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Windsor tie knot instructions


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Step-By-Step Instructions on How To Tie a Windsor Tie Knot. Be sure to click on the video link inside if you would like to watch the video.

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Windsor tie knot instructions

  1. 1. The Windsor Tie Knot InstructionsStep 1. To Tie a windsor Knot, start with the broader endhanging much further down on the right. Take the broader endin your right hand pass it to the left over the narrow end, whichyou are holding in your left hand.Step 2. Pass the broader end from left to right under andaround the narrow end. Then pull it over the knot and downtoward your body through the loop that has been formed.Step 3. The broader end is now hanging down on the right,wrong side facing up.Step 4. Now take the broader end and pass it left around thehalf knot. Like this information? Then you will love visit now
  2. 2. Step 5. Next, with the thick end of the necktie in your lefthand, pass it up from below and behind the knot and throughthe loop around your neck.Step 6. Pull the broader end forward over the half-completedknot and let it hang down.Step 7. Next, put the tip of the broad end underneath theouter layer of the knot.Step 8. Pull the broad end right through and carefully adjustthe knot, holding it gently and pulling the narrower end.Step 9. The broader end of the neck tie should now hangdown further than the narrow end. If not, tie another knot ottuck the narrow end into your waistband. Click the player below to watch the video instructions Like this information? Then you will love visit now