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Spring sampler

  1. 1. Spring SamplerThis brochure includes some recent arrivals to our shelves. Additional photos or detailsare available by request if needed. Prices include shipping within the United States. Saleswithin NYS are taxable.We have thousands of other books available, including many that are suitable as giftspriced from $50 and up.We are happy to assist with recommendations for books as gifts and can include personalnotes from you and gift wrapping at no additional cost.We also specialize in personalized collection development and would love to assist you. These and many more books can be found at www.faganbooks.com You can also order by phone at 585-657-7096.
  2. 2. Author Name: Carroll, Lewis and Illustrated by Marie LaurencinTitle: Alice In Wonderland [Illustrated by Marie Laurencin]Binding: HardcoverBook Condition: Fine/No jacket as issued.Edition: LimitedPublisher: Paris The Black Sun Press 1930Illustrator: Marie LaurencinSeller ID: INTERLOC006426Quarto, 114pp., Original paper wrappers. Illustrated with six colored lithographs by Marie Laurencin. This is copy#182 of 300 copies of the European edition printed on Rives Paper. This book comes in a slipcase which is a littlebit worn. The pink chemise that covers the book is a little darkened on the spine, and shows some splitting at theends of the joints. Extremely rare edition of Alice in Wonderland. About as nice a copy of the book that can befound, despite the slight wear to the chemise.Menihan Copy Childrens Books, Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Illustrated Books ChildrensPrice = 2500.00 USD
  3. 3. Author Name: Poe, Edgar AllanTitle: The Works Of Edgar Allan Poe [Complete Collected Writings] Ten Volume SetBinding: HardcoverBook Condition: Very Good SetPublisher: New York Harper and Brothers ca. 1920sIllustrator: IllustratedSeller ID: INTERLOC025131Octavo, Gilt lettered and decorated spines with ravens and bells. Just a few minor signs of age and wear. A cleanand solid set. Handsome set of this classic American author includes: The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Raven,The Bells, Lenore, Eldorado, The Devil in the Belfry, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Gold Bug, The BlackCat, The Pit and the Pendulum, Poes literary criticisms and much more. Edgar Allan Poe (born Edgar Poe, January19, 1809 - October 7, 1849) was an American author, poet, editor and literary critic, considered part of the AmericanRomantic Movement. Best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, Poe was one of the earliest Americanpractitioners of the short story and is considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre. He is further creditedwith contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction. He was the first well-known American writer to try toearn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career. In January 1845 Poe publishedhis poem, "The Raven", to instant success. Sadly, on October 7, 1849, at age 40, Poe died in Baltimore; the cause ofhis death is unknown and has been variously attributed to alcohol, brain congestion, cholera, drugs, heart disease,rabies, suicide, tuberculosis, and other agents. Poe was found delirious in the streets and was never coherent longenough to explain how he came to be in his dire condition, and, oddly, was wearing clothes that were not his own.Price = 325.00 USD
  4. 4. Author Name: Flaubert, Gustave; Edited by Robert Arnot and Illustrated by Clare Victor DwigginsTitle: The Complete Works of Gustave Flaubert [Ten Volume Set] Editor Signed Limited Edition 1/750SetsBinding: LeatherBook Condition: Near Fine SetEdition: LimitedPublisher: New York M. Walter Dunne 1904Illustrator: IllustratedSeller ID: INTERLOC025126Octavo, Gilt lettered and decorated cover and spine. Top edge is gilt. Deckled outside edges. Marbled endpapers.Limited edition set 519/750 signed by Arnot. Signed by Robert Arnot on a beautiful limitations page, in the ArtNouveau style. Bound in black leather with intricate gilt decorations to front covers & spines; gilt lettering to spines.Gustave Flaubert (December 12, 1821 - May 8, 1880) was a French writer who is counted among the greatestWestern novelists. He is known especially for his first published novel, Madame Bovary (1857),and for hisscrupulous devotion to his art and style. His first finished work was November, a novella, which was completed in1842. In September 1849, Flaubert completed the first version of a novel, The Temptation of Saint Anthony.Madame Bovary, which took five years to write, was serialized in the Revue de Paris in 1856. The governmentbrought an action against the publisher and author on the charge of immorality, which was heard during thefollowing year, but both were acquitted. When Madame Bovary appeared in book form, it met with a warmreception. He spent the remainder of his life toiling on the unfinished Bouvard et Pécuchet, which was posthumouslyprinted in 1881. It was a grand satire on the futility of human knowledge and the ubiquity of mediocrity. He believedthe work to be his masterpiece, though the posthumous version received lukewarm reviews. Flaubert was a prolificletter writer, and his letters have been collected in several publications.Price = 750.00 USD
  5. 5. Author Name: Bronte, Charlotte, Bronte, Emily, and Bronte, Anne Editor: Scott, TempleTitle: The Novels of the Sisters Bronte: Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Shirley, Villette, The Tenant ofWildfell Hall...[12 Volume Set]Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: Very Good Set Publisher: Edinburgh John Grant 1911Seller ID: INTERLOC025133Octavo, Gilt lettered and decorated cover and spine. Top edges are gilt. Charlotte (April 21, 1816 March 31, 1855),Emily (July 30, 1818 December 19, 1848) and Anne (January 17, 1820 May 28, 1849), were English writers of the1840s and 1850s. Their novels caused a sensation when they were first published and were subsequently acceptedinto the canon of great English literature. Charlotte and Emily had written compulsively from early childhood andwere first published, at their own expense, in 1846 as poets under the pseudonyms Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. Thebook attracted little attention, selling only two copies. The sisters returned to prose, producing a novel each in thefollowing year. Charlottes Jane Eyre, Emilys Wuthering Heights and Annes Agnes Grey were released in 1847after their long search to secure publishers. The novels attracted great critical attention and steadily became best-sellers, but the sisters careers were shortened by ill-health. Emily died the following year before she could completeanother novel, and Anne published her second novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, in 1848, a year before her death.Upon publication Jane Eyre received the most critical and commercial success of all the Bronte works, continuing tothis day. Charlottes Shirley appeared in 1849 and was followed by Villette in 1853. Her first novel, The Professor,was published posthumously in 1857. The first biography of Charlotte was written by her friend Elizabeth Gaskelland published in 1857. A most handsome set.Price = 1250.00 USD
  6. 6. Author Name: Twain, Mark [Samuel L. Clemens] Edited by Albert Bigelow Paine and Published byGabriel WellsTitle: The Writings of Mark Twain [35 Volume Set] The Definitive Edition of His Complete CollectedWorksBinding: HardcoverBook Condition: Good ConditionEdition: First EditionPublisher: New York Gabriel Wells 1922Seller ID: INTERLOC025134Octavo, Paper covered boards with blue cloth spines. Printed paper spine labels. Some of the volumes have chippededges. Some of the spine labels show wear and fading. Three volumes have discolored areas at the base of the spine.Some mild foxing on the preliminary pages of a few volumes. The fly-leaf was signed by Mark Twain in 1906 inanticipation of the publication of this edition which did not appear until after his death. It is double-signed as MarkTwain/Samuel Clemens and is additionally by Mark Twains biographer Albert Bigelow Paine. Twain was bornduring a visit by Halleys Comet which appears every 75 years, and he predicted that he would "go out with it" aswell. He died the day following the comets subsequent return. He was lauded as the " greatest American humorist ofhis age," and William Faulkner called Twain "the father of American literature." The Definitive Edition, limited to1,0 2 4 numbered sets, each signed "S L Clemens / Mark Twain". Clemens planned a definitive and complete editionof his works before his death and, to that end, in 1906 signed 1,024 sheets with both forms of his name to be insertedin the first volume of the planned edition. The set was delayed for many years.Price = 5000.00 USD
  7. 7. Author Name: Fielding, HenryTitle: The Complete Works of Henry Fielding [12 Volume Set] History of Tom Jones; Amelia; Adventuresof Joseph Andrews; Misc....Binding: Leather Book Condition: Very Good Set Publisher: New York F. Collier and Son 1903Octavo, Gilt lettered and decorated spines. Marbled paper covered boards and marbled endpapers. Top edges aregilt. Minor chips on a few spine ends. Includes: History of Tom Jones; Amelia; Adventures of Joseph Andrews; Lifeof Late Mr. Jonathan Wild; and Miscellaneous Writings. Henry Fielding ( Sharpham, 22 April 1707 - near Lisbon, 8October 1754) was an English novelist and dramatist known for his rich earthy humour and satirical prowess, and asthe author of the novel Tom Jones. Aside from his literary achievements, he has a significant place in the history oflaw-enforcement, having founded (with his half-brother John) what some have called London s first police force,the Bow Street Runners, using his authority as a magistrate. Fielding never stopped writing political satire andsatires of current arts and letters. Fielding took to writing novels in 1741 and his first major success was Shamela, ananonymous parody of Richardsons melodramatic novel. It is a satire that follows the model of the famous Torysatirists of the previous generation (Jonathan Swift and John Gay, in particular). He followed this up with JosephAndrews (1742), an original work supposedly dealing with Pamelas brother, Joseph.[3] Although begun as aparody, this work developed into an accomplished novel in its own right and is considered to mark Fieldings debutas a serious novelist.Price = 850.00 USD
  8. 8. Author Name: Ibsen, HenrikTitle: The Works of Henrik Ibsen [13 volume set]Binding: HardcoverBook Condition: Good/No JacketPublisher: New York Charles Scribners Sons 1911Illustrator: IllustratedSeller ID: INTERLOC019870Octavo, Light wear to covers. Old Bookplate.Some spine ends torn and some spines stained. Gilt lettered spines.Includes: Lady Inger of Ostrat/The Feast at Solhoug/ Loves Comedy; The Vikings at Helgeland/The Pretenders;Brand; Peer Gynt: A Dramatic Poem; Emperor and Galilean: A World-Historic Drama; The League of Youth Pillarsof Society; A Dolls House Ghosts; An Enemy of the People/The wild Duck; Rosmersholm/The Lady From the Sea;Hedda Gabler/The Master Builder; Little Eyolf/John Gabriel Borkman/When We Dead Awaken; From IbsensWorkshop: Notes, Scenarios, and Drafts of the Modern Plays; Henrik Ibsen by Edmund Gosse: With Essays onIbsen by Edward Dowden and James Huneker.SetsPrice = 125.00 USD
  9. 9. Author Name: Baum, L Frank, Illustrated by Barry MoserTitle: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [Illustrated by Barry Moser]Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: Fine/Fine clamshell case Publisher: Pennyroyal Press 1985268pp., Nice clean crisp book. Just one of 350 in the limited edition signed by Barry Moser. Illustrated with 62wood engravings by Barry Moser. Printed in 5 colors by Harold McGrath. Calligraphy by Yvette Rutledge. Boundin beige cloth boards gilt lettered. House in cloth clamshell tray case. One of 350 copies signed by the illustrator,this being #243. Fabulous woodcuts, including Nancy Reagan as the Wicked Witch, make this edition a classic.Includes an appreciation by Justin G. Schiller.Price = 2500.00 USD
  10. 10. Author Name: Ruzicka, RudolphTitle: Sketches of Vassar College, 1915Book Condition: Very Good Set Edition: First Edition Illustrator: Illustrated WoodcutsFolio, 12pp., Original case is split along the spine. Contains 12 colored woodcuts by Rudolph Ruzicka. Amongs hisearliest work Rudolph Ruzicka (1883-1978) prominent Czech-born American wood engraver, etcher, illustrator,typeface designer, and book designer. Ruzicka designed typefaces and wood engraving illustrations for DanielBerkeley Updikes Merrymount Press, and was a designer for, and consultant to, the Mergenthaler LinotypeCompany for fifty years. He designed a number of seals and medals, including the American Institute of GraphicArts (AIGA) and the Dartmouth Medal of the American Library Association. Ruzicka emigrated to the United Statesfrom Bohemia at age ten, living first in Chicago where he took drawing lessons at the Hull House School beforebecoming an apprentice wood engraver. From 1900 to 1902 he attended further classes at the Chicago Art Institute.In 1903, he moved to New York to work as an engraver at the American Bank Note Company. In subsequent yearshe attended classes at both the Art Students League of New York and the New York School of Art. In 1910, Ruzickareceived his first major art commission from System magazine. Many exhibitions followed,including such venues asthe Societe de la Gravure, Paris, the Grolier Club, and the Century Association, New York. In 1935 Ruzicka wasawarded the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and in that same year began work with theTypographic Development staff at Mergenthaler Linotype Company, for which he was to produce typeface families.He moved to Massachusetts in 1948 and eventually settled in Vermont. Vassar holds a major collection of his workand ephemeraPrice = 3500.00 USD