New Face of PR: Search Engines & Social Media - PRSA Keynote by Danny Sullivan


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PRSA #PRSAdiconf keynote presentation by Danny Sullivan of & - focuses on managing PR crises on social media, owning more real estate in search results, and how NOT to pitch journalists.

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New Face of PR: Search Engines & Social Media - PRSA Keynote by Danny Sullivan

  1. @dannysullivan The New PR Front Search Engines & Social Media Danny Sullivan Founding Editor Marketing Land & Search Engine Land
  2. @dannysullivan I’m not a PR professional (nor do I play one on TV)
  3. @dannysullivan I have been a journalist for 20 years (newspapers, then web)
  4. @dannysullivan I’ve dealt with all types of: Pitches PR People
  5. @dannysullivan Mashup! My personal thoughts My world of search & social
  6. @dannysullivan Let’s Talk Paula Deen
  7. @dannysullivan Bad press, get ‘em on TV!
  8. @dannysullivan And maybe bad news will go away or be buried…
  9. @dannysullivan
  10. @dannysullivan But stories are read and seen outside traditional media…
  11. @dannysullivan How I saw the latest news
  12. @dannysullivan How I might also have seen it:
  13. @dannysullivan If I went looking, where’s Paula?
  14. @dannysullivan What’s Paula Doing? How did that go? What did you say? What did @TheRevAl say? Retweet him? Others you should retweet? Where is it? Why did you pull it?
  15. @dannysullivan Social Media is Media (just like news media, TV media, print media…)
  16. @dannysullivan Social Media is also first-tier media Not “after-thought media” Not “echo-chamber media” Not just for discussing “real media,” like appearance on Today
  17. @dannysullivan Some Perspective Viewers: 4.6 million Facebook Reach: 1.3 million Facebook Reach: 2.6 million Circulation: 1.9 million Facebook Reach: 3.1 million
  18. @dannysullivan Are you using your media, social media, to talk directly? (You should!)
  19. @dannysullivan Your fans might even help you
  20. @dannysullivan Woah! Support every few seconds When it’s not pretty
  21. @dannysullivan Careful, however… What you hide might not be hidden See What’s Been Censored From Facebook Pages With “Hidden Post Explorer” Tool
  22. @dannysullivan Search is also media People “reverse broadcast” what they want to know…
  23. @dannysullivan
  24. @dannysullivan What’s Paula doing in response?
  25. @dannysullivan Nothing. She “owns” one listing
  26. @dannysullivan Home Page - Nothing
  27. @dannysullivan Blog - Nothing
  28. @dannysullivan Video – Nothing (Gone)
  29. @dannysullivan Or unofficial, or posted by others…
  30. @dannysullivan If your apology isn’t there…
  31. @dannysullivan SEO in one slide: “It’s the content, stupid” (have lots of great content) The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors
  32. @dannysullivan A few tactical tips
  33. @dannysullivan Get your executives on Twitter! Even if they don’t tweet, gives official presence over fakes, easy to reference them in mentions
  34. @dannysullivan Who’s Lynton? With 140 characters, no room for full name, title + what he said: If had Twitter account, anyone could click for his full name, title, bio – it’s like a Twitter business card
  35. @dannysullivan Get on Google+ (because you’ll own more real estate)
  36. @dannysullivan
  37. @dannysullivan It helps you rank better if you’re followed
  38. @dannysullivan
  39. @dannysullivan
  40. @dannysullivan Google Authorship provides visibility benefits, maybe future ranking boosts The Definitive Guide To Google Authorship Markup Author Rank, Authorship, Search Rankings & That Eric Schmidt Book Quote
  41. @dannysullivan
  42. @dannysullivan
  43. @dannysullivan Facebook Graph Search? Still watch-and-see, but for people research, might be new tool for PR pros
  44. @dannysullivan
  45. @dannysullivan Some personal thoughts, from the other side of the pitch…
  46. @dannysullivan Blog your news Blog your press release I want to point readers to you; make it easy for me – give me a link!
  47. @dannysullivan No PDF press releases: speak web; speak HTML (when you want attention, why let some Acrobat update get in the way?)
  48. @dannysullivan Don’t get cute; be clear; live or die by your headline
  49. @dannysullivan “What the…?” I don’t know, so I’ll read others who will tell me
  50. @dannysullivan “Oops. We exposed six million emails or phone numbers” “We aren’t sharing customer data to PRISM”
  51. @dannysullivan Please reduce the buzzwords! “dynamic, big data, aggregated crowd-sourced semantic folksonomy system” sounds like: “blah blah blah blah blah blah something”
  52. @dannysullivan Things I hate to hear…
  53. @dannysullivan “Shall we do a call on Tuesday?” (maybe it works for some; to me, it’s pushy, assumptive)
  54. @dannysullivan “Have you got five minutes for a call?” (it’s not going to be five minutes, and you know it)
  55. @dannysullivan “Can I send you something?” (You just did. Unless you want an embargo agreement, save us all time, send it all at once)
  56. @dannysullivan Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please… Do Your Research
  57. @dannysullivan People pitch things we’d clearly never cover, if they’ve read our sites
  58. @dannysullivan People pitch things using the wrong name of our sites
  59. @dannysullivan People pitch things using the wrong name of editors
  60. @dannysullivan Now, a reading, from the amazing three- part series Ted Ives did for Search Engine Land: Public Relations For SEO: The Complete Guide Public Relations For SEO: How To Target Journali Public Relations For SEO: How To Pitch Journalist
  61. @dannysullivan The ultimate journalist that every tech marketer would kill to have an audience with has got to be, hands-down, Walter Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal…. I read everything Walt had written for the last six months. In one of the articles, he mentioned “the burning of the Gaspee” …. It’s something that is celebrated yearly in Warwick, Rhode Island (not far from where I live), but almost no one outside the state is aware of it. So, this stuck out like a sore thumb. Why would he mention this obscure incident in such an offhand way? I dug into his biography and found that he had started out his career as a writer for the Providence Journal in Rhode Island — here was my angle!
  62. @dannysullivan I sent him an email pointing out that I was a Rhode Islander and would he be willing to talk about this new Search Engine we were launching. His response was (I’m paraphrasing here) “sure, I’ll talk to anyone from Rhode Island any time — come down to Washington D.C. and meet me in my office.” This resulted in an hour-and-fifteen-minute meeting where he gave me a great lecture on Nathanael Greene’s role in the Revolution (Walt is a huge Revolutionary War buff) for half of it, and the other half of it, he listened to my pitch and gave me great feedback.
  63. @dannysullivan See also the excellent series from former reporter Elinor Mills: How I became a 'flack’ Goodbye news, hello PR Five myths about PR
  64. @dannysullivan Working with a good PR person is GOLDEN!
  65. @dannysullivan • Study our content, to pitch appropriately • Offer unique story ideas • React quickly & efficiently to requests • Offer tips & tidbits that might be useful even if not for an existing client • Are positive, fun & either enjoy the job or give that impression • Twitter is a great place to shine, show a sense of humor Good PR people
  66. @dannysullivan Good PR people also silently suffer the self-important, prima donnas also known as “journalists”
  67. @dannysullivan But a good journalist does want useful, constructive feedback, good or bad, if it’s fair & valid. Honest.
  68. @dannysullivan Takeaways • Social & Search are first-tier media, not after-thoughts • Social lets you talk directly to an audience & draw back directly from them • Search lets you tune-in to a reverse broadcast of interests, questions & concerns • Content, clarity & research are keys to success with search, social & PR generally
  69. @dannysullivan Linkaways The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors The Definitive Guide To Google Authorship Markup Public Relations For SEO: The Complete Guide What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? What Is Search Engine Optimization? The Three Minute SEO Video!