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Prism Capabilities Overview


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Prism Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. Overview of Prism Decision Systems, LLC Sean Brady 607.771.5411
  2. 2. Sean Brady’s work experience• President, Prism Decision Systems, LLC• Board member, United Health Services Hospitals, Inc.• Board chair, United Medical Management, Inc.• Manager-Strategic Planning, Generation - NYSEG• Teacher of English, grades 7 – 14• Presenter on planning and creativity
  3. 3. Mission• Provide dynamic group processes and state-of-the- art systems to accelerate group decision-makingVision• Maximize the human potential of collaborative groups to make and implement decisions that achieve their preferred future
  4. 4. AppDevelopment
  5. 5. App development• Looking to standardize your decision- making processes? To put your data to work to make informed decisions? To have access to the information you need via your iPhone® or iPad®? You can – using our custom application development services.
  6. 6. CohortTracker™• An early warning web app that allows superintendents, principals, g uidance counselors and other staff to track the real-time status of secondary students vis-à-vis New York States graduation requirements.• Tracking is by individual student, total cohort, and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) subgroup.
  7. 7. Budget Playground• iPad® app built for Cornell University.• “Data store” delivers up to 16 years of audited historical financial trend data.• Allows school districts to create multi-year budget scenarios.• They can then modify those scenarios in real-time to help boards of education agree to budgets that will be acceptable to district stakeholders.
  8. 8.• Find benchmark or best-in-class schools.• Set and justify aggressive improvement targets.• Seek the programs, strategies and practices necessary to achieve those targets.• Allocate available resources.
  9. 9. ToolsOverview
  10. 10. Prism’s Group Decision Support System™• Let the group vote anonymously using radio response keypads.• View the results immediately.• Minimize unproductive discussion of disagreement.• Maximize productive discussion of disagreement.• Make the decision.• Move forward aligned, with consensus.
  11. 11. Frontier Analyst®• Convert a units inputs and outputs into a single measure of efficiency.• Identify units operating relatively efficiently and those that are not.• Set realistic, peer-based improvement targets for lower performing units.• Identify benchmark performers to guide "best practice."
  12. 12. The Concept System®• Powerful, Internet- enabled idea mapping and rating tool.• Brainstorm, sort and rate ideas on the Web.• Web-based strategic planning, project management, surveys, focus groups, needs assessments and market research.
  13. 13. SolutionsOverview
  14. 14. Strategic planning• Build a rich information base. Strategic Profile• Experience a dynamic, creative planning process based on 2 “future pull.” 7• Using our full suite of decision Importance support tools 3 • Accelerate mission and vision 5 8 4 formulation. 9 10 • Agree to performance targets. 6 1 • Understand priority strategies. Performance • Allocate resources.
  15. 15. Strategic profiling• Helps distinguish among high- and low-leverage strategies -- and therefore identify immediate priorities.• The planning team does not consider all strategies to be equal and does target limited resources at opportunities providing the “greatest bang for the buck.”
  16. 16. K-12 school improvement planning• Set up an annual academic improvement process that is intentional, information- driven and repeatable.• Ensure a clear focus on priorities.• Allocate resources optimally at both the district and individual school level.
  17. 17. Collaborative decision support• Identify and weight criteria.• Assess options against weighted criteria.• Complete cost-benefit analyses.• Complete value analyses.• Make a group decision -- in real time!
  18. 18. Strategic resource allocation• Align or reallocate resources with newly prioritized strategy • Assess the degree to which each function contributes to each strategy. • Assesses the gap between the current and required resources to implement each strategy.
  19. 19. Needs assessments• Gain insight into stakeholders emerging needs and motivations.• Speed creative strategic response.• Face-to-face or web-based.
  20. 20. Sample engagements• Arnot Medical Services • New & Improved, Inc.• CCSD, Columbia- • Science Applications Greene, DOT, First International Corporation Heritage, GHS Federal Credit • Standard and Poors, Inc. Unions • Telcordia Technologies• Greater Boston Visitor and (formerly Bell Labs) Convention Bureau • The Los Angeles Times• Johnson & Johnson, Inc. • Times Mirror Corporation • Union Volunteer Emergency• McDonalds, Inc. Squad• Mercy Health System of • United Health Services Philadelphia • Washington, DC Metro Area• National Institute for Health Transit Authority • Westwood International
  21. 21. Sample education engagements• Arizona State University • Johnson City Schools• Arizona Department of Ed • Lockport City School District• Binghamton City Schools • New York State Ed. Dept.• Broome-Tioga, Erie • Rural Schools Association of 2, GST, Herkimer, SCT, SW, TST NYS , WFL, BOCES • Southern-Cayuga Central• Chenango Forks Schools Schools• City School District of Albany • Syracuse City School District• Cornell University • Syracuse University• Dryden Central Schools • The Magellan Foundation• Elmsford Central Schools • Union Endicott Central Schools• Greenburgh 7 Central Schools • Whitney Point Central Schools• Ithaca City School District