Set It and Forget It SEO by Russ Jones, Virante, Inc.


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Set It and Forget It SEO - Several unique search engine optimization techniques including Second Page Poaching, Real Time Referrer Indexing, Canonical Detection and Repair, and Predictive 404 Resolution

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Set It and Forget It SEO by Russ Jones, Virante, Inc.

  1. 1. Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc<br />
  2. 2. About Virante, Inc. and Me<br /><ul><li>Research & Data Driven Search Marketing Company in RTP
  3. 3. In business since 2001
  4. 4. 23 Strong and Growing</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  5. 5. The King of Infomercials<br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  6. 6. The ROI of On Site Optimization<br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  7. 7. The Goal<br /><ul><li>Self Optimizing
  8. 8. Self Healing
  9. 9. Self Repairing Websites
  10. 10. So You Can Write Content
  11. 11. And Hustle for Links instead.</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  12. 12. Self Optimizing<br /><ul><li>Second Page Poaching
  13. 13. Sooooo last year, but wait…</li></ul>There’s<br />More!<br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  14. 14. Second Page Poaching<br /><ul><li>Highest RoI Movement
  15. 15. Non-Competitive Placement</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  16. 16. Second Page Poaching<br /><ul><li>Simple to Automate
  17. 17. Record All Pages & Keywords that Rank on Page 2 Using Google Referrers (
  18. 18. Distribute Links Across Site to Flow PR to Those Pages</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  19. 19. Second Page Poaching<br />May cause your website to explode…<br /><br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  20. 20. Real-Time Referrer Indexing<br />Making the most of the links you already have.<br />What percentage of the pages that link to you are actually indexed by Google?<br />Since your link was added to the page?<br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  21. 21. Real-Time Referrer Indexing<br />Making the most of the links you already have.<br /><ul><li> Over 10,000 Referring Pages with Followed Links
  22. 22. 500+ Never Indexed by Google
  23. 23. Tons of link juice waiting to be squeezed out.</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  24. 24. Real-Time Referrer Indexing<br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  25. 25. Real-Time Referrer Indexing<br />Will likely melt your processor, seriously, bug test before you go live.<br /><br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  26. 26. Self Healing<br /><ul><li>Catch Canonicals BeforeThey Kill!
  27. 27. Fix Fat Fingered 404s on theFly!</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  28. 28. Canonical Issue Detection & Repair<br />The problem…<br /><ul><li>How do I find and remove potential canonical issues before they are found by the search engines?
  29. 29. Somebody just linked to my page but added a ? At the end…</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  30. 30. Canonical Issue Detection & Repair<br />A little digression<br /><ul><li>String Similarity Measurements
  31. 31. Levenshtein Distance: minimum number of edits needed to transform one string into the other, with the allowable edit operations being insertion, deletion, or substitution of a single character
  32. 32. Eg: russ to best has an LD of 3 (replace r with b, u with e, and the last s with t)
  33. 33. Rand to best has an LD of 4. Meaning russ is closer to best than Rand. Just sayin.</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  34. 34. Canonical Issue Detection & Repair<br />XML Sitemaps Are Your Friend…<br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  35. 35. Canonical Issue Detection & Repair<br />Server may find you in a dark alley, ask you uncomfortable questions about your decision to not test this code before running…<br /><br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  36. 36. PageRank Recovery on the Fly<br />Fixing Fat Fingered 404s Fantastically<br /><ul><li>Someone linked to my page but spelled it wrong. Do I really have to find all of these one by one and contact the webmaster to change the link or, even worse, update my .htaccess file to redirect them? Don’t you have a solution that lets me spend my day in a snuggie while drinking 5 hour energy? Oooh, look, Facts of Life is on.</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  37. 37. PageRank Recovery on the Fly<br />Shooting myself in the foot, time and time again<br /><ul><li>Finds 404 pages with MozRank and helps you build an HTACCESS file to 301 redirect them.
  38. 38. Reactive.</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  39. 39. PageRank Recovery on the Fly<br />Fixing Fat Fingered 404s Fantastically<br />Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  40. 40. PageRank Recovery on the Fly<br />No Sitemap, Eh?<br /><ul><li>Got a database of pages, like Wordpresswp_posts table?Simple, just grab the URLs from this table rather than using your sitemap.
  41. 41. Got flat files? Try mod_speling
  42. 42. Got Windows IIS? On your own.</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  43. 43. PageRank Recovery on the Fly<br />These Actually Work, Mostly<br /><ul><li>Wordpress Plugin:
  44. 44. Drupal Plugin: Brian Gilley,
  45. 45. PHP code:</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />
  46. 46. Contact, Questions, etc. <br /><ul><li>Twitter: @rjonesx
  47. 47. Blog:
  48. 48. Website:
  49. 49. People You Should Meet:
  50. 50. JennSumme: SEO Manager and Head of Virante Link BuildingJacob Bohall: Director of Business Development</li></ul>Russ Jones, CTO, Virante, Inc.@rjonesx ::<br />