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8 Amazing Business Lessons Learned From Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro


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Sean Lee, a Brand Manager at Procter and Gamble, reflected on his life changing climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro and he determined how the lessons from the climb were applicable to success in any organization. These are his 8 business and management lessons learned on Mt. Kilimanjaro. #5 is a must read!

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8 Amazing Business Lessons Learned From Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

  1. 1. 8 Business Lessons Learned on Mt. Kilimanjaro Sean M. Lee | P&G Brand Manager
  2. 2. How The Trip Happened
  3. 3. The Raw Numbers 9 Team Members 37 Support Staff 7 Days $23,00 Fund Raised 16,000 Miles Traveled 8 Summited 6 Liters of Water/Day 1 Life Changing Trip
  4. 4. Detailed P&G Preparation
  5. 5. Lesson #8: Ignore the naysayers
  6. 6. Lesson #7: Planning is vital to success and it mitigates uncertainty
  7. 7. Lesson #6: The 10,000 hour rule – pace and practice
  8. 8. Lesson #5: Identify your experts and trust them
  9. 9. Lesson #4: Stay laser focused on your goal
  10. 10. Lesson #3: Celebrate successes and learn from failures
  11. 11. Lesson #2: It takes a team to reach the top
  12. 12. Lesson #1: You can accomplish anything you put your mind to