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科管所英文簡介(100 12-11)


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A modified version used on 12/11/2011 for National University of Singapore.

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科管所英文簡介(100 12-11)

  1. 1. Graduate Institute of Technology & InnovationManagement, College of Commerce, National 11 December 2011Cheng-Chi University
  2. 2. Recent Achievements• Management Program is ranked Top 41 Worldwide by Financial Times (2011)• Asia Best Business School: Innovation Leadership Award (2011)
  3. 3. Agenda• Mission and Student Profile• Faculty and Research• Curriculum Activities• Connections & Entrepreneurship Building
  4. 4. Mission Nurturing Future Leaders in High-Tech and Creative Industries Providing Policy Implications to Government Agencies Pursuing Intellectual Leaderships Internationally
  5. 5. Student Profile• Total enrollment: 135 Students (2011 fall ) • 76 MBA students • 28 post-MS MBA students • 31 doctoral students • Ethnic Chinese students with foreign nationality and International Students: 4• Male / Female : 75/60
  6. 6. Faculty and Research
  7. 7. Research Dimensions• International: Seventh Framework Program (FP7) International• Humanistic: Science, technology and society (STS) Policy Humanistic Advisory• Creative: Future Study Research• Policy Advisory: Studies of industrial policy• Innovative: Technology, Culture and Innovative Creative Creative Industries, and cities
  8. 8. Prof. Se- Hwa WuPhD in Business PolicyPresident of NCCU• Strategic Management in High- Tech Sectors• Knowledge Management
  9. 9. Prof. Chao-Tung WenPhD in Environmental Management (RPI)Director of Centre for Creativity and InnovationStudies• Technology Park• Incubation and Entrepreneurial Management• Technology Commercialization• Science and Technology Studies• New Service Model• Creativity Development
  10. 10. Prof. Feng- Shang WuPhD in TIM (RPI)National S&T Policy Committee• New Product Development• Knowledge Management• R&D Management• Science and Technology Policy• Academic-Industry Research Collaboration• Technology Forecast and Assessment• Emergent Technology and Industries
  11. 11. Prof. Jen- Fang LeePhD in ManagementDeputy Chairman, Council for Cultural Affair• Organization and Innovation• Creative and Cultural Industries• Innovation Talents
  12. 12. Associate Prof.Ruey- Lin HsiaoPhD in Information Systems (Warwick)Department Head• Information Technology Enabled Change• Innovation Adoption and Diffusion• Cross-Boundary Collaboration• Boundary Objects• Technology Sense-making• Qualitative/Action Research• Innovation in Cities
  13. 13. Dr. Mu-Yen HsuAssistant ProfessorPhD in Business & Public Policy (Wharton)• Technology Policy and National Competitiveness• Economics of Technology &Innovation• Taiwan Innovation Survey (CIS of Taiwan)• Competitive Strategy• Environmental Innovation Policy
  14. 14. Dr. Yu- Chien ChangAssistant ProfessorPhD in Marketing (King’s London)• Arts marketing• Museum management and marketing• Creative industry• Marketing Communications• Cultural creative industry and service innovation• Arts marketing• Cultural festivals and innovative cities
  15. 15. Curriculum of MSc/MBA Program Basic Business Functional Emerging Management Technology Basic Courses Innovation Technology Management Management Core Courses The High- Tech Technology Business Environment Management and Policies
  16. 16. Curriculum of MSc/MBA ProgramBasic Courses Core CoursesBasic Business Technology Management Innovation Management• Accounting • R&D Management(*) • Creative thinking• Economics •Technology Transfer Project • Communication and Team Work• Statistics Management • Innovation management(*)Functional Management • Technological Forecasting and • Seminar in New Venture Business Assessment • Entrepreneurship Studies• Organizational Theory and • Concurrent Engineering • New Venture Evaluation and DevelopmentManagement • Organization and Innovation Management• Financial Management• Production and Operational High-Tech BusinessManagement Management The Technology Environment• Marketing Management• Research Methods • High-tech Business Strategies(*) and Policies• Accounting Management • High-tech Industry & Competitive • Science & Technology Policies and National Analysis Competitiveness(*)Emerging Technology • Network and Strategy Alliance • Science & Technology Policies and of• Emerging Technology and • High-tech Marketing American and EuropeIndustries(*) • High-tech Human Resource • Technology Economics• Information &Communication Management • Technology and Humanity(*)Technology • Venture Capital Management • Corporate Environmental Strategies and• Electronics & Internet • Seminar in New Venture Business Management• Introduction to Bio-Tech • Management of Intellectual Property Right • Intellectual Property Right(*) • Law of Science & Technology and IPR
  17. 17. Curriculum Activities
  18. 18. Study Tour: OutreachCourse(Overseas)
  19. 19. Study Tour: Journey of Innovation (Taiwan)
  20. 20. CompetitionStanford Innovation Tournament 2010 Among 1000 competitors , the only team in Taiwan with “Motivated Kids Award”.
  21. 21. Connections & Entrepreneurship Building
  22. 22. Interaction with Enterprises• Alumni: Association of TIM & IIP• Students: Executive Master of Business Administration
  23. 23. Intern Program• Intern program including Students Profile, Training Courses, and Independent Study• Final goal: to create a path leading to career directly after graduation• Organization providing intern chances: Technology Industry Culture and Creative Industry Research Institute Yahoo City Media Holding Group Institute for Information Microsoft United Daily News Group Industries… Excelsior biotech Taipei Modern Art Museum… CHIMIE Advantech…
  24. 24. Entrepreneurship Building• Sensing the Future Program • Academic Analysis • Practice and Innovation • Venture Capital Resource
  25. 25. Thank you for listening