Some insights on crash plan online backup software


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Some insights on crash plan online backup software

  1. 1. Some Insights on CrashPlan Online Backup Software You never really know when your precious data may be lost, and this can be devastating, especially if these files consist of your different projects or your own personal memories. What you need is an effective system that can solve your problems. These involve file management and even data backup in case of any untoward accident you dont want to happen! For anyones cup of coffee, heres insight on why you should try out Crash Plan and the benefits that come along, especially with a neat 30-day free trial available. When it comes to data backup systems, then heres what I found out.How to Get your Online CrashPlan Backup RollingTo get your backup system in action, simply download the file and install things as you would do withany other software. The 30-day-free trial is available for you check out, especially if you want to learnabout the program tweaks. But, before that, heres what Ive learned from Crash Plan.Crash Plan Over view and OfferingsBefore I even downloaded the program, I just checked that the program updates itself whenever thereis a new release. Now, that is appealing, especially since you wont have to go through all that troublefinding the website and downloading all over again.Installing the program was relatively smooth to do, especially with the eye-friendly graphical interface.Everything was straight forward, and I was already itching to try out this back up program.The interface was straightforward, so to speak. The menu buttons you see allow you to back up yourfiles either on a local drive or online (supported by the paid plans). You can try the online feature withthe 30-day free trial once youve downloaded the file.Interface ImpressionOnce opening the program, I immediately know what to do because I can conveniently find thebuttons placed in the side, as you can see from the screen-shots. This accessibility makes the programfriendly to use and accessible for those new to the whole system.Overall Usability - Basic but EffectiveThe panel is basic, with all the options available for you to check out. As you can see, I can easily backup my folder with the streamlined interface. Including that, I have other options to choose from thatmakes Crash Plan a powerful back up software for my files.
  2. 2. Cross Platform FlexibleThe one thing I noticed about Crash Plan is its functionality. I tried downloading the program on myMac and I witnessed the same quality it offered for my PC. This convenience really provides me withthe satisfaction that Crash Plan is indeed multi-platform functional.Three Plans You Can Tr y Out YourselfAfter trying out the 30-day free trial, the other offers of Crash Plan are as follows:Crash Plan - this service comes with no cost at all where all your files are stored on a separate localdisk in your computer. The benefit of this form of Crash Plan is that the service is light enough tomaintain your file management through data encryption that effectively stores your personal files. Thisis downloadable through the website and it has around 50 megabytes of free space!Crash Plan Central - An upgraded form of Crash Plan, your files are stored online, on dedicatedservers that ensure your data is kept safe and sound. At a low cost, you can maintain your files as youupdate them and back up your important data every now and then. A cool feature is the 30-day freetrial where you can enjoy the many features existing within this data backup system. This service offersyou the amenities of an online backup system with ads on the management interface.Crash Plan Pro - A more sophisticated version of Crash Plan Central, this premium version offers youa wide array of services such as 448-bit encryption. Also, this service is ad-free and conveniently storesyour files with the highest security measures taken.Which Plan Works for You? CrashPlan vs Crashplan ProAfter checking out CrashPlan, it seems to have the potential of being a complete personal backupsystem or even a business-based one. The off-site security (for the paid plans) really helps a lot,especially if you need information kept safe.For those of you that really wish to go serious with online storage, especially for business owners, youcan buy the premium service, which features 448-bit encryption and dedicated servers. Your files wontbe easy to crack, especially when these are confidential business information.Whatever floats your boat, Crash Plan gives you exactly what its name says. Crashing can causeunwanted effects for your computer files, whether they are personal photos or critical projects. Yourfiles may become corrupt or even deleted altogether. With Crash Plan, you have a friendly interfacethat is easy to navigate yet powerful enough to back your files up in a very streamlined fashion.