Volunteer Management Success Using Technology


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  • Now that you know the needs of the community its time to develop a plan to meet those needs
  • Volunteer Management Success Using Technology

    1. 1. Volunteer Management Success Using Technology
    2. 2. Professional Story UNCW – Computer Science and Psychology Corning GE Global Nuclear Fuel Small Business Consulting netCorps TechEffect
    3. 3. Volunteer Story Founded Amnesty International at UNCW – Darfur Campaign – Global Awareness Week – Annual SOA Protest – Currently in year 9 of existence The Full Belly Project ZenVC / Baba Tree International Urban Ministries of Durham Project LIFT
    4. 4. Project LIFT cultivates an effective and well-connected nonprofitcommunity in the Triangle area by sharing knowledge andresources, convening capacity-building events and fosteringcollaborative relationships. • Resource Sharing • Collaboration • Capacity Building
    5. 5. Project LIFT - History Brainchild of Angel Wright-Lanier Organized and run by AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers Originally a City of Raleigh Project, now independent Launch w/ Resource Raleigh conference in March 2010 Quickly growing board on track to double in 2012 Recently Held 3rd Annual Volunteer & Internship Fair
    6. 6. Project LIFT Strategy1. Connect3. Collaborate5. Create
    7. 7. What We Do2. Workshops3. Annual Volunteer & Internship Fair4. Monthly e-Newsletter (Resources and Events)5. Resource and Capacity Mapping Project
    8. 8. Volunteer Management Systems (VMS)
    9. 9. Why does it matter? Of 1,005 respondents in 2009* – 4 in 10 Volunteered in Past 12 Months – Of them, 49% 1/mo or more frequently – On Avg, donated 10x more than non- volunteers – 67% Donate to same place they volunteer*See Last Slide for 2009 Fidelity Report
    10. 10. Types of Volunteers Admin/General Volunteers Staff-like Volunteers Interns
    11. 11. Overview – Types of Software Recruitment Management Retention
    12. 12. Recruitment Principle 1: Focus on People Attract & Acquire
    13. 13. Recruitment Principle 2: Incrementally Increase Information Requested VolunteerMatch, Idealist, Activate Good What systems do you use for recruitment?
    14. 14. Management CRM or VMS? What are you using and how is it working for you?
    15. 15. Management Principle 3: Trial and Error NTEN, Idealware, and Techsoup NTEN 2011 Data Ecosystem Survey Idealware/Techsoup Consumers Guide Jayne Craven’s Listing of Software
    16. 16. Retention Principle 4: People want to connect & contribute in meaningful ways, and be acknowledge for it Social Media – Facebook – eNews – Blog/Website Engage Volunteers in Process
    17. 17. Retention How have you acknowledged volunteers for their efforts?
    18. 18. Further Information NTEN 2009 Data Ecosystem Survey NTEN 2011 Data Ecosystem Survey Idealware VMS Consumers Guide Jayne Cravens VMS Listing 2009 Fidelity Charitable Giving Report Idealware Volunteer Software: Further Reading NCTech4Good
    19. 19. Homework What will be your next action? Why is this action important? By when will you complete it?
    20. 20. Questions or comments?
    21. 21. Contact InfoSean Watsonsean@techeffectrocks.orgFacebook.com/RaleighProjectLIFT