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Cell Safety Product Description


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A brief description of CellSafety, the world\'s most powerful mobile phone child protection application

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Cell Safety Product Description

  1. 1. CellSafety and WebSafetyPCMobile and PC Child Protection Software Applications
  2. 2. Contents• WebSafety• Advisory Board• CellSafety• WebSafetyPC•• Pricing• Troubling Statistics• Additional information and links
  3. 3. WebSafetyWEBSAFETY, INC. ANNOUNCES FIRST-TO-MARKET AVAILABILITY OF ANTI-BULLYING SOFTWARE APPLICATION ON ANDROID TABLETS --Patent-pending Software Application Expands User-base PlatformIRVING, TX February 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WebSafety, Inc. (OTCBB:WBSI), the leading provider of mobile and computersoftware solutions that help to prevent incidences of cyber-bullying as well as explicit or degrading texting, sexting issues and unlawfulInternet behavior such as cyber predators today announced that it now supports two new Android tablets for the company’s patent-pendingsoftware application.“With compatibility on a total of 90 models of smartphones and now tablets powered by the Android, Blackberry and Symbian operatingsystems we believe the WebSafety software application is the most widely available, feature-rich product in our marketplace today,” statedTravis Bond, Chief Operating Officer. “Our software works on all of the major wireless carriers in the United States (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprintand Verizon) as well as the three wireless networks in Canada (Bell Mobility, Rogers and Telus).” WebSafetys full suite of services including the “No Texting While Driving Features”are available starting at $9.99 month, with multi-tier andfamily pricing plans available. For additional information or to download the WebSafety software application, please visit www.websafety.comand click on the red "BUY NOW" button.About WebSafety, Inc.WebSafety, Inc. is the leading provider of mobile and computer software solutions that help to prevent incidences of distracted driving as wellas unlawful Internet behavior such as cyber predators, explicit or degrading texting and cyber-bullying. The mobile software application workson the major wireless operating systems, including Android, Blackberry and Symbian and on all four of the major wireless carriers in UnitedStates and the three wireless networks in Canada.For more information, please visit WebSafetys corporate website: www.websafety.comFor WebSafety investor relations material, including an executive summary and corporate presentation, please visit: research report on WebSafety issued by Harbinger Research is available in Acrobat format at: www.harbingerresearch.comCONTACT:Casson Media Group, Inc. for WebSafety, Inc.Mike Casson
  4. 4. Ethical Leadership
  5. 5. Blue-chip Advisory Board
  6. 6. Circle of Protection How Does It Actually Work? Install CellSafety & Child can take necessary WebSafetyPC in only steps to eliminate risky 1 minutes behavior with parental guidance and WebSafety monitoring - Employee can modify actions per 5 2 corporate guidelines - The apps monitor all inbound Employer is protected & outbound communication 360 degrees of for over 11,000 known from policy violations mobile & online keywords-also monitors speed protection & location 4 3 Parents/employers take action When nefarious activity isbased on the incident information detected, the apps send “danger provided by the apps - alerts” via text (SMS) and email Administrator while also blocking text, email, can override system if desired/ and web browsing at speeds required above 10 mph
  7. 7. ‣ Utilizes GPS Technology Disable texting,‣ Triggered when going 10MPH emailing & web surfing‣ Service restored within 3 minutes upon stopping‣ Driver can make or receive calls while driving‣ 911 access is available anytime‣ Parental control available for passenger access Take a proactive approach to protecting your children‣ Utilizes world’s largest word recognition library of 11,000+ key words, phrases & Net Lingo against cyber bullying and‣ Monitors 100% of incoming and outgoing text and web browsing activity for drug, gun & suicide talk, cyber bullying, pornography, other mobile dangers sexting & more‣ Sends parental “danger alerts” via text message and detailed email complete with offending party’s mobile number and/or IP address‣ Set “virtual fences” for place and time‣ Create “safe lists” for family & friends‣ Where RU feature locates phone from any web browser 30 days FREE ✧ No contracts ✧ No sign up/cancellation fees ✧ $9.99 - $14.99 ✧ Family Plan unlimited $39.99
  8. 8. Take a proactive approach to protecting‣ Monitors 100% of incoming and outgoing information from child’s PC your children against‣ Blocks pornography before it can be viewed‣ Sends instant Danger Alerts to parents cell phone and email account cyber bullying and other‣ with details of potential threat Translates Net Lingo into understandable language for parents mobile dangers‣ The only PC application that actively scans and monitors all of the following: Internet, email, IM, social networking sites, chat rooms, and documents (word, excel, PDF, etc) Activity Features Setting Features Privacy Features ‣ “Smart” alerts ‣ Filter control ‣ Private information ‣ Blocked websites ‣ Banned sites ‣ Protection From ‣ Top programs ‣ Allowed sites ‣ Sexting ‣ Top visited websites ‣ Banned programs ‣ Pedophiles ‣ Custom “block” ‣ Cyber bullying messages ‣ Suicide talk ‣ Gun talk ‣ Drugs
  9. 9. Commercial Product• Works on all carriers• Easy to install using set up wizard• 911 service always available• Add/edit 1 to 100,000 employees• Technical support provided• Can be customized for client (select from no text - email - web browsing)• Can be “white labeled” for your company and retail outlet
  10. 10. PricingSingle device plan (one PC or smartphone): $9.99/mThree device plan (any combination of 3 devices): $14.99/mFamily Plan (unlimited PCs and phones): $39.99/m ‣ First month FREE ‣ No signup or cancellation fees ‣ No contractsCellSafety BIZ Customized for each client
  11. 11. Additional information and linksFox News interviews Manage Mobility (7/22/10) Dallas Andy Kahn interview extends agreement with AAA Cup Youth Soccer League endorses WebSafety
  12. 12. Contact Sean Graham