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Photo Interview


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Photo Interview

  1. 1. Measure Twice, Cut Once Sean Khalifehzadeh Dr. Wolfe – Anthropology 102 October 26, 2010
  2. 2. “I love photography. I like to document my life through my pictures. It is a way for me to create a timeline of my life. One day I hope to reflect on my success and failures and be proud of the person that I have become.” Photography for Ami ventures beyond the normal hobby. It is not only her passion, but she has turned it into a career. As a fashion designer, she is able to express herself in ways that she absolutely enjoys. She takes her work very seriously and has created for herself something that she is able to put in more than just time and effort, but her entire heart and soul.
  3. 3. “I helped create these campaign print ads. I really enjoyed creating this. Something like this occurs every season (every 4 months). It took about a week to complete. I usually help in styling a photo shoot that doesn’t make it to print, rather it’s used on our website.” Ami does a great job in designing and photographing the clothing in the ads. These four page prints exemplify her talent and passion for her work. They are in vivid detail and the attention to even the minor aspects are fully cared for.
  4. 4. Snip, Cut, and Sew “I made this dress about a week ago. I’m planning on wearing it to a Halloween party. The scarf is from my grandma in Japan. I actually purchased the mannequin as a start- up for future projects and I’ve put it to good use. It’s essential for me to have this at home. Live models aren’t cheap. Haha!” The dress is a great piece of artwork that Ami has created. It was interesting to see the attention to detail up-close. There is an aura that accompanies a piece of work like this, rather than the mass produced items you see in any department store. It has a certain elegance that can only be associated with the passion that went along in designing it. Design and photography are clearly her life’s calling.
  5. 5. “I play with dolls every day. I dress up mannequins every day and it is something I really enjoy. I love my job and the experience that I am getting cannot be duplicated anywhere else. I live through my job and I appreciate the artistic culture. I feel like I contribute to the art world in my own way.”   “When I was a kid I always wanted to be a designer. I dreamt about the day that I could call myself a designer. In Japan, fashion is a major aspect of the art world. The designs can be very extreme and they seem to exaggerate a lot of American fashion and appeal.”
  6. 6. Weapons of Mass Appeal “The sewing machine is the medium that I use to create all my designs. Without it, I am hopeless. It has become my roommate in the sense that I spend so much time with it. Over the last few years, I feel that my skills have really improved. I am proud of my work. The shoes are my favorite pair at the moment. Every girl has a favorite pair of heels!” With the thread still clinging for dear life on the machine’s needle, this piece has Ami’s name written all over it. She does all of her own sewing at home. While she lives in a studio in Los Angeles, she is still able to make room for her work.
  7. 7. “I got this robe from my grandmother in Japan. It isn’t a traditional kimono and is actually used to lounge in. People don’t usually wear kimonos anymore. It’s pre- WW2 attire. It reminds me of my grandma and that is why I brought it home. It keeps me in touch with my culture and family life outside of the United States.” Ami doesn’t have any family outside of her mother or father in the United States. Her Japanese heritage is near and dear to her heart and every Sunday she enjoys a traditional dinner with her family.
  8. 8. “I love to cook! Yakiniku, stir-fry, gyoza, and steamed rice are prepared. This is a basic home-cooked meal and not something cooked for special occasions. I love rice and cannot live without it. It is a staple in all of my meals. My mom taught me how to cook and the rest I learned from living alone. I cook stir-fry meals quite a bit because they’re easy and taste great. I recently moved into my new apartment and love to use my new kitchen. This was the first official meal. I feel like I have broken-in the apartment with this meal.” Ami prepared this traditional meal for her good friend and myself. The first thing that I noticed was the placement of the foods. It was very artistic in its own right. Not only did it taste great, but it looked good, too. There wasn’t anything left of the Japanese Asahi beer at the end of the night.
  9. 9. Young Grasshopper Although Ami was raised in the United States, she stays true to her Buddhist teachings. Meditation is an important part of her life, both spiritually and physically. Her career can be very demanding and this is her way of letting off that stress and tension. “I usually try to stay balanced. Drama is not something I want in my life. I like being in a calm setting and meditation is a healthy way to stay focused. It is a good way to relax my mind and keep myself on the right path throughout life.”
  10. 10. Livestrong “I like to ride my bike as a source of exercise and transportation to nearby shops. It helps me get a picture of my surroundings a lot more. I also feel a sense of comfort when I ride. Bike riding around town just relieves some of the stress that I deal with on a daily basis.” Bike riding is a form of meditation for Ami. Not only is she becoming more familiar with her new apartment in Los Angeles, she is able to channel away any negative energy.
  11. 11. “I bought the mirror from my last job. I have fallen in love with it and built the bottom portion of it. I loved it enough to add to it. I feel like it is a focal point in my studio. As a designer and photographer, I feel that it was very important for me to find a mirror that fits my personality and I happen to have a strong attachment to this particular one.” The mirror is more than just a reflection to Ami. It is an extension of her personality. She adds her own artistic touch to everything in her apartment. All but some parts of the studio give a nod to her personality and career. From the home cooking, to the sewing machine, to the mirror. Ami has created a sanctuary at home. Away from the stresses of life, she spends her moments at home enjoying what she has created.