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Diss High Street Online


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Presentation delivered 15th July 2013 of the proposed online project to help promote retailers in Diss, Norfolk.

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Diss High Street Online

  1. 1. Diss High Street Online
  2. 2. The Web & High Street Retail  Weekly retail spend £6.3 billion - February 2013  Online accounted for 9.7% of all retail spend  Department Stores 27% Y on Y online growth  300% - growth of mobile-commerce in 2012
  3. 3. High Street of the Future  Total store numbers will fall by 22%, from 281,930 today to 220,000 in 2018.  Share of online retail sales will rise to 21.5% by 2018.  A further 164 major or medium-sized companies going into administration, involving the loss of 22,600 stores and 140,000 employees.  In spite of the Portas Pilots, the High Street will continue to suffer: around 41% of town centres will lose 27,638 stores in the next five years. etail2018.php
  4. 4. You Are Still Important
  5. 5. The retail model needs revisiting Mark Prisk MP: “As consumers, our behaviour has changed. High streets need to respond to that change if they are to prosper. Online sales are now 15 per cent of the market, so high streets need to adapt to this quickly.” source: Street-Embrace-online-retailing-to-survive-Mark-Prisk-tells-shop-owners.html Kim Kadlec, worldwide vice president, Global Marketing Group, Johnson & Johnson, describes the change in mental models this way: “We're entering an era of reciprocity. We now have to engage people in a way that's useful or helpful to their lives. The consumer is looking to satisfy their needs, and we have to be there to help them with that. To put it another way: How can we exchange value instead of just sending a message?”
  6. 6. It Can‟t Be Done The 4 minute mile a barrier that humans could not cross... until May 6, 1954. The day that Roger Bannister, ran a mile in 3:59.3 In the next 3 years, 16 other runners beat the 4 minute mile.
  7. 7. Shoppers of the Future… and now!  Shop in multiple ways  40% say multi-channel is important*  Check a store‟s website  Product reviews  Compare prices on phone, in store!  Delivery or collection dependant on need
  8. 8. multichannel-shopper-stats-2012-the-uk-and-us- compared Click & Collect
  9. 9. Moment of Truth stimulus, shelf, experience
  10. 10. The 1st Moment of Truth  In the shop window  On the shelf
  11. 11. The 2nd Moment of Truth  Back to buy again
  12. 12. The Zero Moment of Truth The buying decision journey has changed. ZMOT is a vital new addition to the classic three- step process of stimulus, shelf, experience. And it happens online…
  13. 13. The Process  Stimulated by need or advert  Search online for reviews, advice or price  Seek out potential suppliers  Make purchase location dependant on urgency
  14. 14. Helping You Be There In That ZMOT
  15. 15. On Your Own  Time consuming  Technical challenges  Expensive  Lack of reach  Lack of knowledge
  16. 16. Together  Pool resources  Technical assistance  Spreading the cost (if any)  Magnified reach  Shared knowledge
  17. 17. Local In Action
  18. 18. Retailer Feedback  There is a difference in IT skills from one retailer to another. Emailing orders does not currently work for most business for different reasons: no access to internet on site, clashes with current order taking processes.  Most retailers have not visited the website after a first time. Those who have, feel the aesthetic of it needs to change to be more representative of the locality and personal businesses. General consensus that not enough emphasis has been placed in differentiating from the large supermarket stores.  There is a level of anxiety amongst retailers about the amount of orders received although retailers understand OHS still at its infancy.  Retailers that sell their product by weight or portioned are currently making a loss in trim cuts.  Half of retailers would consider paying greater commission though only if sales were to increase fairly vigorously. Ability to promote certain products, make online offers or combination selling were mentioned by some retailers.  All retailers have trust in OHS Team „I have every confidence‟ (Jill)
  19. 19. Consumer Feedback  All consumers were very happy with the punctuality of the delivery, packing and arrival conditions and the friendliness of the delivery driver.  All consumers felt it was important to support and use local stores especially due to the might of supermarket chains like Tesco and Sainsbury‟s.  Difficulties have been experienced with the website. For instance, a customer has asked for a search toolbar for locating items easier than having to scroll down constantly. Also when scrolling you lose sight of the basket, which means having to scroll all the way to the top again.  All customers have expressed the need to increase the range of items available as it appears the basic items, such as milk, bread and yoghurt, are not available.  More awareness of OHS is needed, one customer only discovered OHS from reading an article about Mouse Trap on the Observer.
  20. 20. The Idea
  21. 21. Product Focus
  22. 22. Phase 1 – Retailer Listings  Outlet details  Photos  Products  Offers  Other detailed information
  23. 23. Phase 2 – Click & Collect  Product inventory  Photography  Stock management  Reservation options  Email  SMS  ?
  24. 24. Phase 3 – Full E-commerce  Buy online  Local delivery
  25. 25. Funding Ideas  Local, EU & Government Funds  Sponsorship  Commission  Ad Supported Aim: Free for retailers
  26. 26. @SeanClark Q&A Thank You Ltd. “Enabling businesses to leverage the power of the web.” 01379 330330