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Portfolio FMCG


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Published in: Design, Business
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Portfolio FMCG

  1. 1. seancarnell portfolio FMCG about designs projects visuals
  2. 2. seancarnell about working with many customer in the FMCG market the main focus has been on product packaging design and the engineering of this to final production. multiple success with iconic design’s and brands in FMCG packaging market with multi national an domestic brands. over 2000 package design and multiple design registration and patents, multiple international awards for visuals and product design about eternal spring model visy pet working for the majority of NZ FMCG customers there are exsisting relationships with suppliers and manufacturing company in NZ and around the world. interested in new challenges and opportunity to further his design portfolio currently working on real time delivery of design and packaging content for customers and consumers currently tasti keri juice
  3. 3. seancarnell designs FMCG h2go orginal h2go hot fill McDonald’s lion nathen nestle pepsi swirl lipton budget brand’s charlies infinity tararua nestle
  4. 4. seancarnell projects FMCG apple pear board active coca cola watties meadowfresh h2go water pillsbury chelsea anchor tasti fernland visy pet
  5. 5. seancarnell designs others aerospace architectural automotive industrial packaging pet packaging hdpe plastic products process design tooling pet tooling hdpe tooling plastic tooling die casting
  6. 6. seancarnell projects others accurate bodyworks cheviot f&p healthcare fulghums hamilton jets mett group michelsons kiwibank righthemisphere spyder qantas
  7. 7. seancarnell visuals melior energy spyder righthemisphere weiss bnz multi-tie pcworld mastip dirtydog dulux nz trade development
  8. 8. seancarnell contact a large portfolio of work other than what has been shown of the previous pages. With over 20,000 Cad model in his collection. Multiple award winning images there will be some way that he will be able to help on your project. Request some more images of portfolio just drop me a line require more information Facebook seancarnelldesign Skype seancarnell PH: + 64 9 889 3727 PO Box 51 860 Pakuranga Manukau 2140 Auckland New Zealand