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More Human Through Technology : AI + UX Design


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A look at how Artificial Intelligence is being used to create powerful user experiences that drive deeper engagement and business value. UX design is moving away from something that lives inside of screens and devices to everyday objects around us and within the places we move through. Designing for this new reality requires thinking more broadly in consideration of how people interact with a product or service across touch points that blend the virtual and physical worlds.

Rethink the role of Design and explore the changes required to transform into a digital business driven by user experience. Technology will understand individual behaviors and anticipate needs through cognitive, machine learning, natural language processing and advanced analytics. These richer data insights will inspire new creative engagement strategies for delivering personalized, contextual experiences.

As people's lives increasingly become more complex, the promise of artificial intelligence and better design will reduce the noise, make life more manageable and improve the human condition.

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More Human Through Technology : AI + UX Design

  1. 1. #IBMiX1 More Human through Technology SuperNova South 2017 Sean Wood | Business Design Lead | IBM iX | @seanwood
  2. 2. #IBMiX2 “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke
  3. 3. #IBMiX3 36% Of consumers say they
 are comfortable
 engaging with AI Source: Pegasystems, 2016
  4. 4. #IBMiX4 84% Use at least one
 AI-powered device Source: Pegasystems, 2016
  5. 5. #IBMiX5 72% Can’t really define
 Artificial Intelligence Source: Pegasystems, 2016
  6. 6. #IBMiX6 Artificial Intelligence began with an ancient wish to forge the gods. Faster Stronger Smarter
  7. 7. #IBMiX7 1956
  8. 8. #IBMiX8
  9. 9. #IBMiX s 9 “Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business, but above all, good design must primarily serve people.” - Thomas J. Watson
  10. 10. #IBMiX10 2010 2025 Sensors 
 & Devices Text Enterprise 
 Data Images/
 Multimedia 180 Zettabytes We Are Here 2017 We face an overwhelming wave of data in every industry
  11. 11. #IBMiX11 Why all the attention on Artificial Intelligence now? Massive amounts 
 of data Near-infinite storage Faster, cheaper processors + + #IBMiX
  12. 12. #IBMiX12 Artificial Intelligence in the news
  13. 13. #IBMiX13 Artificial Intelligence in pop culture
  14. 14. #IBMiX14 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s Artificial Intelligence Early artificial intelligence stirs excitement. Machine Learning Machine learning begins to flourish. Deep Learning Deep learning breakthroughs drive AI boom. Source: "What’s the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?", Michael Copeland / Nvidia, July 2016 What’s the Difference?
  15. 15. #IBMiX15 A cognitive system exhibits these characteristics Understand Cognitive systems understand imagery, language and other unstructured data like humans do. Reason They can reason, grasp underlying concepts, from hypotheses, and infer and extract ideas. Learn With each data point, interaction and outcome, they develop and sharpen expertise, so they never stop learning. Interact With abilities to see, talk and hear, cognitive systems interact with humans in a natural way.
  16. 16. #IBMiX16 Artificial Intelligence amplifies the
 human experience.
  17. 17. IBM Confidential Intelligent Experience 
 is More Human, Through Technology 17
  18. 18. #IBMiX18 How is AI
 evolving our experiences?
  19. 19. #IBMiX19 Faster Stronger Smarter
  20. 20. #IBMiX20 Being the Experience Enhancing the
 Experience Simplifying the Experience Evolving the experience
  21. 21. #IBMiX21 The rise of the Conversation! A Bot (chatbot): An automated system that responds to users. • Understands and speaks in natural language • Has a humanlike personality • Understands intent • Runs across multiple messaging platforms • Has domain knowledge • Hooks into back-end systems
  22. 22. #IBMiX22 Conversational Commerce: A way to transact with a retail business via a conversation, rather than using buttons, or a mouse, or swiping or scrolling. Just talk or text,
 like you’re talking to a person.
  23. 23. #IBMiX24 GWYN the 1800-Flowers digital concierge is an entirely new gifting experience. Rather than filling out a form on a website, customers can talk to GWYN in a guided natural language dialog and find the perfect gift. Intelligent Experience with Watson
  24. 24. #IBMiX25 We wanted to take the conversation you might have with an associate in a store and see if we could put that as a service online:
 ‘Here’s what I need. Here’s what I want’.” – Cal Bouchard, VP of Digital Commerce and Experience, The North Face
  25. 25. #IBMiX26
  26. 26. #IBMiX27 RESULTS 60%click-through rate 75%of users would use again 40%+more time spent on the site 15%+increase in average order value “Shoppers who use the tool convert more often than those who do not. And the average order value is a mid double-digit percentage better for shoppers who use AI compared to average shoppers.” – Cal Bouchard, VP of Digital Commerce and Experience, The North Face
  27. 27. IBM Confidential28 Creating a Personalized Experience for 100,000
  28. 28. Handset to Headset
  29. 29. #IBMiX30
  30. 30. #IBMiX31
  31. 31. #IBMiX32
  32. 32. #IBMiX33 Eye Interaction
  33. 33. #IBMiX34
  34. 34. #IBMiX35
  35. 35. Getting Started with Intelligent Experience • Education:
 Learn the basics of Machine Learning  • Coursera, Andrew Ng • OpenSource libraries (Microsoft, Baidu, Amazon) • API’s like IBM & Google Choose which part of business? • Easy entry point is Marketing because it builds trust with the brand • Many major brands today use AI in their marketing strategy Create Strategy & Plan • Take a while to set up a cloud service like IBM Cloud or Amazon Web service (AWS) Pick an area you’re interested in - Relevant data to work with - Can work w/ that data comfortably  Prototype: • Quick dirty hacks as a learning tool • Something basic to start learning from - Evolve & Improve - Rinse & Repeat Help teach others • Write, Teach, Mentor, Coach
  36. 36. #IBMiX38 Key Takeaways Smart use of cognitive can create competitive advantage today (just don’t make it creepy) Artificial Intelligence is essential to delivering on the promise of real time, personalized human experiences Getting started in Artificial Intelligence can be easy and economical, but long- term commitment is key
  37. 37. #IBMiX39 Connect: Chat with me directly @seanwood Tweet @ibm_ix or #IBMiX Thank you.