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Building a Company-Wide Growth Culture: SaaStr Annual 2016

  1. Sean Ellis CEO / GrowthHackers Building a Company-Wide Growth Culture SaaStr Annual 2016
  2. Everyone Wants Explosive Growth @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers 2
  3. But Extreme Competition for Attention $0 $20 $40 $60 $80 $100 $120 $140 $160 3.5x US Online Ad
 Spend per User 3 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  4. Channels in Constant Flux 4 James Currier @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  5. Solution: Company-Wide Growth Effort 5 Product External Channels Promise 1st Experience Ongoing Experience Acquisition Activation Revenue Retention Referral biz dev/ APIs Marketing Growth Team @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  6. Growth Company Requirements 6 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Broad Participation Weekly Cadence Transparent Learning
  7. 7 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Broad Participation Weekly Cadence Transparent Learning
  8. External Experts Internal Experts Ideas Tests Results Core Growth Team Drives Process Ideas from Full Team & External Experts @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers 8
  9. Goal: Build a Large Backlog of Ideas 9 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  10. Formalize Ideas in Experiment Doc • Include hypothesis, research, target lever 10 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Keep general contributor ideas simple (no ICE)
  11. Example: Growth Ideas from Dropbox Revenue test Referral test Retention/ Revenue test 11 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  12. 12 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Broad Participation Weekly Cadence Transparent Learning
  13. Growth Team Manages Cadence • Start with growth master + ad hoc team • Ad hoc team: designer, analyst, engineer, 
 ideally key execs (CEO, VP Product…) • Add dedicated growth roles as needed • Weekly test launch goals and weekly 
 growth meeting 13 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  14. Weekly Growth Meeting Agenda • 15 Min: Growth metrics, issues and opportunities • 10 min: Review last week’s testing sprint • 15 min: Key lessons learned from analyzed tests • 15 min: Select tests for this week’s sprint • 5 min: Check growth of idea backlog 14 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  15. Goal: Test at High Tempo • No certainty about how you will grow • Rapid Testing across all vectors • More testing = More discovery 15 Acquisition Referral Activation Revenue Retention Resurrection @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  16. Example: Twitter Increased Tempo 16 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  17. Prioritize by ICE Score & Focus Area 17 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  18. Manage Testing • Assign each test to a project manager • Anyone on growth team can be a project mgr • Run tests sufficient time 18 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  19. Analyze Results • Always ask why • Systematize on learning • Informs follow up tests • Revisit past programs 19 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  20. 20 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Broad Participation Weekly Cadence Transparent Learning
  21. Every Test Leads to Learning • Share all results with team (not just wins) • New ideas requires access to past learning 21 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  22. Example: Past Learning Leads to a Win 22 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Slides Videos • Learning: Embeds = longer sessions • Engineering solution: oEmbed (same action more embeds) • Results: 41% more embeds
  23. Final Thought: Focus on Value Delivery • Value delivery drives sustainable growth • Help right users get value from your product • Easy to align full team around value delivery 23 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers
  24. 24 @SeanEllis @GrowthHackers Join GH Projects Private Beta at Purpose-Built Growth Collaboration System: 1) Team Ideation 2) Prioritize Testing 3) Capture Learning Join us at GrowthHackers Conference Feb 18th. Save with Code SaaStr50