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Collateral: Cast Iron for BigMachines

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Collateral: Cast Iron for BigMachines

  1. 1. Solution OverviewCast Iron for BigMachines™Integrate BigMachines with Your Enterprise in Days with Cast Iron OmniConnectSaaS Applications(Right90, Eloqua, Aprimo, Xactly, etc.)Customer SupportCRM Applications(Oracle CRM On Demand,,RightNow, Kana, Consona, SugarCRM, etc.)All Major DatabasesERP(Oracle EBS, SAP, PeopleSoft, Lawson,NetSuite, JD Edwards, etc.)XML and Web ServicesFlat-files/Excel(FTP, HTTP(S), E-mail)OMNICONNECTIntegrate BigMachines – In Just Days!You selected BigMachines to help you sell more and sell faster. You streamlined yourquote-to-order process with innovative product configurations and pricing solutionsthat let you easily create your own powerful, web-based selling engine. Now you wantto leverage this productivity and agility across your organization and need a simpleway to synchronize the products and configuration information, pricing data and muchmore between BigMachines and your existing corporate systems. But you don’t wantto embark on a lengthy project requiring costly integration expertise and a multitude ofcomplex software to manage and maintain. Sound familiar?That’s why Cast Iron Systems created a fast and easy solution specifically for integratingBigMachines with other applications. The Cast Iron OmniConnect™ platform uses a ‘nocoding’ approach to enable BigMachines’ customers to integrate their applications in justdays rather than in months.Connect BigMachines with Your EnterpriseCast Iron OmniConnect for BigMachines is purpose built to solve data migration andintegration requirements critical to connecting BigMachines with other applicationswithin your organization including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), EnterpriseResource Planning (ERP) systems, data warehouses and many more. Cast IronOmniConnect contains everything you need to derive the most out of your configurationand pricing projects.With pre-configured templates to support the most common quote-to-order integrationscenarios, organizations connect on-premise and on-demand systems quickly using aconfiguration, not coding approach that cuts implementation time and costs by 80%.“Cast Iron Systems enablesour customers to quicklyintegrate with back officeapplications as well as handlecomplex implementations injust a matter of days - allwithout the traditionalexpense and hassles ofcustom app development.”Godard AbelChief Executive OfficerBigMachines
  2. 2. Accelerate BigMachines IntegrationsCast Iron OmniConnect for BigMachines is self contained and provides everything needed to integrate BigMachines with otherapplications and endpoints. OmniConnect provides the following key features to simplify and accelerate data migration andintegration with BigMachines:Migration and Data Quality• Data Profiling: Assess the quality of your data before commencing data migrations• Data Cleansing:–– Duplicate Removal (de-duplication): Combine data from various different sources and remove duplicate values–– Fuzzy Lookup: Configure sophisticated rules to highlight errors and fix them• Data Enrichment: Perform lookups with third-party providers to enrich your dataIntegration and Extraction• Connectivity: Configurable connectivity to hundreds of applications and endpoints• Transformation: Use simple drag-and-drop UI for data transformations• Workflow: Design workflow rules with an easy-to-use visual interface• Management: Manage and monitor your integrations using a web-based consoleTIPs and PIPsWith thousands of successful customer integrations, OmniConnect leverages a wealth of integration experience to providea comprehensive set of template integration processes (TIPs) and packaged integration processes (PIPs). These TIPs andPIPs are offered for the most common integration scenarios between BigMachines applications and also a number of otherenterprise applications like, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and more. and eliminates the need to build yourintegrations from scratch. You can simply log in via your browser, select the template that best suits your requirements andenjoy proven, supported and certified processes. The TIPs can also be further customized to meet your specific needs using asimple configuration wizard.1. Migration 2. Integration 3. ExtractionData Profiling Intelligent Data Cleansing Data EnrichmentWorkflow ManagementConnectivity Transformation
  3. 3. • ERP systems including Oracle EBS, SAP, PeopleSoft, Epicor,JD Edwards, NetSuite, BAAN, QAD, Lawson, Great Plains• CRM applications including Oracle CRM On Demand,, RightNow, Kana, Consona, SugarCRM• SaaS applications including Right90, BigMachines, Aprimo,Xactly• All major databases including the latest releases of Oracle,DB2, SQL Server, mySQL, Informix, Sybase• Flat-files using FTP, HTTP(S), E-mail• XML and Web Services• EDI• Custom applications• And many other applications...Integration Problems Solved Connect BigMachines with• Data migration from CRM and ERP systems• Data integration with back-office applicationsincluding product and pricing information,order management and fulfillment systems• Streamline the quote-to-order process• Data extraction to reporting systems forhistorical product information• Data integration from ERP to CRM• And many more...What Problems does the Cast Iron OmniConnect Solve?Cast Iron OmniConnect for BigMachines rapidly connects a wide variety of applications and endpoints while complementingexisting integration technologies. Companies in various industries ranging from manufacturing, retail and consumer packagedgoods to energy, transportation and logistics, use OmniConnect to solve application integration problems like these:Why Choose Cast Iron OmniConnect for BigMachines?Cast Iron OmniConnect for BigMachines enables organizations to rapidly respond to the product quotes, configuration andpricing needed to keep up with the changing demands of the business. Powerfully simple and industry proven, OmniConnecthas been specifically engineered for BigMachines and contains everything needed to complete data migration and integrationprojects in days.• No software to install or manage• Graphical configuration, not coding• On demand library of pre-builtTemplate Integration Processes(TIPs) for the most commonintegration scenariosFastest Time to Market:Lowest Costs:• Low monthly subscription pricing• Up to 80% lower maintenance costsvs. software-based alternatives• No need to maintain multiplecomponents including hardware, webservers, databases, integration brokers, etc.Most Rapid, Efficient Development:• Unmatched flexibility – can be deployed via anon-premise Integration Appliance or the Integration-as-a-Service Cast Iron Cloud• 100% standards-based; no reliance onniche middleware skills• Supports all BigMachines objects includingobjects with custom fields• Pre-built and pre-optimized connector for• Pre-built connectors for major ERP applications, allmajor databases, flat-files, Web Services, messagingsystems, and more• 100% remote management and administration• Proactive data alerts andconnectivity errors• Monitor from anywhere, anytimeSimplest Monitoring and Management:
  4. 4. Cast Iron OmniConnect can solve a broad range of integration needs for BigMachines customers. Whether it’s a simple point-to-point application connectivity problem, a complex orchestration across multiple applications or a mission-critical processrequiring high availability, OmniConnect for BigMachines is the simplest, most complete solution to implement.Cast Iron OmniConnect is revolutionizing BigMachines application integration by delivering simplicity to its customers.In the complex world of application integration, companies find OmniConnect to be the simplest way tocomplete their BigMachines integrations in days, and for 80% less cost. Visit for more information.Cast Iron Product OfferingsCast Iron OmniConnect for BigMachines comprises various deployment options — the Cast Iron Cloud2™ or an on-premisephysical or virtual Cast Iron Integration Appliance™. The flexibility of these options provides a seamless transition betweenon-premise and cloud environments as a company’s application landscape changes to “future-proof” technology investments.While these options share the same technology foundation, each is designed to meet specific customer needs:• Pre-built connectivity between BigMachines andhundreds of other applications• Supports all standard and custom BigMachines objects• Low monthly subscription pricing• 24 x 7 Production support• No restrictions on number of users• Powerful data migration and data cleansing features• Standards-based connectivity with third-party dataenrichment tools• Rapid integration with Template Integration Processes(TIPs) and self-guided wizards• Out-of-the-box connectivity to hundreds of enterpriseand custom applications• Optimized for high-throughput projects• Pre-configured templates for most commonBigMachines integration scenarios• Graphical data transformation• Rules-based workflow• Lights-out management and error notification• Out-of-the-box data and connectivity errorprocessing• Guaranteed delivery of transactions• Web-based monitoring of integrations• Secure management and data communication• Bidirectional real-time and batch integrationFunctional SpecificationsCast Iron Integration ApplianceCast Iron Cloud2The Cast Iron Cloud2 for BigMachines is Cast Iron’sown Integration-as-a-Service solution. Using a “developonce, deploy anywhere” approach, the Cast Iron Cloud2is ideally suited for BigMachines customers with amajority of their applications based in the cloud whowant no infrastructure on premise.The Cast Iron Integration Appliance for BigMachinesis Cast Iron’s on-premise integration solution. Usefulfor BigMachines customers with their ERP applicationlocated on premise that seek a standards-basedplatform. Also available as a virtual appliance that canbe installed on a company’s own hardware.“Integration challenges areoften a barrier to widespreadadoption of cloud computingservices including SaaS.Users of cloud-basedservices need a portfolio ofviable integration options toflexibly link cloud-basedfunctionality with on- premiseapplications and data.”Benoit Lheureux,Research Vice President,Application Development,Integration and WebTechnologies,Gartner375 Ravendale Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043 w Tel: 650.230.0621 w www.castiron.comCopyright © 2010 Cast Iron Systems, Inc. Cast Iron Systems, Cast Iron, Cast Iron Systems logo, OmniConnect, Cast Iron Integration Appliance, CastIron Cloud2, iA, and Integrate in Days are trademarks of Cast Iron Systems, Inc. All other registration marks are the property of their respective owners.Specifications subject to change without notice. BigMachines_v01r04PhysicalApplianceVirtualAppliance