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Doshisha International School, Kyoto (Slideshow of Promotional Video on YouTube)


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Free tech integration website:
Wiki link:
School Promotional Video:
School website: is a work in Progress brochure/slideshare/video for Doshisha International Schol, Kyoto.

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Doshisha International School, Kyoto (Slideshow of Promotional Video on YouTube)

  1. 1. Don’t you wish you went to a school...
  2. 2. ...with a healthy respect for culture...
  3. 3. ...that believes inhands-on learning...
  4. 4. wherefriendshipmatters
  5. 5. wherepatientteachersalwayscare
  6. 6. where challenges are met together in the spirit of adventure
  7. 7. and dreaming is part of the curriculum
  8. 8. where students support one another
  9. 9. and the conversation never ends
  10. 10. a school where outside of the classroom counts
  11. 11. just like inside
  12. 12. with the facilities to compete
  13. 13. perform
  14. 14. create
  15. 15. and present
  16. 16. where it’s understood that sometimes... learning is messy
  17. 17. where familiesbreak breadtogether
  18. 18. where academic rigour and understanding are tied to action
  19. 19. and open-ended inquiry is what engages children’s minds
  20. 20. to prepare them for any path they choose
  21. 21. Now, wouldn’t it have been somethingif you could have gone to a school like that?
  22. 22. Thankfully, for our children there is
  23. 23. Thankfully, for our children there is