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slides for my paper at the Screen Conference, Glasgow Juy 1-3 2011

Published in: Technology
  • Light and its nature have caused a lot of ink to flow during these last decades. Its dual behavior is partly explained by (1)Double-slit experiment of Thomas Young - who represents the photon’s motion as a wave - and also by (2)the Photoelectric effect in which the photon is considered as a particle. A Revolution: SALEH THEORY solves this ambiguity and this difficulty presenting a three-dimensional trajectory for the photon's motion and a new formula to calculate its energy. More information on
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  1. 1. Coherent Lightfrom Projectors to Fibre Optics Sean Cubitt Screen Studies Conference University of Glasgow, 1-3 July 2011
  2. 2. This paper is dedicated toBrian OBrien, lead scientist atAmerican Optical, pioneers ofglass fibres, who was distractedfrom optical communicationsby a joint venture inHollywood, perfecting Todd-AO.
  3. 3. 15KW Xenon short-arc lamp
  4. 4. Simplex X-L 35mm projectors each lit by Carbon Arc lamp
  5. 5. Diagram of a mirror-lens condenser used in motion-picture projection: (S)light source (electric arc), (M) parabolic mirror, (L) lens, (G) film gate
  6. 6. coma chromatic aberration
  7. 7. 200-mm f/2 Canon lens with 17 ele- ments in 12 groups; Canon Spring 2008 EOS System catalogLEFT: 4-element compound lens fro abandonedrear-projection TV c. 1996
  8. 8. Stan Brakhage, frames from Song XII, 1965
  9. 9. DMD Digital Micromirror device
  10. 10. RIGHT: Daniel Coladon’s light fountain demenostrating toal internal reflection; as used (above) in con-temporary light fountains
  11. 11. schematic for confocal fibre optics