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What is design


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Published in: Design, Business
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What is design

  1. 1. What is design, exactly?
  2. 2. Design is making things pretty.
  3. 3. Right?
  4. 4. Design is deciding what to do 
 and how to do it.
  5. 5. Design is deciding.
  6. 6. Not making arbitrary choices, or holding opinions, but making thoughtful, intentional decisions.
  7. 7. Design is all the work that goes into deciding • Preparation • Communication • Deliberation
  8. 8. Preparing to make thoughtful decisions: • researching the context and history of a problem • studying existing solutions to a problem • brainstorming new ways of seeing a problem • exploring many possible solutions
  9. 9. Communicating decisions 
 to others: • drawing diagrams of problems and solutions • creating mock-ups, wireframes, and prototypes • explaining and having conversations
  10. 10. Deliberating with others to get consensus: • An inspired idea is useless until it’s put into play • A designer must get stakeholders to agree
 on what to do and who to do it
  11. 11. Some designers do make things pretty.
  12. 12. They make decisions about the use of color, form, texture, 
 imagery, typography, 
 and messaging
 based on intuition, research, and experience.
  13. 13. Those decisions 
 make meaning 
 and priority clear.
  14. 14. They evoke associations and emotions.
  15. 15. But designers make thoughtful decisions about other things too.
  16. 16. Like how a tool 
 should work
 or how to make a complex system easy to understand.
  17. 17. Developers make thoughtful decisions too.
  18. 18. We select 
 among libraries 
 or roll our own.
  19. 19. We architect projects so they’re easy to maintain.
  20. 20. We consider the name of each object so our code documents its purpose.
  21. 21. We all design every time we make a thoughtful choice.
  22. 22. So don’t ask a designer to make 
 your app pretty.
  23. 23. Ask a designer to help make the purpose of your app clear.
  24. 24. Ask a designer to help make your users feel what you feel 
 when you think 
 about your app.
  25. 25. Ask a designer to help you articulate and test your assumptions.
  26. 26. Ask a designer for their perspective.
  27. 27. And always be a designer.
  28. 28. Be thoughtful 
 about what to do 
 and how to do it.
  29. 29. @seandurham