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History and Philosophy of Media 2012 Seminar 1

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. MECM90015 History and Philosophy of Media 2012 1. Problems of Periodisation: screen geometriesso know thou, I am the origin of this entire worldand also its destruction; beyond me there is noth-ing higher, to me this All is linked as a chaplet ofpearls on a thread . . . whatever natures are genu-ine, are shining or dark, they are from me, I amnot i them, they are in me . . . even the divine illu-sion, Maya, is my illusion, hard to transcend, butthose who follow me go beyond illusionBhaghavad Gita 7.iv, cited in Hegel’s Aesthetics (v.1, II, 1,A,1), 367
  2. 2. A=ANow “why a thing is itself ” is a mean-ingless inquiry, for – to give meaningto the question ‘why’ – the fact or theexistence of the thing must already beevident – e.g., that the moon is eclipsed ‘Since nothing falls under the concept– but the fact that a thing is itself is the “not identical with itself ”, I define noughtsingle reason and the single cause to be as follows: 0 is the number which belongsgiven in answer to all such questions as to the concept “not identical with itself ”’why the man is man, or the musician Frege, Gottlob (1974), The Foundations of Arithmetic,musical, unless one were to answer, trans J.L. Austin, Blackwell, Oxford.: 87)‘because each thing is inseparable fromitself, and its being one just meant this.’ A≠AThis, however, is common to all thingsand is a short and easy way with thequestion.Aristotle, Metap[hysics, VII, 17:
  3. 3. 0,1,2...0, (0+1), (0+2), (0+3) . . . (0+n){}=0, {{}}=1, {1}=2, {2}=3 . . . {n}=n+1
  4. 4. Richard Parkes Bonington (1802-1828)Tour du gros horloge, Évreux Lithograph, 331mm x 245mm(detail of clockface above)
  5. 5. William Henry Fox Talbot, Latticed Window atLacock Abbey, 1835
  6. 6. Stephen H. Horgan, Steinway Hall, New York Daily Graphic,December 2, 1873: first prited halftone photograph.
  7. 7. Bell Labs Wirephoto, first commercial transmission, New York 1935
  8. 8. The Quatermass Experiment, BBC TV, 1953, dir Rudolph Cartier, scr Nigel Kneale
  9. 9. Cathode Ray Tube Trinitron Mask
  10. 10. LCD sub-pixel
  11. 11. Plasma Screen Pixel Array
  12. 12. Ritratto di Frà Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli (1495), “inventor” of double-entry bookkeeping c. 1494
  13. 13. NCR Class 2000 Bookkeeping and Distributing Machine 193 7
  14. 14. The Domesday Book, 1086 Shannon Filing Cabinet, Schlicht & Field Co., Rochester, NY, 1886 ad
  15. 15. Principles of contemporary media 1:Enumeration