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Waitlist product launch robin hood


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This is a quick analysis of the wait list process for The currently have over 300,000 people on a wait list for a stock brokerage related product and are adding more than 1,000 people per day - and the product isn't available yet. In a recent interview, one the team members claims about half of their signups have come through tracked links (that include referral incentives). Worth studying if you are launching a product.

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Waitlist product launch robin hood

  1. RobinHood Waiting List Breakdown has attracted 300,000+ waiting list signups before product is available. Around 50% of signups were through tracked links. These slides show how they did it… Quick analysis by @seanellis of
  2. Clean/Clear Home Page
  3. Great Messaging/Sharing CTAs on TY Screen
  4. Instant Auto Email (Follow Links)
  5. TV Commercial Level Intro Video
  6. Re-Engagement (Check Your Spot)
  7. My Assessment Why It’s Working • Purpose for waiting list is that product isn’t ready yet. • Waiting list is for a free service that people would otherwise pay other brokerages for same service. • Visitor experience maximizes on opportunity – Value proposition is very clear and compelling. – Great social proof and sharing reasons/process on thank you screen – Sign up screen doesn’t say “waiting list” – it is a bit misleading – Gives a reason to “check back” to see place in line gives new sharing opportunities • Not sure how effective this would be for something like premium priced B2B service, but seems to work for free or very disruptive priced products like Republic wireless.
  8. Want More Growth Studies? •