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Keep me for future reference! I contain:                                              • SSONs 2011 events calendar        ...
Contents:                                   Dear Colleague,Meet the Speakers                           15 years on from it...
SSO WEEK FACES, FELLOWS & FIRST TIMERS: WE HAVE THEM ALL COVERED!Class of                                                 ...
Class of 2011 continued...                                                                                                ...
Philip Ideson                   Senior Manager, Outsourcing/                   Offshoring & International                 ...
Class of 2011 continued...                     Danielle Patrias                     Head of Customer Services             ...
In October 2010, SSONs Premium Editor Barbara Hodge caught up with three of our eventspeakers. Excerpts are below and on P...
SSOW Itinerary Builder       Its pretty simple. Pick your priorities from the list below. Then match your sessions.  Choos...
Metrics & BenchmarkingData provided byBefore you come, know what to expect: Our focus on top quartile outcomes prepares yo...
Dont forget to visitAgenda-At-A-Glance                                                                                    ...
10:55    Morning Networking & Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall         (Step Up To Our Genius Bar and enter for a cha...
Agenda-At-A-Glance continued...2:50      Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall ***Peeriosity Meetup...
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Shared Services

  1. 1. Keep me for future reference! I contain: • SSONs 2011 events calendar • Regional metrics for benchmarking provided by Proservartner • Exclusive editorial content & more... 15th Annual North American Shared Services TM & OUTSOURCING WEEKWhere the Shared Services and Sourcing World Shapes its Future Your SSO Week 2011 March 1-3, 2011 Reference Guidebook The Peabody Hotel, Orlando, Florida Evolving from Conference to Community In no other forum have I seen such extensive dialogue - SSO Week drives true collaboration and partnership. - Rick Arpin, SVP & Corporate 800+ Voices, Controller, MGM Mirage 1 SSO Week To Register Contact Sean Hundt 416-597-4740 or
  2. 2. Contents: Dear Colleague,Meet the Speakers 15 years on from its creation, more than 800 attendees gathered in Orlando inSample our Index of 90+ 2010 to join in the debates around the future of shared services and sourcing.Thought Leaders. Over 3-6 This year expect a commitment to brand new, structured networking and50% are Brand New visionary content that will shape your direction and strategy for 2011 and beyond. If you’ve never attended this event before, you’re in for a big surprise. BeIndustry Content prepared for what will become a yearly tradition, as whats been quoted as “theExclusive Interviews & 7, 16 best use of my time this year” by Levi Strauss VP Shared Services, DebbieIndustry Predictions Vanderbogart.Itinerary Matchmaker 2011 Brand New HighlightsBuild your Tailored Program 1. Announcing the G6 Visionaries: Still an unbiased platform to counter end-with Our Session-by-Session 8 user cynicism and pose your Q’s to the leading sell-sideGuide according to Business voices. Here’s how we’ve adapted G8 to the new G6:Theme (1) Individuals NOT Companies. This year you vote for unique personalities and their voices, not companies. You choose the top 6Regional Metrics sell-side industry voices you believe have personally made a difference in the& Benchmarks 9 shared services and sourcing community. Vote Online Now under the G6 Visionaries tab at (2) Neutral Chairmanship from within the Community: Our newlyYour Week At-A-Glance 10-13 appointed global chair brings years of shared services and sourcing expertise to the table. Nothing gets passed them. To see your U.S. G6 Chairman pleaseBlue Sky Innovation Room visit’s Exclusive Room for (3) 6 is the new 8: We all know bigger is not necessarily better, qualityMature Buy-Side Discussion. 14 counts. Now there’s time to hear more from the top 6.For qualification detailsplease visit the website 2. Over 50% Brand New Speakers. Each speaker is prequalified through a vetting process based on their industry experience and knowledge.IACCM Agenda 15 3. Think/Do Breakout Sessions. We realized that simply encouraging innovation is not enough. (The Think) sessions contain case studies and theMeet your Chief best practice sharing we’re all used to: (The Do) encourage interaction andNetworking Officer (CNO) 16 exercises to drill down into a topic as a group. Brand new for 2011, here are the “Do” formats you may take advantage of:G6 Visionaries &SSON Excellence Awards 17 Soap Box: Facilitated informal discussion around a topic of interest. Senior led moderation sets the context, attendees shape the debate.Sponsors & Exhibitors 18-19 Move and Shake: Hands-on exercises utilizing templates, frameworks, scorecards, mapping projects, etc. Collaboratory: Participants work together in small groups to solve 3Join the conversation: different complex problems. The key findings/solutions from each table are @ssonetwork presented back to the whole room for a collective discussion. 4. Structured Networking: Meet your official Chief Networking Officer, Doug Spence, championing your relationship building exercises. Naomi Secor Global Program Director SSON 2
  3. 3. SSO WEEK FACES, FELLOWS & FIRST TIMERS: WE HAVE THEM ALL COVERED!Class of The ‘Whos Who’ of the Shared Services & This year we have over 90 speakers. Heres a snapshot below.2011 To see the full list please visit Outsourcing World, all speaking at SSO Week... John Adjami Robert Austermehle Senior Director, Global Assistant Controller – Finance Finance P2P Systems & Rick Arpin & Accounting Shared Processes SVP – Corporate Controller Services • Managed project teams consisting of 15+ • Most improved metric in your SSO: • Been with Campbells for 20 years and is professionals with budgets over $20MM Electronic payment rate in payroll – was in currently running the F&A SSO • Led many global, large-scale and cross- low 80% several years ago, now mid 90%. • Led Campbells Order To Cash team for their divisional initiatives relating to the entire • Biggest priority/goal/focus for 2011: SAP implementation; led their Customer P2P spectrum, budgeting and forecasting Centralizing billing function for our hotels Service operations including transportation and and strategic sourcing • Favorite pearl of shared services logistics operations; led their Corporate wisdom: You can never be too much of a (Internal) Audit function sales person with internal clients. SSON W FELLO Bob Cecil Executive Director, Business & Mattijs Backx James Conomea Financial Processes Advisory, VP - Head of Global VP Shared Services Global Business Service Centers • Proudest career achievements: First, • Responsibility for SS operations and • 10 years experience leading global Quality Process Management including building up a successful advisory practice in initiatives at three $15B+ multi-nationals managing relationship with contracted Europe for Gunn Partners truly from the • Delivering F&A services to the business at third-party vendor for select outsourced ground up with no customers, brand, JTI agreements, including offshore employees, or infrastructure. • Designed, built and operated the GSSO at Working to centralize more tasks within • Pearl of wisdom: You cant keep the same • Office Depot in addition to leading a the ss delivery COE model and managing people with the same skills and expect change. corporate enterprise change initiative Six Sigma projects as well as Internal People investment in many forms provides the highest shared services ROI. Control Self Assessments Lynne Degand Director, Manufacturing, Carol Danoff Benedict J. DeFelice Accounting & Domestic VP Global Procurement Global Sourcing Leader Shared Services • Leads the Global Indirect Procurement • Most improved metric in your SSO: • Most improved metric in your organization, working with her team to A/P - 65% onshore and offshore - SSO: 2010 Accounts Payable cost per deliver cost and process improvements reduction in cost per invoice processed vendor invoice improved over 20% while ensuring quality and service are • Proudest career achievement: 34% compared to 2009, and is now below improved for multiple indirect categories cost on in expense and indirect spend the Hackett Group 2010 Best-in-class of • Instrumental in the transformation of a from 08-09 (12% sales decline, 24% $2.11 per invoice (includes IT/software major Fortune 500 Company Global cost out, leverage, usage costs and compensation costs). Indirect Procurement Organization control/reduction through sourcing • Current ERP Platform: SAP R/3 projects/models 3
  4. 4. Class of 2011 continued... Phil Fersht Claudia Dill John Douglas Chief Executive Officer CEO VP HfS Research • Accelerates NA operating efficiencies in IT, • Would most like to meet at SSOW: • Founder of the acclaimed global Sourcing Procurement, HR, Real Estate & Others. Individuals who are struggling with Blog “Horses for Sources” • Led the execution of the overall Europe decentralized global operations, disparate • Served as an advisor on over 100 major General Insurance (EGI) operations systems and sliced infrastructures outsourcing and offshoring engagements strategy • Current customer geography and • Proudest career achievement: functional scope: 20 Countries and Setting up my own firm and putting growing... combination of shared services everything in the Cloud! (most have global reach) supplemented with BPO in most major functions SSON W FELLO Sarah Glickman John Gayda Director Finance Alfredo Gatto Senior Director Financial Transformation & VP & General Manager Shared Services Operations • Played a key role in the set up of the • Most improved metric on your SSO: • Driving strategy for general accounting Hearst Service Center Average cost per transaction in A/P down across Honeywell • Joined in the implementation and from near $4.00 to $1.10 with further • Responsible for the India SSO, with over centralization of all Hearst business units opportunity for improvement 150 employees focused on offshore on the company’s Enterprise accounting • Current ERP Platform: SAP delivery of transaction-based general systems • Favorite pearl of shared services accounting and FP&A support • Chairs the IT Strategy (a group of key IT wisdom: You can not impact what you • Active oversight role in managing the professionals who maintain IT standards dont measure outsourced general accounting processes and policies through Hearst) SSON WFELLO Jerker Gunnarsson Dave Griebl Director - Procurement VP Finance Shared Performance Management, Chris Haver Services Standards & Tools Senior Director of HRSS • Led the consolidation of financial • Head of Procurement Enabling Functions • Enterprise SSO supports the $8.5B regional operations for two $6-billion for Americas Region , including Operational retailer’s multiple format operations. organizations, Case Corporation and New Purchasing, Performance Management & • Shared Services within Human Resources is Holland Controlling, Spend Management, responsible for the delivery of services across • Skilled at implementing world-class eProcurement (SAP EBP), Organizational all of the operating business format financial processes for sites within the Design, Purchase to Pay (P2P) Process U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico and South Optimization America SSON W FELLO Nanette Hilley SVP Enterprise Fraud & Joe Hogan Susan Hogan Client Data Assurance Managing Director Principal • Responsible for developing and • Biggest priority/goal/focus for 2011: • What is the most debated question in the implementing enterprise strategies for Helping clients understand the practical steps industry? The question of whether or not fraud prevention, client authentication, and to take to leverage cloud sourcing to multifunctional shared services organizations client data assurance transform their business (SSOs) deliver more value than single-functional • Favorite pearl of shared services SSOs has been a hotly debated one • Current fraud division located onshore and wisdom: You are never too old to dream • A 2011 prediction for one major change the offshore comprised of approximately 180 community will see in the next 12 months. fraud investigators new dreams and do new things, C.S. Lewis An even greater movement of advisory and knowledge-based processes to shared services as well as to outsourced service providers 4
  5. 5. Philip Ideson Senior Manager, Outsourcing/ Offshoring & International Jeffrey Jacobson Mark Johnson Supply Chain VP, Global Shared Services VP, Shared Services• Would most like to meet at SSOW: • Proudest career achievement: Moving • Responsible for the enterprise SSO with Anyone who has, or is considering, outsourcing from a silo business unit approach to a multiple business service centers located in part of their strategic procurement functional orientation San Antonio, TX, Plano, TX, Bratislava,• Most improved metric: Attrition: • Biggest priority/goal/focus for 2011: Slovakia, Madrid, Spain, Bourneville, UK reducing attrition from 28% to 12% over a 12 Aligning the accounting organization and Mumbai, India. month period in an offshore procurement • Favorite pearl of shared services • Oversees Kraft Foods BPO and Shared shared service operation wisdom: It is important to also sell your Services Center of Expertise “Shared Service” and the value that it • Accountable for Enterprise functions, such brings to the organization as, Travel & Meeting Services Scott Lacy Edward Kelchner Srini Krishnamurthy Director Human Resources VP Process Improvement VP Operations• More than 15+ years in the Financial Services • Heads the Enterprise sourcing function at • Scott Lacy is a 33 year veteran with industry, with 10 years of those in business MassMutual International Paper and has served in a transformation and process improvement • Responsible for domestic and global number of corporate and field HR and IT roles discipline sourcing efforts across the enterprise• Focuses on the continuous improvement • Built and led the souring program at The opportunities across multiple corporate Hartford where he managed ITO/BPO functions initiatives Loren Mahon Dan Mahlebashian VP, Global Business Judy McFarland Chief Contracting Officer Services VP HR Shared Services• Responsible for global contract • Delivering financial support and services to all • Led the enterprise initiative to harmonize the management including functional lines of business around the globe to include primary HR processes and policies oversight responsibility for the global re- contracts and business practices, incentive • Led the cross-functional team which sourcing of all IT services ($15B) in General compensation planning and administration, designed, developed and opened the doors Motors license management services and customer to an HR Service Center (HRSC)• Establishing global contracting standards data administration • The HRSC is processing core HR transactions and related processes for both ITO/BPO • Driving the internal use of Oracle applications for 10,000 NG employees and managers, and Contracting and partnering with development in defining by 2011 the center will be providing service to best practices around the use of applications more than 120,000 employees Pete Mercer Lisa Miller Arindam Mukhopadhyay Global SS R2R Lead VP, Controller EVP• Over 14 years with MCBC/Molson Coors • PFSS provides best in class financial • Focusing on the creation of financial with responsibilities including; operations, transactional processes and systems, operations shared services and right-shoring accounting, IT Finance, capital planning leveraging scale, driving productivity and strategy - over the last two years, Citigroup and G&A Finance enabling convergence of policy and has migrated 1,500+ positions globally doing• Involved in major SAP implementation process across the enterprise complex financial and risk reporting and now• Part of numerous outsourcing evaluations, • Experience in acquisition accounting, support all of Citigroups reporting needs negotiations and implementations transformation projects and various roles in accounting and finance 5
  6. 6. Class of 2011 continued... Danielle Patrias Head of Customer Services Cara Pawlisch Lorenzo Fausto Pedotti Shared Services AVP HR Shared Services Regional Finance Director • Current ERP Platform: SAP but with • Favorite pearl of shared services • Proudest career achievement: First legacy systems still active wisdom: Success always looks like failure one to implement in Areva T&D a cross • Biggest priority/goal/focus for in the middle border Finance Shared Services Center 2011: Integrate shared services processes • Proudest career achievement: • Interesting Fact: Speaks more than 5 with our new internal customers Design and implementation of Employee languages fluently Relations Shared Services at The Hartford SSON WFELLO VK Raman Sam Poston Jonica Preite Head, Domain BPO Services SVP VP Shared Services Aided in the completion of Unicco’s SSO • Proudest achievement: Growing TCSs • Formed the ScottMadden Shared Services • for accounting and HR Domain Business Process Services to an Industry practice in the early 1990s and has led it ever Worked for 3Com Corporation for 10 Leading position since • years in a variety of financial leadership • Biggest Priority for 2011: Continue to • Specializes in linking internal ss delivery roles including the implementation of drive customers businesses priorities through systems to corporate strategies and goals 3Com’s first SSO co-transformation SSON W FELLO Fernando Rocha Mary Rumley CEO, BPO Services, Posadas HR Operations Manager Phil Searle Ventures Volvo CEO & Founder • Leads three subsidiary ss companies that • Most improved metric in your SSO: • Proudest career achievement: Being named are part of Grupo Posadas Increased customer satisfaction year over Shared Services and Outsourcing Thought • Responsibilities include day-to-day year by 25%. On a 1-6 customer Leader of the Year at Shared Services and Outsourcing Week in Budapest, May 2009 operational leadership and growing satisfaction scale; we went from 3.2 to • If I were to want to discuss anything Posadas’ BPO business 4.31 specific this year, it would probably be • Current ERP Platform: HRIS platform is around the topic of “innovative outsourcing” SAP and ADP for payroll and where this has been successful in practice. SSON W FELLO Imtiaz Shaikh VP Americas Corp. HR and Leopoldo Toro Managing VN (Tiger) Tyagarajan Operations Director & COO COO • Created the HR vision and delivered a scalable • Oversees operations and sets the overall • Most improved metric (inside client centre) HR foundation including Global HR data, direction for AltiusPAR, a subsidiary of Improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS) to Manager self-service, compensation system, Grupo Posadas, a leading hotel and an “all time high “ a true reflection of how workforce analytics and end-to-end Talent tourism services company in Latin America much of a “Promoter “ a client stakeholder is Management • 2011 prediction: More Captives will be “sold, carved out “ as corporations refocus on their core and partner to get to best in class Mark Umlauf Senior Manager Lowell Williams Global Financial Services Joe Visconti Executive Director, Global HR American Axle & CTO Services Manufacturing • Develops the corporate IT roadmap based on • Favorite Pearl of Shared Services • Key Objective in 2011 for Global business strategies Wisdom: There is no wasted experience Financial Services: Continuous • Oversight for corporate standards, • Most Rewarding Experiences: Helping improvement of Global Financial Services – infrastructure architecture, IT innovation, return Compagnie des Machines Bull to Globally; reducing AR past dues by 40%, competitive intelligence and vendor profitability, working on the Avon global HR improving cash forecasting efficiency and management outsourcing engagement, climbing Mt. accuracy Kilimanjaro in 1995 To Register Contact Sean Hundt 416-597-4740 or 6
  7. 7. In October 2010, SSONs Premium Editor Barbara Hodge caught up with three of our eventspeakers. Excerpts are below and on P.16. Visit our website Resource Center for the full versions. Paul FippsQ&A with CIO and VP, Business Services The Charmer Sunbelt Group Winner: "SSON Best New Captive Services Delivery Award 2010 (Americas)."SSON: Paul, what is your role at CSG? group, and deploying this corporate-wide. mentioned in the G8 Panel discussion at SharedPF: My official title is CIO and VP Business Services. Services Week in Orlando, earlier this year — theBusiness services, for us, includes both technology and SSON: What’s had the greatest impact message that, you know, Americans could be doingbusiness operations - so that covers customer service, throughout the company? this services, and information technology. Broken PF: What highlights our biggest success -down, that means we cover everything from the unexpectedly, really - is our strategic sourcing group. SSON: Who’s is your favorite writer, and why?Enterprise Program Management Office to Accounts While previously strategic sourcing had dealt with PF: I love to read business books, and I’d have to sayPayable. traditional payables only, the fact that we had set up Ram Charan []. Execution shared services meant we had visibility over all our [], which heSSON: Paul, given what you’ve already achieved spend and all our vendors. In effect, sourcing became wrote with Larry Bossidy is an excellent read. He isin the past three years - as exemplified by CSG a new shared service as a result of monitoring the basically a CEO coach, and his book summarizes hissweeping the Award for Best New Captive invoice process. Our sourcing group is now the first best teachings - fundamental business practices thatServices Delivery, 2010 - what are you aiming for stop in RFP processes for all kinds of contracts. It’s lead to year? been unexpected and has had a huge impact on thePF: We’re making some big changes on the Customer bottom line. SSON: Whom would you most like to haveService front, in terms of moving from transactions dinner with (living or dead)?processing to solving deeper-level problems in SSON: Do you have some predictions on “global PF: Probably Abraham Lincoln. He’d be first on the list.partnership with our business units across the country. sourcing” for 2011?So we are moving into problem resolution. Another PF: From a global sourcing standpoint, I think we SSON: Where do you live and what keeps youarea that we are actively developing is moving from might be seeing a greater shift towards what’s being there?“telesales” to “inside sales.” We now have a group called “rural sourcing.” We recently contracted with a PF: I live in a town called Mount Airy, Maryland, whichthat calls accounts directly to market our products and company in Arkansas. When you compare hourly is a small town about 40 miles west of - as a Shared Services offering, and we are costs, including all overheads, onshore can be What keeps us there is the great community - it’sgetting great traction. A final item on my agenda is competitive with offshore. I can see BPO moving really a wonderful place - and it’s a great place to raiseexpanding what is currently our Enterprise Program towards more of an onshore presence, if just for the kids. In the end, that’s one of the most importantManagement Office into a process improvement “ease” of working with a local team. This was also factors.Q&A Jonica Preite “I make sure our processes Vice President enable our clients to spend Shared Services their time on servicing and UGL Ltd selling to UGLs customers.” withSSON: What is your role at UGL Unicco? initiative, we worked with finance and HR to retool something easy for a quote. Favorite restaurant:JP: I manage the Shared Service Organization for UGL the company policy to be more user-friendly to those Scomas in San Francisco.Ltd in North America. My primary clients are UGL with company paid phones while speeding up andUnicco, a facility service provider and UGL Equis, a simplifying the ordering process. By consolidating SSON: Whom would you most like to have dinnercommercial real estate brokerage and transaction vendors and by using a third party for fullfillment and with (living or dead)?management provider. We manage the Order-to- asset management, we’ve achieved a 25% reduction JP: Thomas Jefferson for admiration; Sarah Palin toCash, Procure-to-Pay, and Hire-to-Retire processes for in expense. VMI is a web-based portal where vendors find out if she is for real.these companies. I make sure our processes enable interested in working with UGL can self-register toour clients to spend their time on servicing and selling qualify upfront as a vendor. Users can search this tool SSON: Where do you live and what keeps youto UGLs customers. I also get heavily involved in pre- for prospective and existing vendors by services there?sales activity, when clients are asking for unique need provided and/or zip code. Onboarding into the ERP JP: I live in Hopkinton, Ma, the start of the Bostonin the areas I just mentioned, processing their then becomes a quick process. We are also able to Marathon. I have lived here for the past 14 yearspayables as an example. report compliance off the tool for insurance, vendor because it is has been a great place to raise our two diversity, and safety purposes. sons. The school system has a challenging curriculum,SSON: What’s been your greatest success over great teachers, an engaged guidance center, and lotsthe past year? SSON: Who is your favorite writer and which is of diverse activities. The community supports eachJP: Two stand out achievements were our wireless your favorite restaurant? other in time of tragedy and has in the past had adevice initiative and vendor onboarding and JP: Ayn Rand and Maeve Binchy for writers. Its easy tremendous spirit of volunteerism.compliance tracking system (VMI). In the wireless to make something complex; its complex to make 7
  8. 8. SSOW Itinerary Builder Its pretty simple. Pick your priorities from the list below. Then match your sessions. Choose the sessions relevant for you by searching according to your business critical priorities People, Change Management & TransitionSS 101: The Fundamentals of Designing, Building and Implementing SS ScottMadden 3/1, 8:00Rethinking Change Management SourcingChange 3/1, 10:15Best Practice Business Cases for SS and BPO Solutions Chazey Partners 3/1, 10:15From Orphan to Champion: Resurrecting Shared Services JTI 3/2, 11:40Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started But Never Dared to Ask Chazey Partners, American Axle, 3/2, 2:20 Hearst, CITCreating a Talent Pipeline to Manage Global Operations 3/3, 2:55 Risk & GovernanceFinancial Close & Reconciliation Self Assessments Trintech 3/1, 8:00Working Capital Optimization, Strengthening Your Finance Supply Chain Gardner Denver, Pitney Bowes 3/2, 1:45Sourcing Risk Management, Evolving Practive, Heightened Requirements SunTrust, MassMutual 3/2, 2:20Optimizing Outsourcing Governance Hess 3/3, 1:45Expanding and Governing a Global Integrated Delivery Model TPI 3/3, 2:10 Contracting & OutsourcingFinance Evolution: A Journey to Rapid Outsourcing & Scope Molson Coors 3/2, 11:40FAO & The Cloud Outsourcing Institute, Alsbridge, SylvanVI, AltiusPAR 3/2, 12:15Optimizing How Shared Services & Outsourcing Can Work Together in Everest Group 3/3, 11:50Your Service Delivery Model Continuous Improvement/Benchmarking & Performance ManagementBeyond Efficiency, Shared Services Enables Business Strategy Oracle On Demand, Grupo Posadas 3/2, 9:00Centers of Excellence: The Next Step of Value for Finance Shared Services Honeywell 3/2, 11:40Six Sigma & Operational Efficiency: Implementation Without the Start-Up Costs ING 3/2, 12:15Deloitte’s 2011 Global SS Survey Deloitte 3/2, 5:25Value Leakage – An Area of Focus Across O2C and P2P & How to Reduce It Wipro 3/3, 9:35Finding A Way To Do It Better: One Evolving Approach to Customer Satisfaction Coca-Cola Enterprises 3/3, 11:50The Role of Benchmarking in Outsourcing: Sizing Up the Hybrid Approach Alsbridge 3/3, 12:20 Process Transformation & AutomationTransformational Techniques & Technologies Apex Analytix 3/2, 2:20Transforming Global P2P: Linking Systems & Processes for Total Finance Efficiency Warner Music Group 3/3, 11:50The Accounts Payable Automation Clinic Brainware 3/3, 12:20Closing With Confidence: Not Just for the Sake of Doing it Faster, But For the Sake of Doing It Better Blackline 3/3, 12:20An In-Depth Look at HR Shared Services Technologies – A Discussion Designed for Giant Eagle 3/3, 12:20Non-Techie HR & Service Delivery Folk, A 360 View of An End-to-End ConceptBeyond BPO: Combining Process Efficiency and Cost Savings With Electronic Invoicing Ariba 3/3, 1:45 Business IntelligenceTransforming HR into a Strategic Partner through Shared Services Hitachi Data Systems 3/2, 11:40Outsourcing in Conjunction with an ERP Implementation CSC 3/2, 1:45The “New Normal” for SS & Sourcing: Likely Scenarios that Will Deliver Citigroup, eBay, JTI, AstraZeneca 3/3, 11:40Ongoing Business ValueBeyond the Transaction: Captive Procurement Enabling the Release of Knowledge Based Services Ally Financial 3/3, 11:50Customer Loyalty Programs - Superior Service Key to Revenue Growth and Retention Qantas Airways Ltd 3/3, 2:55 Globalization & ShoringSSON Global State of the Union: Research Results Revealed SSON 3/1, 1:20SSON Annual Global Forecast SSON 3/1, 1:50Increasing the Impact of your SSO: Moving From a Local to a Global Approach to Shared Services Kraft 3/1, 5:45Capitalizing on Global Excellence: PepsiCo’s Transition to Value Added Services PepsiCo, PWC 3/2, 1:45 Procurement ExcellenceData is King: What You Need to Know for Effective Spend Management Mattel 3/2, 11:40Analyzing the Key Enablers for Procurement Shared Services DHL 3/2, 12:15Procurement’s Role in Getting the Most Out of Shared Services: Managing Tail-End Spend UTC Fire & Security 3/2, 1:45Effective Supplier Enablement: Taking the Pain Out of Procurement 3/2, 2:20How Top Performing SSO’s Are Delivering Savings ePlus Systems, UGL-Unicco 3/3, 12:20Developing an Integrated Vision for Shared Services & Procurement: UGL-Unicco 3/3, 2:55The Link to Greater Financial Performance 8
  9. 9. Metrics & BenchmarkingData provided byBefore you come, know what to expect: Our focus on top quartile outcomes prepares you for best-in-class.As an attendee you will receive updated benchmarking data on some of the following key metrics: Procure-to-Pay Order-to-Cash Record-to-Report • Lowering P2P process costs by 40-60% • Averaging 35-40 DSO driven by payment • Achieving less than a 4-Day period-end • Producing greater than 30,000 invoice terms with suppliers closing transactions per FTE per annum • Boosting net profits by up to 11% with • Averaging 2-Day per month to • Slashing cost per invoice to $1.30 working capital improvements reconcile/close the intercompany • Averaging 1.6 days delinquent on accounts • Achieving a 94% first time match rate customer improvements • Hitting a 25% or more reduction in audit • Hitting 95% payment on time fees • Achieving 90% account reconciliation • Reducing PO processing time to less than rate • Achieving over 50% of key controls that 5 minutes are automated and less than 1% • Slashing dispute resolution cycle time by • Reducing total payment cycle time to 50% operating with deficiencies less than 10 days. • Averaging 4 calendar days to submit GL • Achieving 99% and above EDI penetration via electronic invoicing balances for consolidation • Achieving an 80% yield in end-to-end • 40.9% of record-to-report FTEs in shared cash application process. services. Development of People Overall Finance • 100% of allocated finance training days utilized • 0.333 separate instances of financial applications per seperate • Less than 5% finance employee turnover finance function • 31.5% of overall finance function FTEs in shared services. • Averaging 600 accounts per chart of accounts • 0.147 separate chart of accounts per business unit .If you would like to be part of a metrics or benchmarking comparison before you arrive please take advantage of our exclusive SSON offer andcontact Regina Antony at NEW Managed Certification® and Online Learning Program The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) is pleased to announce the launch of our NEW Managed Certification® and Online Learning Program for global Shared Services & Sourcing Professionals - providing process-specific training and skills management to the business services community at large. This program fills a much-needed gap in the skill level of the current shared services talent pool. Given the trend of staff entering shared services from what is generally a purely functional background, many are finding themselves not well-equipped to provide the value-adding, customer-centric services required by today’s ever more savvy business customers. Visit Register for the next live demonstration by emailing In designing this program, SSON has researched skills requirements and core competencies across a range of functions and industries. We have taken advice from some of the leading practitioners in the global marketplace, and are delighted to offer a comprehensive, monitored online program. Managed Certification® and Online Learning Program at a Glance • The certification covers 10 areas our advisory board and members have identified as core skills or competencies • Each competency will contain approximately 10 modules (including a shared services focus as well as a module with an outsourcing focus) • Certification is valid for two years from date of certification. • Successful completion of all e-learning modules in a given competency lead to a final on-line examination. A pass rate of 80% applies to all tests. • Certification points are also awarded for professional credentials, shown through years of experience, formal education, visibility through presentations/white papers, etc. 9
  10. 10. Dont forget to visitAgenda-At-A-Glance for agenda updates Day One Main Conference | Tuesday, March 1, 201111:30 Registration & Coffee in the Exhibit Hall 3:30 SSON Delivers Brand New Structured Networking Out Chief Networking Officer (CNO) is here to champion and facilitate1:00 Welcome Remarks Naomi Secor, Global Program Director, SSON the networking element of your conference. Here you will learn the core1:10 Chairman’s Opening Sam Poston, SVP, ScottMadden principles of meaningful networking and participate in your first of four1:20 SSON Global State of the Union: The Unveiling Of An Industry exercises designed to build trust and flexibility in all your encounters. First Report Complied Strictly from Buy Side Voices Networking Exercise One: Real Relationships Based on People Styles1:50 SSON Editor-at-Large Annual Forecast: How did we do? Testing the predictions made by SSONs Editor-at-Large Rakesh Sangani 4:15 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall in Orlando 2010 - how did we do? Plus: 5 BIG predictions for your year ***Peeriosity Meetup Group Begins*** ahead in 2011 from one of the industrys most accurate barometers. 5:00 The Great Debate: In-house vs. Outsource. Why?2:00 Challenging Times Pose Unique Opportunities for Shared Services Why are we still asking the question after almost 20 years of shared As the United States and other countries continue to struggle with 9.6% services and outsourcing implementation? Perhaps it is because there unemployment and the specter of slow growth, many companies are have been successes and failures with either route, and making the right hunkering down for protracted and challenging economic times. The decision is not easy. After a number of years of implementation history, Northrop Grumman SSO has not escaped the demands of shrinking once would expect that which sourcing route to pursue would be fairly budgets and the challenges in meeting them, yet it has found a way to routine decision. But with cultural differences, fear of change, the not only survive, but also identify synergies that allow it to thrive and implications of such a shift in business model, and other factors, it’s grow its scope of support. Northrop Grumman will share where they are always an internal debate. Hear from practitioners who have presided on their journey; good progress, substantial lessons learned, a promising over the internal turmoil of the make versus buy decision, and why they future. Their goal remains the same: enhance their value proposition are convinced that they are making the right decision. within the company by providing the best possible service. Moderator: Deborah Kops, SourcingChange Sam Poston, SVP, ScottMadden Panel Members: Mattijs Backx, Head of Global Business Service Centres, JTI Judy McFarland, Vice President HR Shared Services, Northrop Grumman Srini Krishnamurthy, Vice President, MassMutual Rob Austermehle, Assistant Controller – Finance & Accounting Shared2:45 The Big Picture: Your Top 3 Shared Services Issues Debated Live Services, Campbell Soup From the Peeriosity Community Practitioners worldwide have weighed in using the Peeriosity Shared 5:45 Increasing the Impact of your SSO: Moving From a Local to a Services Week Research Area on some of their top strategic issues. See Global Approach to Shared Services the results of your online collaborative effort and hear from a panel of The majority of companies typically start off with a regional or local SSO your peers as they share their candid perspectives on these key strategic and gradually move towards a global approach. However, the last few issues (1) Captive Shared Services – Key considerations in making years have seen some instances of companies increasing the speed of sourcing decisions (In-source, Outsource, Near-shore, Back-source) (2) transition by moving from fragmented in-country processes to global End-to-End Process Improvement and Evolution – Optimization and the SSOs. During this session we will explore the following; What level of role of Shared Services (3) Cost reduction versus value creation – framing risk do you face when moving directly from a local or regional, to a the conversation on Shared Services. global SSO; Which locations work for global SSOs? How do you ensure Moderator: Ira Fialkow, SVP Member Services, Peeriosity your target operating model is aligned to your company vision? Panel Members: John Gayda, Senior Director, Financial Shared Services, Mark Johnson, Vice President Enterprise Shared Services, Kraft Foods Kellogg’s 6:30 Welcome Poolside Reception Mark Kingman, SVP, Disney Worldwide Shared Services 7:30 Private Dinner Sponsored by: Ed Martinez, VP Shared Services, Arby’s/Wendy’s Day Two Main Conference | Wednesday, March 2, 20117:00 Private Breakfast Sponsored by: models, what role will shared services play in this new, volatile, uncertain economic environment? Clearly, speed, flexibility, scalability, are the new7:15 Registration & Coffee in the Exhibit Hall benchmarks for success, there’s no getting around needing to “do more8:00 Welcome Remarks Naomi Secor, Global Program Director, SSON with less”. Shared services is fast becoming an indispensable enabler to8:05 Chairman’s Opening Sam Poston, SVP, ScottMadden strategy realization. In fact, shared services is an operational strategy that meets the mandates of the new economic realities, with companies8:15 C-Suite Perspectives: On the Future of Shared Services Initiatives leaving no stone unturned in their quest for new revenue sources and Claudia Dill, CEO, Zurich North America Shared Services increased business performance. At times, companies actually decide to Joe Visconti, CTO, Parsons go in to the shared services business process outsourcing market on their9:00 Panel Discussion: Beyond Efficiency, Shared Services and own, or differentiate their products with services, which will lead to the Outsourcing Enable Business Strategy transformation of entire industries. The new economic realities have caused companies to re-think their Tim Meehan, Group Vice President, Oracle On Demand strategies and business models. As economies emerge, and companies Fernando Rocha, CEO BPO Services, Posadas Ventures, Grupo Posadas and governments re-invent themselves to gain market share, enter new Loren Mahon, Vice President Global Business Services, Oracle markets, gain competitive advantage, streamline operations, accelerate 9:45 Networking Exercise Two: Reputation is in the Eye of the Beholder innovation, improve customer service, and radically alter their business10:10 Split Plenary Captive Outsourced Improving Customer Satisfaction through Ongoing Measurement & Driving Business Excellence: Leveraging Full Service Providers Improvement The volatile macro-economic conditions that have persisted over the last few years Collecting customer and employee feedback in a shared services operation is mean that the needs of the buyer organizations are also agile. With the emergence essential to its success and sustainability. Knowing your customers’ of the multifunction providers buyers can now depend on one partner to provide all perceptions gives you the power to anticipate rather than react, as well as their requirements. Buyers continue to seek a strategic partner who has domain the power to improve your organization’s bottom line. Managing those expertise in the industry and can provide technology enabled transformation or best perceptions allows you to broaden your role and enables you to sell in class platforms. Strategic partners need deliver in a truly flexible business (pay per additional services. The best shared services implementations include a use) models bundling best in class technology and processes. Coupled with this baseline measurement of customer satisfaction and employee engagement, they will increasingly require to provide business analytics and insights that the as well as recurring surveys that continually track progress. Don’t miss this buyers can leverage to grow the business. Service providers who can put all this important session where you will learn how to measure key aspects of together will command a significant premium in the market. “Everything as a customer satisfaction and how others have used survey results to continually service” will become the norm as buyers seek to experience certainty. improve their operations. VK Raman, Head, Domain BPO Services, Tata Consultancy Services Sam Poston, SVP, ScottMadden Sr, Finance Executive, Fortune 500 Organization 10
  11. 11. 10:55 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall (Step Up To Our Genius Bar and enter for a chance to win an Apple iPad -There’s No Question Too Big or Small ***Peeriosity Meetup Group Continues***11:40 Stream Sessions & Think/Do Begin IACCM Sessions Running. See page 15 for more details THINK/DO: What is Think/Do? It’s Simple. We realized that just encouraging innovation is not enough. You need to initiate programs that show people they can use creative techniques to come up with new solutions. This year we’re all about interaction and building relationships. Our (Think) sessions stick to the case study/best practice approach we’re used to. Our (Do) sessions encourage interaction with innovative learning styles offered in the following collaborative formats: SOAP BOX Facilitated informal discussion MOVE AND SHAKE Hands -on COLLABORATORY Participants work in small and debate around a particular topic of exercises utilizing templates, groups to solve three complex problems. The key interest. Senior led moderation sets the frameworks, scorecards, mapping findings/solutions from each table are presented context, attendees shape the discussion projects, etc. back to the whole group for a collective discussion. Think Sessions 11:40 – 12:10 PLANNING & LAUNCHING FINANCE TRANSFORMATION HR TRANSFORMATION PROCUREMENT ADVANCED DELIVERY/ BPO EVOLUTION Stream Stream Stream Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by: From Orphan to Centers of Excellence: The Transforming HR into a Data is King: What You Finance Evolution: A Champion: Resurrecting Next Step in Value for Strategic Partner through Need to Know for Journey to Rapid Shared Services FSSOs Shared Services Effective Spend Outsourcing & Scope Management Mattijs Backx, Vice President Sarah Glickman, Director Imtiaz Shaikh, VP Americas Pete Mercer, Global Shared & Head of Global Business Finance Transformation & Corp. HR and Operations, Carol Danoff, Vice President, Services, R2R Lead, Molson Centers, JTI Operations, Honeywell Hitachi Data Systems Global Procurement, Mattel Coors Do Sessions 12:15 – 12:45 Six Sigma & The Future of HR BPO: Where in Analyzing the Key Panel Discussion: FAO Operational Financial the World is this Enablers for and the Cloud – Same Efficiency: Governance - What Business? Procurement SS – Old Ideas In a New Package? Implementation Without Happens Next in the Designing Metrics and Separating Myth From Lowell Williams, Executive the Cost Production Platform? KPIs that Stick Reality Director, Global HR Services, James Conomea, VP Shared Theresa Clark, VP Finance EquaTerra Jerker Gunnarsson, Head of Moderator: Frank Casale, Services & QPM, ING Transformation, Trintech Americas Procurement President & CEO, OI Standards & Tools, DHL Joe Hogan, Director, Alsbridge Paul Pinto, Managing Principal, Sylvan VI. Leopoldo Toro, Managing Director & COO, AltiusPAR, a subsidiary of Grupo Posadas12:45 General Luncheon / 12:45 Private Luncheon Sponsored by: Think Sessions 1:45 –2: 15 Beyond BPO: Combining Globalization: Enabling Employee Relations Procurement’s Role in Outsourcing in Process Efficiency and Pepsico’s Transition to Value Shared Services: The Getting the Most Out of Conjunction with an ERP Cost Savings with Added Services Direct Route to HR Your Shared Services: Implementation Electronic Invoicing Transformation Managing Tail-End Spend Lisa Miller, VP Controller, Clive Corscadden, Head of James Tucker, Global PepsiCo Financial Shared Cara Pawlisch, AVP, Human Benedict DeFelice, Global Finance Transformation, CSC Director Product Marketing, Services Resources, The Hanover Sourcing, UTC Fire & Collaborative Finance Group Security Solutions, Ariba, Inc Charles Aird, Senior Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Do Sessions 2:20 – 2:50 Everything You Need To Transformational Developing & Effective Supplier Sourcing Risk Know About Getting Started Techniques and Driving the Use of Enablement: Taking the Management: Evolving But Never Dared to Ask Technologies in Shared HR Metrics and KPIs Pain Out of Procurement Practice, Heightened Services Requirements Panel Moderator: Mary Rumley, HR Operations Phil Searle, CEO & Founder, Jim Arnold, President & CEO, Manager, Volvo Business Facilitators: Chazey Partners Apex Analytix Services Srini Krishnamurthy, Vice President, Mass Mutual Panel Members: Mark Umlauf, Senior Manager Nanette Hilley, SVP Global Financial Services, Enterprise Fraud & Data American Axle & Assurance, SunTrust Banks Manufacturing Alfredo Gatto, Vice President & General Manager, Hearst Service Center Glenn Ramoreras, Information Technology Applications Lead, Cemex To Register Contact Sean 416-597-4740 or 11
  12. 12. Agenda-At-A-Glance continued...2:50 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall ***Peeriosity Meetup Group Continues***3:35 THE NEW FACE OF G8 -Announcing 2011 G6 Visionaries So here’s how we’ve changed (1) Individuals NOT Companies. This year it’s about the unique personalities and their voices, not about companies. You choose the top 6 sell-side industry “gurus” who you believe have personally made a difference in the sourcing community. (2) Neutral Chairmanship From Within the Community: Our newly appointed global chair brings years of shared services and sourcing expertise to the table: nothing gets passed him (3) 6 is the New 8. Conversation is most successful when all voices are heard and ample time is allocated to each answer. We all know bigger is not necessarily better, quality counts. To vote for your G6 panel members visit DEMO DRIVES BEGIN (Cash Prizes Awarded During the Cocktail Reception) How Does the Demo Drive Work? We’ve Made It Simple for You 1. Enter the exhibit hall and pick up your Bingo Card at the registration booth – Without It You Will Not Be Eligible to Enter for the Cash Prize Drawing 2. Take 5 minutes to grab a coffee and choose the 4 booths you will visit during the 40 minutes 3. Bell rings and you move to your first demo of choice. At each booth you will demo a technology/application for 10 minutes each and get your bingo card stamped. Bell rings again and you switch. (Note, you will have time to visit 4 on Wednesday and 4 on Thursday) 4. At the completion of your 4th demo at 5:20 you will hand in your bingo card to an SSON staff member. Remember, In order to be eligible for the cash prizes you need 4 signatures from each demo you attended.5:25 Research Results: Deloitte’s 2011 Global Shared Services & Outsourcing Survey During this session, you will hear the results of Deloitte’s 2011 Global Shared Services and Offshoring Survey, a biennial study that Deloitte has conducted since 1999. Topics covered will include: Key findings from this survey of shared services and outsourcing executives in the areas of scope, governance, operations, and value; Emerging trends in global shared services and outsourcing organizations; Ways organizations are turning their shared services and outsourcing organizations into strategic assets. Susan Hogan, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP6:10 Shared Services Excellence Awards Ceremony Sponsored By7:00 Cocktail Reception in the Exhibit Hall8:00 Awards Celebration Day Three Main Conference | Thursday, March 3, 20117:15 Private Breakfast Sponsored By Genpact Joe Spears, eBay Lee Coulter, CEO, Ascension Health7:30 Registration & Coffee in the Exhibit Hall Your Leading Outsourcing Influencers:8:15 Chairman’s Recap Bob Cecil, EquaTerra Sam Poston, SVP, ScottMadden Esteban Herrera, HfS Research8:30 THE AMAZING INDUSTRY HORSE RACE: Live And Interactive Thundering Cliff Justice, KPMG Hooves USA – Buyers, Sellers, Influencers Mark Mayo, TPI It’s time to cut through the industry fluff and hear what’s really going in the Your Leading Outsourcing Providers: outsourcing industry - straight from the Horses mouth! Leading analyst firm, Kevin Campbell, Accenture HfS Research, is staging the ultimate contest of unbridled wits and cunning, by Don Schulman, IBM challenging contestants from the very peaks of the outsourcing industry: those Tiger Tyagarajan, Genpact who buy it, those who provide it… and those who influence it. We’ll discuss the following issues: Why didn’t outsourcing “replace” shared services? Do today’s 9:15 Networking Exercise Three: Relevance organizations really function better once they’ve outsourced key processes? Are 9:35 Value Leakage – An Area of Focus Across O2C and P2P & How to Reduce It today’s organizations getting a lot of innovation from outsourcing – and, if not, Value Leakage is a key area of focus for organizations both on the O2C and P2P can they in the future? What’s all the hype about Cloud computing, and will it side of business. On the sell side because of ineffective contract, non compliance really impact outsourcing and shared services? And where’s this all really going? and inefficient chargeback or deduction management and on the AP buy side due Are we on a race to the bottom, or somewhere else? to duplicate payments, delayed payments penalty and missed early payment Your Host: discounts. During this session you will hear from our experts on how we have Phil Fersht, Chief Executive Officer, HfS Research helped customers in reducing / preventing Value Leakage both on the revenue and cost savings side, specifically in chargeback and accounts payables areas. Your Leading Outsourcing Buyers: Mani Manikandan, Supply Chain Practice Leader, Wipro BPO Jay Desai, NorthernTrust Srini Krishnamurthy, VP MassMutual10:20 Split Plenary Session Sponsored By Genpact Session Sponsored By WNS Check website for details. Check website for details.11:05 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall & Second Chance to Step Up To Our Genius Bar ***Peeriosity Meetup Group Continues***11:50 Stream Sessions Begin IACCM Sessions Running. Think Sessions 11:50 – 12:20 See page 15 for more details PLANNING & LAUNCHING FINANCE TRANSFORMATION HR TRANSFORMATION PROCUREMENT ADVANCED DELIVERY/ BPO EVOLUTION Finding A Way to Do It Better: Transforming Global P2P: Driving Value in HR Shared Beyond the Transaction: Optimizing How Shared One Evolving Approach to Linking Systems & Processes Services Through Policy Captive Procurement Services & Outsourcing Can Customer Satisfaction for Total Finance Efficiency Harmonization- It’s All About Enabling the Release of Work Together in Your Change Management Knowledge Based Services Service Delivery Model Danielle Patrias, Head of John Adjami, Senior Director, Customer Services, Coca-Cola Global Finance P2P Systems & Renee Tehi, TPI Director Philip Ideson, Senior Manager, Michael Fraley, Head of Shared Enterprises Processes, Warner Music Group Sue Francisco, TPI Director Ally Financial Services, Everest Group Do Sessions 12:25 – 12:55 PLANNING & LAUNCHING FINANCE TRANSFORMATION HR TRANSFORMATION PROCUREMENT BPO EVOLUTION The Accounts Payable Panel: Closing With A In-Depth Look at How Top Performing The Role of Automation Clinic Confidence: Not Just HRSS Technologies – A SSO’s Are Delivering Benchmarking in for the Sake of Doing It Faster, Discussion Designed for Non- Savings Outsourcing: Sizing Up the Facilitators: But For the Sake of Doing It Techie HR and Service Hybrid Approach Charles Kaplan, Vice President, Richard Hunsinger, Sales Director, Better Delivery Folks! Brainware ePlus Systems, Inc. Joe Hogan, Managing Director, Michael Redard, CPA, Solutions Chris Haver, Senior Director, HR Alsbridge Jonica Preite, VP Shared Services, Consultant, Blackline Systems Shared Services, Giant Eagle UGL-Unicco 12