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Awesome ways to handily backup your files


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Awesome ways to handily backup your files

  1. 1. Awesome Ways to Handily Backup your FilesHave you always wanted to carry with you a handy backup copy of websites, photos, and musiccollection? Reality is, there are people who want to have the ability to backup or copy their files, sotheyll be able to show latest photos to their friends wherever they maybe. May it be at an internet cafeor the local library, many people find themselves wishing if only they had their files with them, but theydont as it would mean carrying around a large CD-R, which isnt very handy. With everything nowadays being digitized or delivered digital. When was the last time you shot a picture using a film? For those people who still have a lot of old media collections are quickly transferring to digital with services like Scanning Pros, which is a slide scanning service. Fortunately, the recent years have brought to an explosion of handy little ways in order to allow users to always carry a backup of their files. First, theres the little flash memory stick which are being produced by, literally, every computer company on earth. Most of these are smaller than a pack of a chewing gum, and it has the ability to store tons of data. Now thats handy!Starting at around fifteen dollars, you can go out and purchase a 128 megabyte memory key chain. Plugit into your computers USB port and boom! You can easily access/transfer your files. Also, youll findhandy flash memory based key chains, which starts at around $15, and its perfect storage mediums forbackup files. Since the memory key chains use the USB port for its power, users need not worry oncarrying a power pack or replacing the batteries. The small flash memory units are extremely handy, asyou can literally take your backup files anywhere you go.On the other hand, let us face the reality 128 megabytes is simply not enough for all your backupneeds. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. And then, technology has found a way to counter this snag: thesekey chains now allow users to access to gigabytes of space for their backup files. Yes, youve heard itright. In under the size of a pack of gum, flash memory key chains has the ability to store gigabytes ofdata. Not just megabytes, but gigabytes. Although usually, one gigabyte units start at fifty dollars, theyare dead handy when compared with large CD-R discs (and you wont get laughed at).Another handy media for transporting backups of your files is through business card sized CD-Rs. Ifyoure against the whole flash media brigade for whatever personal reason, and wish to stay withgood old CD-Rs, then business card CD-Rs are just a fit for you. Business card CD-Rs are handy little CDswhich are kept in a small protective case in the size of a business card. While they can easily be stored ina wallet, they have a limit of around 50Mb for your backup files.On the other hand, people whore using the handy sized CD-R discs for their backup needs should alsobe very careful with using the media in their CD drives. There are lots of CD burners, as well as normalCD-ROM units, that does not support the disc. Remember to always check the manual of anypurchased CD-ROM drive in order to see if it supports business card sized CDs, otherwise you mayloose your disc in the unit.While business card CD-Rs ultimately looks cool, they just arent as handy as flash-based memory keychains. Even though more people deemed key chains as more expensive, users have accepted they aremore durable, can have much more space for the backup needs, and are supported in a lot morecomputer systems than its card CD-R counterparts.