Chevrolet 100 years


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Chevrolet 100 years

  2. 2. Chevrolet in Pictures over one hundred Years For one hundred years, Chevrolet has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. It has been a century of innovation and progress, from the world’s first production sports car to the first all-electrically driven vehicle designed and engineered to operate in all climates. Today, someone somewhere in the world buys a Chevrolet every 7 seconds. Every year, about 3.5 million vehicles are sold in more than 130 countries, making Chevrolet the fourth-largest car brand in the world. Chevrolet takes pride in its rich and storied history of cars and trucks that have left an indelible mark on the memories of so many people. We are excited to build on our history as we pave the way for Chevrolet’s next 100 years. The images in this document were selected from company archives to convey an overview of milestones of Chevrolet’s evolution. In chronological order, each image tells its own story. Together, they tell one of the richest histories of any brand in the world. .
  3. 3. 1911, Chevrolet is Born In the year of 1911, Billy Durant and Louis Chevrolet founded the “Chevrolet Motor Car Company” in Detroit. With Louis giving his name to the brand and Billy in charge of management and product development, the first Chevrolet car was unveiled- the Classic 6.
  4. 4. 1912, Classic Six Chevrolet hit the streets of Detroit with Classic Six, its first vehicle in the year of 1912. This prestigious and advanced Classic Six had a 6 cylinder engine up front and a three-speed gearbox with a cone clutch mounted at the rear axle.
  5. 5. 1916, A New Chevrolet is a Hit Chevrolet’s second car, called the “490,” offered more power and features than the industry-leading Ford Model T, at almost the same price. The “490” was an immediate success, and Chevrolet was soon so profitable that Billy Durant began buying shares of GM stock with his Chevrolet stock. * model year
  6. 6. 1914, The Bowtie Logo First Time Appeared on a Vehicle The bowtie logo – one of the best known logos in the USA and around the world – appeared for the first time on a vehicle in 1914. In one version of the story, Chevrolet had been inspired by the pattern of the wallpaper in a Paris hotel room.
  7. 7. 1918, Chevrolet is Added to the GM Roster Two years after Durant used his control of Chevrolet to regain control of General Motors, General Motors bought all assets of Chevrolet. Shown here is a 1919 model year Chevrolet at an early dealership in Livermore, California.
  8. 8. 1923, GM Opens Its First European Assembly Plant In its first effort to build vehicles in those countries and regions where they were sold, GM built its first assembly plant outside North America in Copenhagen, Denmark. The plant initially built Chevrolets for sale in the Scandanavian countries, the Baltic countries, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, and Russia .
  9. 9. 1924, “A Car for Every Purse and Purpose” Alfred Sloan explained his famous market segment strategy of “a car for every purse and purpose” in the 1924 annual report to shareholders. Sloan divided the U.S. vehicle market into segments by price range. Each GM brand’s products was to be focused on one segment, with Chevrolet at the low end of the market and Cadillac at the high end. With rival Ford Motor Company sticking to a single model in a single segment (the low-end Model T), GM soon overtook Ford as the sales leader in the U.S. market. * Model Year
  10. 10. 1928, GM Begins Building in India General Motors India was established with a new assembly plant on the outskirts of Bombay (now Mumbai), where it was soon assembling Chevrolet cars, trucks, and buses. GM continued assembling and selling vehicles in India until 1954, when all foreign manufacturers were forced out of the country. GM re-entered the Indian market in 1995.
  11. 11. 1928, Chevrolet Comes to Poland GM began assembling Chevrolet cars and trucks at a plant in Warsaw and added a second plant in Poland in 1937.
  12. 12. 1929, Another New Engine, “the Cast Iron Wonder” Chevrolet introduced its new six-cylinder truck engine with power and durability in mind. It soon became known as “the cast iron wonder” among loyal owners. * Model Year
  13. 13. 1935, The First One-Piece All-Steel Roof Fisher Body developed the industry’s first one-piece all-steel roof, called the Turret Top, and introduced it on all GM cars built in the U.S., beginning with the 1935 model year Chevrolet lineup. Previously, car roofs had been built around a wooden frame covered with canvas, limiting both the vehicle’s structural integrity and its design potential. The second photo is a unique testimony to the turret top’s strength. * Model Year
  14. 14. 1935, GM de Mexico Joins the Family GM de Mexico was established with a plant in what was then a rural field outside Mexico City. Soon, the Chevrolet brand in particular was a favorite among Mexican car and truck aficionados .
  15. 15. 1935, The First Suburban Chevrolet introduced the Suburban Carryall, a closed body one-half ton truck platform with seating for eight people. It would evolve into today’s sport utility vehicle (SUV). * Model Year
  16. 16. 1950, Chevrolet Goes Automatic With the introduction of its Powerglide transmission for the 1950 model year, Chevrolet became the first competitor in the low-price market segment to offer customers a fully automatic transmission. * Model Year
  17. 17. 1953, The Industry’s First Production Sports Car <ul><li>With the launch of the first Corvette in 1953, GM offered the industry’s first production volume sports car and created a new market segment and a new cadre of automobile enthusiasts. </li></ul>
  18. 18. 1955, Another Milestone New Engine Chevrolet introduced its famous, powerful, and durable small-block V-8 engine on its 1955 model year cars and trucks. The small-block was soon renowned for its performance and durability and remained in production for more than four decades. * Model Year
  19. 19. 1955, Chevrolet Bel Air: A Symbol of the “Golden Era” of Styling Beginning with a host of new models for the 1955 model year, GM design set the standard for the U.S. automotive industry and defined a decade now known by car buffs as “the golden age” of styling. The 1955 model year lineup included: the 1955 model year Chevrolet BelAir two-door hardtop. * Model Year
  20. 20. 1955, Chevrolet Bel Air: A Symbol of the “Golden Era” of Styling The 1955 model year Chevrolet Bel Air convertible . * Model Year .
  21. 21. 1955, Chevrolet Bel Air: A Symbol of the “Golden Era” of Styling The 1955 model year Chevrolet Bel Air two-door Nomad station wagon, featuring unique curved rear windows . * Model Year
  22. 22. 1959, El Camino, Is it a Car or a Truck? Chevrolet combined the comfort of a large car with the utility of a pickup truck when it launched its unique 1959 model year El Camino. * Model Year
  23. 23. 1960, Chevrolet Goes Air-Cooled with the First Corvair The 1960 model year Chevrolet Corvair featured GM’s first air-cooled engine since the ill-fated “copper-cooled” model of the 1920s and was its first car with the engine placed in the rear. Often maligned and somewhat controversial in its day, it also marked the beginning of new lineups of smaller cars among all GM’s U.S. brands. * Model Year
  24. 24. 1962, New Smaller Cars for the U.S. These small cars were followed by the Chevrolet Chevy II, launched a year later as a 1962 model. * Model Year
  25. 25. 1963, The Corvette Sting Ray Chevrolet completely re-designed the world-famous Corvette’s body for the all-new 1963 Corvette Sting Ray, another classic. * Model Year
  26. 26. 1964, The First Malibu Today’s Malibu traces its roots to 1963, when the first Chevrolet Malibu was launched for the 1964 model year. * Model Year
  27. 27. 1967, The First Camaro Chevrolet joined Pontiac as a leader in the muscle car market with the launch of the Chevrolet Camaro for the 1967 model year. * Model Year
  28. 28. 1976, Chevrolet Turns to Opel for the New Fuel-Saving Chevette Chevrolet’s new 1976 model year Chevette was the American industry’s fuel economy leader. Designed by Opel, versions of the same car were manufactured at GM plants in Argentina, Brazil, and England and sold in those markets. * Model Year
  29. 29. 1977, Downsizing the U.S. Large-Car Lineup In the wake of rising oil prices, General Motors launched downsized versions of all its full-size and luxury cars built and sold in North America. Shown here are the Chevrolet Impala * Model Year
  30. 30. 1984, A New Generation of Corvettes The 1984 model year Chevrolet Corvette was the first completely re-styled Corvette in 15 years and further cemented Corvette’s prestige and leadership among sports car enthusiasts. * Model Year
  31. 31. 1992, A Million Corvettes The Chevrolet Corvette team celebrated the millionth unit built at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Ky., where the Corvette Museum is also located. At right in the photo is Zora Arkus-Duntov, known within GM as the godfather of the original Corvette.
  32. 32. 2003, A New “Green” Challenge GM joined with the U.S. Department of Energy as lead sponsors of “Challenge X: Crossover to Sustainable Mobility,” a four-year university student engineering competition in which student teams were challenged to re-engineer a Chevrolet Equinox to minimize the vehicle’s fuel consumption, emissions, and greenhouse gasses while maintaining or exceeding its utility and performance.
  33. 33. 2004, Corvette Again Sets the Pace For a record sixth time, Chevrolet Corvette was selected as the official pace car for the classic Indianapolis 500 race.
  34. 34. 2005, The World’s First Full-size Hybrid Pickup Truck GM delivered the world’s first full-size hybrid pickup truck to Miami-Dade County during the tenth National Clean Cities Conference. The hybrid Chevrolet Silverado delivered up to twelve percent fuel economy improvement over comparable pickups, giving it the best fuel economy of any full-size truck on the market. Hybrid versions of both the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra went on sale to consumers in the fall for the 2005 model year.
  35. 35. 2005, Aveo in China The all-new Chevrolet Aveo sedan made its worldwide debut at Auto Shanghai, China’s premier auto show.
  36. 36. 2006, A New Chevrolet Camaro Concept The Chevrolet Camaro concept car, reminiscent of the classic styling of the original Camaro muscle car, was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show by GM CEO Rick Wagoner, Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, and Vice President of Global Design Ed Welburn. Shortly afterwards, GM announced plans to build and sell the new Camaro.
  37. 37. 2006, Sequel, the Most Technologically Advanced Concept Yet GM unveiled the Chevrolet Sequel concept, a drivable version of the most technologically advanced vehicle yet built in the industry, integrating a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system with a broad menu of advanced technologies including steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire controls, lithium-ion batteries, and a lightweight aluminum structure. In the photo, GM CEO Rick Wagoner introduces the Sequel to the world news media at the North American International Auto Show.
  38. 38. 2006, Project Driveaway, the World’s Largest Fuel Cell Vehicle Fleet GM announced it would build more than 100 Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell vehicles and place them with customers across the U.S. in “Project Driveaway,” the most comprehensive market test of fuel cell vehicles ever.
  39. 39. 2007, Chevrolet Volt, Another Breakthrough for Fuel Economy and the Environment GM introduced the Chevrolet Volt advanced technology concept car, incorporating forward-looking design and new technologies and materials as well as an innovative rechargeable electric drive system. Unlike any previous electric vehicle, the Chevy Volt can be configured to run on either electricity, gasoline, E85, or biodiesel fuel.
  40. 40. 2008, The Next Generation Malibu The all-new 2008 model year Chevrolet Malibu, first shown at the North American International Auto Show, brought totally new styling and content to the Malibu name. * Model Year
  41. 41. 2007, Chevrolet Unveils Three Global Mini car Concepts One of the highlights of the New York Auto Show was the unveiling of three Chevrolet minicar concepts designed to appeal to young car buyers in urban markets: the Chevrolet Beat (front center), Chevrolet Groove (top left), and Chevrolet Trax (top right).
  42. 42. 2009, All-New Spark: A Mini-Car with Attitude The all-new Chevrolet Spark, making its world premiere at Geneva, is a small car designed to make a big statement. It's big on style, big on fuel economy and, like all products carrying the gold bowtie, big on value.
  43. 43. 2009, Cruze, first global compact car Since its launch in Europe, Cruze has become the largest selling Chevrolet Car nameplate in the world.
  44. 44. 2010, New Sail New Small Car Chevrolet New Sail sedan is the first passenger car created in China by a Sino-foreign joint venture. It is the best in class fuel economy. Since its debut, the car has enjoyed strong sales in China. The vehicle is not only sold in China but also planned to export to other emerging markets in South America, North Africa and the Middle East. Chile is the first country to receive this car in Oct 2010.
  45. 45. 2010, Volt Arrival The first drivable Chevrolet Volt arrived in Shanghai to join EXPO 2010 VIP fleet. Later on, Volt was officially launched in the United States in Oct, 2010. The electrically driven Volt is the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle with extended range. It has established an entirely new segment in the global automotive market and lead Chevrolet into its second century and redefines what a car means.
  46. 46. 2010, Chevrolet Double World Champion Chevrolet won the Manufacturers’ WTCC title (FIA World Touring Car Championship), while Yvan Muller was officially declared Drivers’ WTCC Champion. This double success, the first of Chevrolet and GM in a FIA-sanctioned world championship, seals a perfect finale to the outstanding campaign of the Cruze throughout the season.
  47. 47. 2010, Chevrolet Double World Champion Chevrolet won the Manufacturers’ WTCC title (FIA World Touring Car Championship), while Yvan Muller was officially declared Drivers’ WTCC Champion. This double success, the first of Chevrolet and GM in a FIA-sanctioned world championship, seals a perfect finale to the outstanding campaign of the Cruze throughout the season.
  48. 48. 2010 Chevrolet Global Sales <ul><li>Chevrolet sold 4.26 million vehicles globally in 2010 , an average of one every 7.4 seconds. </li></ul><ul><li>Chevrolet remains the number four brand globally, and is the only brand grew its total market of the top five global vehicle brands through the whole year </li></ul><ul><li>“ BRIC” markets account for one-third of Chevrolet sales of 2010 </li></ul><ul><li>Global Cruze sales reach half-million mark </li></ul>