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Building a Company-Wide Growth Culture: SaaStr Annual 2016


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Growth is getting harder for SaaS business. Over the last 10 years, 3X more dollars chase the attention of every US Internet user and the channels for acquiring customers are in constant flux. The solution is a coordinated full company growth effort. These slides show how to drive broad participation and execute in a weekly cadence of testing and learning.

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Building a Company-Wide Growth Culture: SaaStr Annual 2016

  1. Sean Ellis CEO / GrowthHackers Building a Company-Wide Growth Culture SaaStr Annual 2016
  2. Everyone Wants Explosive Growth @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers 2
  3. But Extreme Competition for Attention $0 $20 $40 $60 $80 $100 $120 $140 $160 3.5x US Online Ad
 Spend per User 3 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  4. Channels in Constant Flux 4 James Currier @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  5. Solution: Company-Wide Growth Effort 5 Product External Channels Promise 1st Experience Ongoing Experience Acquisition Activation Revenue Retention Referral biz dev/ APIs Marketing Growth Team @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  6. Growth Company Requirements 6 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Broad Participation Weekly Cadence Transparent Learning
  7. 7 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Broad Participation Weekly Cadence Transparent Learning
  8. External Experts Internal Experts Ideas Tests Results Core Growth Team Drives Process Ideas from Full Team & External Experts @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers 8
  9. Goal: Build a Large Backlog of Ideas 9 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  10. Formalize Ideas in Experiment Doc • Include hypothesis, research, target lever 10 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Keep general contributor ideas simple (no ICE)
  11. Example: Growth Ideas from Dropbox Revenue test Referral test Retention/ Revenue test 11 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  12. 12 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Broad Participation Weekly Cadence Transparent Learning
  13. Growth Team Manages Cadence • Start with growth master + ad hoc team • Ad hoc team: designer, analyst, engineer, 
 ideally key execs (CEO, VP Product…) • Add dedicated growth roles as needed • Weekly test launch goals and weekly 
 growth meeting 13 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  14. Weekly Growth Meeting Agenda • 15 Min: Growth metrics, issues and opportunities • 10 min: Review last week’s testing sprint • 15 min: Key lessons learned from analyzed tests • 15 min: Select tests for this week’s sprint • 5 min: Check growth of idea backlog 14 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  15. Goal: Test at High Tempo • No certainty about how you will grow • Rapid Testing across all vectors • More testing = More discovery 15 Acquisition Referral Activation Revenue Retention Resurrection @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  16. Example: Twitter Increased Tempo 16 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  17. Prioritize by ICE Score & Focus Area 17 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  18. Manage Testing • Assign each test to a project manager • Anyone on growth team can be a project mgr • Run tests sufficient time 18 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  19. Analyze Results • Always ask why • Systematize on learning • Informs follow up tests • Revisit past programs 19 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  20. 20 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Broad Participation Weekly Cadence Transparent Learning
  21. Every Test Leads to Learning • Share all results with team (not just wins) • New ideas requires access to past learning 21 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  22. Example: Past Learning Leads to a Win 22 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Slides Videos • Learning: Embeds = longer sessions • Engineering solution: oEmbed (same action more embeds) • Results: 41% more embeds
  23. Final Thought: Focus on Value Delivery • Value delivery drives sustainable growth • Help right users get value from your product • Easy to align full team around value delivery 23 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  24. 24 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Join GH Projects Private Beta at Purpose-Built Growth Collaboration System: 1) Team Ideation 2) Prioritize Testing 3) Capture Learning Join us at GrowthHackers Conference Feb 18th. Save with Code SaaStr50