital screen time is spent on mobile devices. There are now 17.5 million Australians who spent $14.9 billion and more than 285 hours of their time every year online. 77% of mobile searches are likely to have a PC available but choose the convenience of mobile.
  4. 4. RESPONSIVE BETTER THAN MOBILE SITES? RESPONSIVE • Automatically adjusts current website on any device • Requires no redirection for users which reduces load time. • Keeps the original domain. Nothing changes except the code in the back end • Keep’s the websites link equity • More forward thinking – it will continue to work on the latest devices next month or next year with minimal to no programing • Con – possibly redesigning your website MOBILE SITE • Separate domains – Customise - navigation buttons Reformat images and content – Target keywords differently • Links equity is diluted due to the separate domain • Updating the current mobile site is a must to keep up with new devices • It’s only for your mobile 4
  5. 5. MOBILE SEO TIPS SEPARATE URLS? • On the desktop page, add the link rel=”alternate” tag pointing to the corresponding mobile URL. This helps Googlebot discover the location of your site’s mobile pages. – This tag specifies an alternative URL to the desktop page. » <link rel="alternate" href="" /> • On the mobile page, add a rel=”canonical” tag pointing to the corresponding desktop URL. This rel=”canonical” tag on the mobile URL pointing to the desktop page is required as it signals the relationship between the two URLs  <link rel=“canonical” href=” /> *maintain a 1-to-1 ratio between the mobile page and the corresponding desktop page 5
  6. 6. KEEP RESOURCES CRAWLABLE • Don’t use robots.txt to block search engines from accessing critical files on your site that help render the page. If Googlebot doesn’t have access to a page’s resources, such as CSS, JavaScript, or images, Google may not detect that it’s built to display and work well on a mobile browser. In other words, they may not detect that the page is “mobile-friendly,” and therefore not properly serve it in mobile search. 6
  7. 7. UNPLAYABLE VIDEO CONTENT “This video is not available on mobile.” • License-constrained media, videos that require flash or players that are not broadly supported on mobile devices should be avoided. Unplayable content is useless to both your website and your users. 7 • Use video-embedding that’s playable on all mediums. • HTML5 standards for animations • Have a transcript of the video available (just in case)
  8. 8. SLOW PAGES Page Loading time will always be important. Users can lose interest and become frustrated if they have to wait for your content to load. 8 It takes .6 seconds for a mobile device to get a connection for a page request. This means that each redirect adds a minimum of .6 seconds to the load time. Redirect directly to the correct page. Remember, Google is trying to take the search straight to your page. Avoid pop ups forcing extra clicks High-res images are a massive waste of bandwidth, processing time, and cache space. Re-size your images.
  9. 9. TL;DR • Mobile sites important? Yes • Responsive or Mobile Site? Responsive • Add rel=“alternate” tag to your desktop website • Add rel=“canonical” tag to your mobile site • Don’t block anything important in robots.txt • Make sure your Videos play and your images load • Make sure your mobile website loads in under 4secs • Pages should render legibly at any screen resolution • Mark up one set of content, making it viewable on any device • Avoid showing a horizontal scrollbar, whatever the window size 9
  10. 10. INFORMATIVE SITES • mobile-sites/ • development/mobile/mobile-vs-responsive- design/ • .au/2012/04/responsive-design-harnessing- power-of.html • guide-to-mobile-technical-seo-166066 10
  11. 11. HELPFUL MOBILE TOOLS • -your-mobile-pages-render-in-under-one- second/ • s/mobile-friendly/ • espeed/insights/ 11