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Get your advantage with social media skills


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Know the potentials in your company from manpower to its performance. Find a best business performance consulting that could aid you to a better business output.

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Get your advantage with social media skills

  1. 1. Get Your Advantage with Social Media SkillsEvery leader needs specific set of skills for him to spearhead the implementation of plans andgoals of an organization. Roland Deiser of the Drucker School at Claremont Graduate Universityand Sylvain Newton from GE interestingly wrote about the skills that leader must possess.These skills should be used effectively in enhancing employee engagement amongorganizations. The six dimensions that Deiser and Newton wrote are: producer, distributor,recipient, adviser, architect, and analyst.ProducerA leader that is well versed in the field of social media can effectively deal with producingcompelling and authentic content for his readers. Through the unique ability of conveyingthoughts and persuading other people, the leader can effectively enhance and give emphasisabout the value of employee engagement among the working class. The message can be spreadthrough blogs and videos that are most visited by people.DistributorThe flow of information in an organization can be from the inside or outside. By being a gooddistributor of information you can help create and co-create information among youremployees. There are accompanying duties of being a distributor and it will include theresponsibility of informing your employees on what is going on inside and outside theorganization. You can also help your employees express their views and co-create information
  2. 2. based on new insights. This will greatly enhance the result of an effective effort when employeeengagement survey companies conduct their study.RecipientLeaders have the responsibility to know what is going on in their environment. They should bewell updated on matters that will affect the organization. It will help when they have a readyaccess to information and when they can easily give their views or comments on such matters.AdviserThe use of the social media in promoting organization’s activities is valuable. This is why youneed to be a good advocate on the usefulness of the social media in achieving your goals. Dothe responsibility of advising, enabling, and supporting the social media literacy among yourorganization’s members. Be a catalyst of change and a great innovator of new resources thatyou can utilize in performing better business strategies. This would enhance employees’abilities and learning and will reflect on employee exit survey.ArchitectAs a leader, you have the responsibility to structure the good standing of the social media inyour organization. You must structure it for openness, sensitivity, and accountability. The socialmedia is a public avenue where you can express your views or promote your welfare. Thiswould require you to have the accountability for everything that you express in the socialmedia. Balancing openness and accountability is a good point to consider when dealing with thesocial media.AnalystLeaders should be well updated with the latest trends and innovations in technology in thesocial media. It is expected that by the year 2020 there will already be 50 billion devicesconnected to the internet. You should also learn how to experiment new methods on employeeengagement from using the social media. Business performance consulting will greatly help youwhen you have to consider the wide influence of social media use in your organization’ssuccess.