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  • One of the key things I hope you take away from our talks today is that the world is smaller than you thinkIf there is a place you want to go, you can get thereIf there’s a problem you want to work on, you can lend a handAnd when you get there, you might be surprised with how close it really is
  • About 2000, which doesn’t seem that long ago to me…I started to look for international volunteer opportunities. I found geekcorp which seemed perfect – but their shortest posting was for 6 months
  • A few years later I found two books which were very important for meRAT: urgencyBTTP: Poverty is solvable
  • Then I heard about the L4C programWOW
  • CECI Nepal was amazing at taking care of meIntake processEngagementAdvanced emailsMentor and Friend - Employer
  • Traditional nepalese welcome – or so they tell meSang Barrett’s Privateers
  • FTG Nepal
  • Kathmandu – a medival city, with 2 million people living in itScooters and MotorcyclesRide with Ajay – PhD student at Guelph
  • Tuktuks – I don’t fit 
  • Kathmandu is the city of temples – origin of the pagodaThis is Kandevsthan – ear temple
  • My work
  • SabinaRepresents the overriding optimism and sense the possibilities of the Future of Nepal, for the people and the countrySide to side nod
  • FTGNepal, umbrella group. - ACP
  • ACP - tour
  • Other CECI canadianvoluteers – U of G grad studentLong term volL4C
  • Women in ICTAmazing women. 5 am 6am-8am, 9am start
  • I’ve taught on campus, staff and course workIt is a very different to have students who are completely engaged and approach learning with a sense of gratitude
  • I learned many things in Nepal – but this is the most important
  • I think happiness is mostly about finding ways to share – share a story, share great food, share an idea, share time…to connect with another person and to experience something in common is what makes me smile, what makes me happy. I think the opportunity to give is itself a gift – to have enough to give, to have time and energy and interest to give is a gift that I deeply appreciate. So, I’ve been a smiling fool for most this trip, because I’ve been so happy. All day, everyday I get to share – stories and food and ideas and time. This has been a wonderful, and very productive trip. And this week, I had a very special opportunity to share.While it was great to be able to give these tools to FTGN, the thing that matters is to collaborate with FTGN to build capacity to effectively use these tools
  • ACP!!!
  • IndonesiaUniversityMohmammadia Malang
  • Sean on leave

    1. 1. * Changing the World One Vacation at a Time
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    3. 3. The key to long-term, sustainable, successfuldevelopment, in Canada orabroad, is simple.It’s not building bridgesIt’s not building schoolsIt’s not building factoriesIt’s not building hospitalsAll these things, and more, areimportant and need to be built.The most important thing, thefoundation for all these things is: Building Capacity
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