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  1. 1. Geography; Culture; People; History
  2. 2.  Largest Province located in East-central Canada  2nd most populous province  Nearly 3 times the size of France
  3. 3.  90% of Quebec lies within the Canadian Shield  Prone to infrequent though significant earthquakes  St. Lawrence River
  4. 4.  Only Canadian province with a predominantly French- speaking population  French is the sole official language in Quebec  Considerable Irish, Italian, and North American Indian population
  5. 5.  Western Culture  The folk music of Quebec: songs of France and Celtic music  Civil union system for opposite-sex and same-sex unions
  6. 6.  Large numbers of Canadian, French, Irish, Italian, Scottish, and German people  The population of Quebec has grown more than 700% since 1851  1.5% of Quebec’s population are aborigines.
  7. 7.  Quebec is the site where French settlers founded the colony of New France in the 1600s and 1700s  In 1534, Jacques Cartier took possession of the territory in the name of King Francis I of France  After a few failures at colonization, Samuel de Champlain laid out the foundation of French Canada
  8. 8.  Quebec City was founded in 1608 by de Champlain  The French and Indian War  The Royal Proclamation of 1763: Britain acquires New France  2007 and Three Fundamental Values: Equality between Men and Women; Primacy of the French Language; Separation of State and Religion
  9. 9.     history/history-of-quebec.htm  aspx
  11. 11. Quebec: Culture  A western culture that is rooted in the history of the French speaking minority  Quebec has 11 indigenous nations, each with its distinct language and culture  Quebec City, the capital of Quebec, is a Mecca for French culture and heritage
  12. 12. Quebec: Literature  It was not until 1760 that the first books and notable works were written and printed  The newspaper, too, became the most convenient vehicle of popular thought (though British dominance prevailed)  By the 1860s, Quebec authors had earned a certain autonomy; it was now easier to mass produce a book  Renowned 20th century authors like Esther Delisle and Jacques Godbout made their marks
  13. 13. Quebec: Theatre  Until the 20th century, theatrical activity in Quebec was nearly inactive  The Church interfered heavily with theatrical display in pre and post-Conquest Quebec  In the mid 1900s, theatre groups began to rise and prosper in Quebec  Currently, theatre and dance plays a prominent role in the culture of Quebec
  14. 14. Quebec: Architecture  French settlers brought with them the Quebec architecture similar to their native France  Quebec City contains 4 centuries of architecture (since 1608)  The Roman Catholic religion has heavily influenced the architecture of Quebec  Secular architecture, like homes built in the 17th and 18th centuries, still survive  Today, more modern architecture has been added to the mix
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  17. 17. Quebec: Politics  Provincial government, namely a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy  Jean Charest is the current Premier of Quebec, appointed June 6, 2003  Parties include the Quebec Liberal Party, Parti Quebecois (PQ), and Action Democratique du Quebec (ADQ)
  18. 18. Quebec: Politics  Quebec Liberal Party: Centre-left liberal party, it believes Quebec should remain part of Canada and operate within its federal structure  Parti Quebecois: Left-wing party, it advocates national sovereignty for Quebec and secession from Canada  ADQ: Populist, conservative, nationalist, it wantss Quebec to become more autonomous though reside in the Canadian Confederation
  19. 19. Quebec: Economy  The economy of Quebec is post-industrial, with a potential for growth  Quebec’s aerospace industry is ranked sixth in the world for its production value  Ground transportation, information technology, the health care industry, and tourism generate billions of dollars toward the growing economy of Quebec  In 2002, Quebec had international exports of roughly $68 billion
  20. 20. Quebec: Diplomatic Relations  1967, Québec created a department responsible for Québec's foreign governmental activity in order to pilot the development of the major increase of its international activity.  Since 1977, the Premier of Québec and the Prime Minister of France have met often to set and fine-tune objectives and priorities for relations between their respective governments  Quebec’s International Policy: in 2006, this was established to “assert Quebec’s desire to pursue vigorous, concerted and multilateral international initiatives in accordance with its needs.”  Quebec continues to assert its position in the world
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