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Researching Online (made easy)


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I made this to support students (and teachers) getting started in the development of this fundamental skill.

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Researching Online (made easy)

  1. 1. This is one of the most important skills you will develop
  2. 2. Of course, pretty pictures
  3. 3. are more fun
  4. 4. It’s easy to get lost...
  5. 5. So don’t
  6. 6. Follow these simple rules
  7. 7. Build up your search strength
  8. 8. There are 2.14 BILLION pages on the internet
  9. 9. That’s too many to read
  10. 10. How can you find what you want?
  11. 11. That’s why we say, “Like a needle in a haystack.” by joeandkaty
  12. 12. Search strategies help you funnel your results
  13. 13. Search strategies Search engines NOT just Google Word selection Go Boolean Share
  14. 14. Search engines NOT just Google
  15. 15. Search engines There are search engines made just for YOU!
  16. 16. Search engines Google searches the whole internet
  17. 17. Search engines You don’t need the whole internet
  18. 18. Search engines Here are some search engines made just for students like you
  19. 19. Search engines Just for you
  20. 20. Search engines Always use more than one
  21. 21. Search engines Go further than one page
  22. 22. Search engines Some sites may appear near the top but not be right for you because sometimes…
  23. 23. Search engines It is a popularity contest
  24. 24. Word selection What is better when researching cultural events? Culture? Holidays? Cultural holidays?
  25. 25. Word selection It may depend on the search engine
  26. 26. Word selection In a recent class, Cultural holidays, got us nothing but vacation deals though
  27. 27. Word selection Many sites offer suggestions that you may not have thought about as you type
  28. 28. Word selection Read and consider them
  29. 29. Word selection continued A search for digital citizenship is really 2 searches
  30. 30. Word selection continued Every page with digital
  31. 31. Word selection continued Every page with digital Every page with citizenship
  32. 32. Word selection continued `` ‘’ However…
  33. 33. is just 1 search
  34. 34. for both words on each page
  35. 35. Go Boolean This is BIG
  36. 36. Go Boolean For today let’s look at “-” (minus)
  37. 37. Go Boolean A search for “Jets” gets both and
  38. 38. Go Boolean “Jets -sports” gets not
  39. 39. Share Use diigo or a Google spreadsheet to share results and collaborate
  40. 40. And remember…
  41. 41. Your BRAIN…
  42. 42. is the #1 tool for funneling
  43. 43. All images my own or courtesy of Unless otherwise cited