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Social Media: Is the free ride over?


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This presentation is part of a talk given at the Harleston Business Forum on 6th June 2018.

In the talk I discuss the rapidly changing world of social media and the importance a paid ad strategy can have for local business. Whilst doing it all for free can seem appealing the main social media platforms are making it ever more difficult for you to stand out under your own steam.

Any size business may simply be better off taking advantage of the highly accurate targeting options now available on these platforms.

With the key focus on understanding the costs and potential returns. Spending money on advertising without testing ads or tracking your results accurately is a recipe for disaster.

With the systems now available even the smallest of companies can run A/B tests and track their results with little difficulty.

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Social Media: Is the free ride over?

  1. 1. Social Media: Is The Free Ride Over?
  2. 2. Keywords
  3. 3. Keywords
  4. 4. Keywords ?
  5. 5. Keywords
  6. 6. Keywords
  7. 7. Keywords
  8. 8. Keywords
  9. 9. Keywords Organic Social Media vs Paid Social Media
  10. 10. Keywords It’s just as easy for these guys.... As it is for these....
  11. 11. Keywords Yes, you can make money from social media ads
  12. 12. Keywords Where to start 1. Your audience 2. Your objective
  13. 13. Keywords Audience targeting
  14. 14. Keywords Understanding your objective
  15. 15. Keywords Specialist lead generation tools
  16. 16. Keywords Know your numbers & do the maths Your business stats 1. How many visits to a lead? 2. How many leads to sale? 3. How much is a net sale worth? Traffic cost 1. Ad costs (or time cost) 2. How many visits does it generate? 3. What is the cost per visit or cpc? Return on Investment = Net sales value - Traffic cost
  17. 17. Keywords Example ROI Your business stats 1. 10 visits = 1 lead 2. 10 leads = 1 sale 3. 1 sale = £100 profit Traffic cost 1. £0.60 cost per click 2. Total ad budget £300 3. 500 total visits/clicks 500 visits from ads generates 5 sales £200 ROI = £500 profit - £300 cost
  18. 18. Keywords Social media generates the traffic… your website is the sales person
  19. 19. Keywords Test, test & test again “The man who wins out and survives does so only because of superior science and strategy.” Claude C. Hopkins, author of Scientific Advertising published February 1923
  20. 20. Keywords Resources ● LinkedIn Ad Training Free - ● Facebook Ad Training Free - ● Google Optimize Website Testing Free - ● Scientific Advertising £0.99 -
  21. 21. Thank You