1000 km later


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A short presentation of my experience of riding an electric scooter.

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1000 km later

  1. 1. 1000 KM LaterMy Electric Scooter After One Year
  2. 2. What is an E-Bike?
  3. 3. What is an E-Bike?
  4. 4. What’s An E-Bike?•Is a Bicycle•Up to 120 kg•Width or diameter not less than 35mm/350mm•Electric Motor •500W or less, Can go up to 32 km/hr
  5. 5. What’s Required to Ride?•Riders must be at least 16•Riders must wear a helmet
  6. 6. What Isn’t Required to Ride?•No license•No written test•No registration•No plate•No insurance•No gas•No parking fees
  7. 7. Where Can E-Bikes Ride?•Anywhere a bicycle is allowed•Not on controlled highways •No 400, QEW, KW Expressway etc.
  8. 8. What’s Not Permitted By E-Bike?•Improper lighting•Improper brakes•No bell or defective bell•Fail to wear proper helmet•Disobey stop sign, fail to stop•Red light - fail to stop•Careless driving•Fail to yield to pedestrian•Drive wrong way - one way traffic•Bicycle - fail to turn out to right when overtaken•Cyclist - ride in or along crosswalk•Cyclist - fail to stop or to identify self•Ride 2 on a bicycle
  9. 9. My Year On An E-Bike
  10. 10. Why Did I Get An E-Bike?•Second car needed +$3000 in repairs•Want a smaller carbon footprint•I think scooters are cool
  11. 11. Where Do I Go? •10 km trip to campus •25 minutes to •20 minutes from •Gordon Hill •~50 Trips last year •My Route •Wellington, Edinburgh, Water, Gordon, Campus •Often go out at lunch •Mall, Downtown
  12. 12. What Do I Love?•Fun to ride•Get to see my city in a different way•Low Maintenance•Competing with Jen over who gets it•It only goes 32 kmh•Cheap, Cheap, Cheap to run
  13. 13. Just How Cheap Is It? •Trickle Charge with no bike: .08 kWh •Trickle Charge with bike: .12 kWh •Charging the Bike: 1.20-1.50 kWh •Peak Cost of Summer Power •$0.107 per kWh
  14. 14. How Much Does It Cost To Charge?$0.081 Per Night
  15. 15. Operating Costs•$0.10 per charge•50 trips in a season•It cost me $5 to run the bike last year•Less Insurance, Gas and Parking •2 years of use to pay for the bike•Other Costs •Set of wrenches, can of chain lubricant •Towels, rain pants, power meter
  16. 16. What Don’t I Love?•Weather Dependant•Season is April-November •I start/stop riding at 10 degrees •This year it rained for ALL of April•Turning Left•Inconsistent Bike Lanes•Performance is based on Charge •Lower Charge = Slower Acceleration •But Same top speed of 32 kmh•It only goes 32 kmh
  17. 17. Would I Do It Again?•I love that I’ve had this experience•There are electric motorcycles now (LSM) •Up to 70 kph•Rain days are a drag•I really don’t like that its not a winter vehicle•2006 Diesel Smartcar: $9000