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How To: Develop your PLN and Up Your Online Presence


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All still remains true except the outdated number of views.
I produced this slideshare for a number of reasons. First off, I was introducing a class to digital-age promotion using social media. I also wanted to support those who are interested in developing their own personal learning networks or take them to the next level. I also thought I could use it to share my free pdf Ebook, Deepen Your Digital Footprint: A Beginner to Intermediate Guide to Increasing Web Traffic & Online Presence.

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How To: Develop your PLN and Up Your Online Presence

  1. 1. This slideshow was created for teaching
  2. 2. online promotion
  3. 3. connectivism
  4. 4. and developing networks
  5. 5. Based on the principles I have discovered over the last two years
  6. 6. I will share proven tools
  7. 7. Where relevant I will include alternatives
  8. 8. In total I have generated around 120,000 personal “hits” or views
  9. 9. Just me, one teacher
  10. 10. Here’s how
  11. 11. Have something to say
  12. 12. Have something to say Get the word out
  13. 13. Have something to say Get the word out Harness the power of synergy
  14. 14. Have something to say Get the word out Harness the power of synergy Stay the course
  15. 15. Have something to say Get the word out Harness the power of synergy Stay the course
  16. 16. I am an educator
  17. 17. all of the research presented here
  18. 18. works for educators
  19. 19. sharing their work...
  20. 20. for free
  21. 21. I have also used this content with students in technology classes
  22. 22. The “Rules”
  23. 23. Have something to say
  24. 24. WordPress Blog This is the core around which I built It was the start of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) I commented on & followed blogs Others followed me
  25. 25. Supplement with websites My BIG one Made to share EdTech & further grow my PLN
  26. 26. Worth making=worth sharing Share what people want everyone listens to WII-FM (What’s in it for me?) Resources that are useful will be shared
  27. 27. YouTube / Vimeo I created a YouTube Channel, seansensei8, featuring a growing collection of videos focusing on 21st century teaching practice I subscribe to other people’s channels Some subscribe to mine
  28. 28. Slideshare A great way to store and share your best slide presentations Allows for followers to develop your PLN Easy to embed in a website or blog
  29. 29. Scribd Cleanly embeds documents to present in webpages and blogs Allows for followers and readers right on the site
  30. 30. Get the word out
  31. 31. Mobilize with social media
  32. 32. Twitter The HEAVY hitter You must get a Twitter account Learn how to use #hashtags Follow people with similar focus Follow who they follow
  33. 33. LinkedIn Another “biggie” Most importantly, join groups Follow discussions POST
  34. 34. Google+ Another potential “biggie” Develop over time Re-post the work of others POST
  35. 35. Pinterest Create & curate Get your stuff out and help others get theirs out. It’s a community after all
  36. 36. Facebook Unless you spend a great deal of time on this and separate your real friends from your potential audience this is like the PB & J of social media Good to have but not so exciting
  37. 37. Rebel Mouse Join them all together here Considering I never interact with this site consciously, it generates A LOT of traffic for me
  38. 38. Harness the power of synergy
  39. 39. You now have the tools you need to create
  40. 40. and share
  41. 41. Synergy is EVERYTHING
  43. 43. Every presence you have is linked to every other . Over time, even small dividends pay off BIG. It’s like compounding interest.
  44. 44. Stay the course
  45. 45. Sounds like hard work?
  46. 46. It is, but Rome wasn't built in a day...
  47. 47. Your digital self, like your "real" self, takes time to develop
  48. 48. Thanks for looking at this. I hope it helps you Deepen Your Digital Footprint. I have added a couple bonus tricks before the final link to my free eBook. Enjoy and good luck!
  49. 49. Track your traffic TweetsMap allows you to see where your followers are “allegedly” from
  50. 50. Track your traffic Mention Map allows you to see who is interacting with, “mentioning” your tweets
  51. 51. Begin it Download a free copy of my eBook Deepen Your Digital Footprint Today