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Esquire super 130's Sprin/Summer Suitings


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The Esquire collection is made up of over 100 year around weight fabric. Perfect for the man on the go. This fabric has a high level of performance and will keep you looking your best after a full day of travel and work.

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Esquire super 130's Sprin/Summer Suitings

  1. 1. Collection NameEsquire Super 130s
  2. 2. Lt. Gray w/ Sky Blue Stripe Jacket: E-2615616 Shirt: P-2514816S Trouser: E-2615616 Tie: TI-2615948 Button: KYKW022_Black Thread: Black
  3. 3. Royal Navy w/ Lt. Blue Stripe Jacket: E-2615629 Shirt: S-2515033S Trouser: E-2615629 Tie: TI-2615980 Button: KYKW022_Black Thread: Black
  4. 4. Tan w/ Sky Blue Stripe Jacket: E-2615617 Shirt: NN-2515259S Trouser: E-2615617 Tie: TI-2615951 Button: KG056_Caramel Thread: Tan
  5. 5. Gray w/ Sky Blue Windowpane Jacket: E-2615662 Shirt: N-2414013S Trouser: E-2615662 Tie: TI-2615968 Button: KYKW022_Black Thread: Black
  6. 6. Beige Jacket: E-2615717 Shirt: PP-2514894S Trouser: E-2615717 Tie: TI-2615963 Button: KG052_Coffee Thread: Khaki
  7. 7. Marine Blue Jacket: E-2615715 Shirt: D-2514531S Trouser: E-2615715 Tie: TI-2615974 Button: KYKW022_Black Thread: Black
  8. 8. Lt. Gray w/ Butterscotch Stripe Jacket: E-2615684 Shirt: DD-2413168S Trouser: E-2615684 Tie: TI-2615970 Button: KYKW022_Black Thread: Black