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Speech slideshow Jane McGonigal

  1. 1. Jane McGonigal Jane McGonigal is a game designer who believes that playing video games can make a better world.born October 21, 1977Focusing mostly on makingalternate reality games.
  2. 2. Photo showing emotion while playing video games.Jane McGonigal has a strong belief that the more the world plays video games. We will master skills at problem solving andcooperation. So the more we play video game we can get better at finding way to solve world problems.
  3. 3. A average online gamerMassive multiplayer gaming allows people to work together to solveproblems and accomplish common goals like we would in the real world.Even though this is all in a fictional world people who enjoy a good game willtake what they have learned and imply it in to there actions in there realworld every day life.
  4. 4. “When we play a game, we tackle tough challengeswith more creativity, more determination, moreoptimism, and were more likely to reach out toothers for help.” –Jane McGonigal
  5. 5. Ken Robinson has a great way of keeping your interestwhen hes talking by telling you interesting storys thatyou want to hear. I really enjoyed his speech but I feltthat the humor from his storys really distracted mefrom understanding some of his points on his topic.
  6. 6. Jane Mcgonigal made a lot of really good points and really drew me inunderstanding what she had to say. My self being a gamer and spending lotsof hours playing games I understand that I have become a great problemsolver and can work great with other and that these are some skills I havegrown from gaming.
  7. 7. Between the speakers I feel I enjoyed JaneMcGonigal the most and got the most out of it thenI did from the others. Even thougth I feel ken is thebetter pubic speaker I learned more from Jane.
  8. 8. Jane McGonigal dynamism
  9. 9. I have learned that when delivering your speech the bestway to hold a audience is to draw them in with humor andthings the viewer can relate to. This is something I noticedin both presentations that I feel really helped.
  10. 10. The best tip I can give is open up to your audience and help themunderstand you one your level in any way you can wether it be throughhumor a story or just attitude.