Increasing and Improving your web traffic


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How to improve the quality and quantity of visitors to your web site. Based on data and experience with a range of UK charity web sites.

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  • a full explanation for how to so this for your site can be found at
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  • the data on visits to UK charity web sites from all Social Media sources can be found at:
    you can also access the Google Analytics Advanced Segment that I used to get the data and apply it to your site.
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  • The principles that you apply to decide what to measure:
    Remember this can be measured in any way. Most will be by GA but
    Measuring social media success/impact is useful too

    Car dashboard Image to begin with ?
    Fading into the background as the text appears ?
  • Avoid Global averages / Do not worry about accuracy +- 5%
    If you do not know where you are going any road will do.
    Add some suggestions as to what KPIs they might use
    Link to my blog post on measuring web site visits from social media
    `what matters in your organisation ?`
  • `good content` does not mean much as good means different things to different audiences.
    More – applies to both relevant and contenet.
    What is your favourite `service` brand ? One that you recommend to friends ?
    What makes it a favourite – service probably.
    The better you serve you existing customers the more likely they are to `engage` with the cause and brand
    And hence donate. If someone at MnS will not help you when you need it you will not be keen to give them your money.
    Set up PROFILES in GA for each site section

  • How to find you least popular content ie with highest Bounce Rate.
    SHOW/Mention the article on ??
  • Remember they have to be searching for something related to your cause.
  • Webmaster Tools image here marked up
  • Increasing and Improving your web traffic

    1. 1. Increasing your Web Traffic Seamus Morley Web: Twitter: @find50
    2. 2. Measure what matters • What gets attention ? • What matters to senior management ? • Identify & work first with those who `get it` • Needs to be `closed loop` • ie `cause and effect` • Look for quick wins • Simple data easy to understand. Closed loop – monitor/ modify
    3. 3. • Web Site sections: Goals/KPI`s > Cause Related > Engagement > Services > Sign Up/Register > Fundraising > Sign Up/Donate What to measure ? • Social Media: > Influence > Post Rank/Twitalizer > Web Site Visits > Number/Duration... ...details at:
    4. 4. • Organic • PPC • Email • Social Media • Referral • Content Ads • 80% • 10% • 2% • 1% • 5% • 2% • More SEO • Long Tail focus • Push Content • Anchor Text ? Typical UK Charity Site Visitor Sources: Source % Total Visits Action
    5. 5. • Content > Measuring – By Site Section/Page -Time on Site – Relevant/Useful - Bounce Rate – Use GA Profiles - Depth of Visit • What is (not)popular ? > Look in GA -Intelligence/SiteSearch -Keywords -Forum Step 1: Keep existing Visitors a positive web experience helps donations
    6. 6. 2B. High Bounce Rate 2A. High Number Pages of Views 1. Weighted Sort Note `Avg Time on Page` Identifying poor performing Pages
    7. 7. Google Keyword Tool Insight & Trends PPC Webmaster Tools Twitter Search Top Info Source `the big picture` • 20k Visits p.mth FREE ! • Test for new audiences Google Grant: Register NOW Topsy/Twitter Step 2: Find New Visitors What is your `market` share ?
    8. 8. Keyword Tool 2. OR enter web page URL 1. Enter keyword 3. Local Search
    9. 9. Webmaster Tools 1. Data by country You MUST register your site(s) 2. CTR - by Query 3. Impressions data – by Query How Google sees your site on the web
    10. 10. • Text/Image/Video Ads: – Facebook – Google Content Network – YouTube • By demographics • By Site • Keyword • CPC comparable to AdWords cpc. • Low CTR/High Impressions Step 3: Spread your net Push/Interrupt Marketing
    11. 11. Summary Measure what matters - segment Decide on KPI`s Identify visitor sources Keep existing visitors happy Find new relevant audience(s) / seamus(at)