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The trends that will shape the future of SEM

Machine learning, new ad formats and targeting options, plus privacy issues with customer data as presented by Search Engine Land's Ginny Marvin at the 2017 Digital Marketing Conference on September 15, 2017. Includes reference links to news articles and related insights.

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The trends that will shape the future of SEM

  1. 1. @ginnymarvin Trends that will define the future of SEM Preparing for the future of search now
  2. 2. @ginnymarvin #1 Machine Learning
  3. 3. @ginnymarvin
  4. 4. @ginnymarvin
  5. 5. @ginnymarvin Machine Learning: Some basics
  6. 6. @ginnymarvin Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Deep Learning
  7. 7. @ginnymarvin Fueled By Data + Processing Power Parse • Algorithms process lots of data Learn • Models train & learn from data to identify & understand patterns Predict • Then predict future scenarios & perform tasks based on training
  8. 8. @ginnymarvin Distill Data At Scale Learn PredictAct Parse
  9. 9. @ginnymarvin What kinds of users click and buy? (often) not what marketers think How much is that user’s click worth? (often) not what marketers assume What messaging/combo converts best? (often) not what marketers guess Make Decisions At Scale
  10. 10. @ginnymarvin 2012 Classic
  11. 11. @ginnymarvin “The convergence of mobile, data & machine learning is unlocking new opportunities for marketers.” – Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google SVP, Ads & Commerce, May 2017
  12. 12. @ginnymarvin Pushing: 3-5 ads per ad group for more impressions & clicks
  13. 13. @ginnymarvin Ads created by Google: more notice & 14-day review period; can dismiss, accept, edit proposed ads Create 2nd ad w/ reversed headlines Optimize ad rotation to prefer “best performing ads” More ads, more data
  14. 14. @ginnymarvin Exact match close variants: when meaning is “unchanged” Ad Rank bidding thresholds: take query context/ meaning into account(i.e. news vs. product query) ML in Query Parsing
  15. 15. @ginnymarvin Similar audiences for Search & Shopping In-market audiences for Search & Shopping ML powering audiences
  16. 16. @ginnymarvin Google-managed lists
  17. 17. @ginnymarvin Smart Display Campaigns
  18. 18. @ginnymarvin Attribution: Not so useful w/ one channel ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  19. 19. @ginnymarvin Outlier (kind of)
  20. 20. @ginnymarvin “Interactions” surcharge
  21. 21. @ginnymarvin “Interactions” bid adjustment
  22. 22. @ginnymarvin #2 Local
  23. 23. @ginnymarvin Local = 1/3 mobile searches Google, May 2016:
  24. 24. @ginnymarvin Local = growing 50% faster than mobile search overall Google, May 2016:
  25. 25. @ginnymarvin Local ads in knowledge panels
  26. 26. @ginnymarvin Google Home Service Ads • SF Bay Area • Stockton, CA • Sandiego • Los Angeles • Philadelphia • Electricians • Painters • Locksmiths • Plumbers • House cleaners • Handymen • Towing companies
  27. 27. @ginnymarvin Measured 5 million+ in 17 countries in 3 years Deep learning key to measuring specific store visits in dense urban areas, multi-story malls, etc. Coming to YouTube campaigns (more data) Store visits
  28. 28. @ginnymarvin #1 – Compares store visits data with credit card transactions in aggregate. Conversions show automatically in AdWords. #2 - Or those w/ customer loyalty & email data can import store transactions & get more detail on ad impact at product level Store Purchases
  29. 29. @ginnymarvin #3 Mobile Speed
  30. 30. @ginnymarvin Purchases on Google
  31. 31. @ginnymarvin AMP
  32. 32. @ginnymarvin AMP for Ads
  33. 33. @ginnymarvin LP speed = Ad Rank factor, so…. AMP?
  34. 34. @ginnymarvin AMP for AdWords From search text ads Available globally later this month Supported for all mobile clicks, but: caching only available for Chrome on Android working on cache delivery for other mobile browsers
  35. 35. @ginnymarvin AMP Considerations Supports conversion tracking & remarketing GA can now unify users to hosted & cache AMP & non-AMP pages Amp-experiment doesn’t support third-party LP testing Lacks support for some common use cases
  36. 36. @ginnymarvin #4 Privacy, Tracking & Measurement Changes
  37. 37. @ginnymarvin Intelligent Tracking Prevention In Safari 11
  38. 38. @ginnymarvin
  39. 39. @ginnymarvin Safari US mobile market share 50%
  40. 40. @ginnymarvin New Google Analytics _gac cookie Extends the use of GA tracking to include AdWords conversion tracking Stores ad click info when auto-tagging enabled Google’s ITP response
  41. 41. @ginnymarvin Big difference is how the new cookie is handled
  42. 42. @ginnymarvin Today, conversion cookie is set on New _gac cookie is set on advertiser’s domain as a first-party = kosher with ITP Ad data associated with a user remains intact for attribution & reporting Google’s ITP response
  43. 43. @ginnymarvin Impact on AdWords Conversion Reporting
  44. 44. @ginnymarvin No Change (until 30 days, maybe) Observed conversions are recorded and reported as they are now If Apple/ITP identifies your domain as capable of sharing data across domains, _gac cookie may be purged after 30 days Linked GA & AdWords + Auto-Tagging
  45. 45. @ginnymarvin _gac cookie can’t be set Conversions recorded within 24-hour window recorded as usual Then modelling used to estimate/report conversions based on historical conversion activity NOT Linked GA & AdWords + Auto-Tagging
  46. 46. @ginnymarvin General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Yes, it might affect you)
  47. 47. @ginnymarvin Requires consent for use of personal data from website & app visitors. Gives people right to force orgs to delete personal data Data breach = fine of 4% of annual revs or €20 million Applies to ANY company that captures, shares, holds PII of EU citizens Goes into effect May 25, 2018 EU Consumer-Data Handling Rules
  48. 48. @ginnymarvin
  49. 49. @ginnymarvin Can a user be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an online identifier like IP addresses & cookie identifiers when combined with other info? Implications for AdTech
  50. 50. @ginnymarvin Need to be aware of how well 3rd-party vendors sites comply The Media Trust offers vetted network of 3rd- party vendors in compliance w/ GDPR practices -- 111 certified so far Implications for Brands
  51. 51. @ginnymarvin Work focus gets to be more strategic, bigger picture Don’t fear the machines, but do question/ analyze outcomes (and their operators). Analysis & critical thinking still crucial skills! Think cross-organizationally Stay up on wider privacy issues Trends Impact On us
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