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  • Effective/Better digital marketing.GA is the measurement tool of choice. Track and cost all marketing activity and see what is most effective.Decide on what audience you want to reach and what you want them to do on your site.
  • Reaching your audiences: Search > Organic and PPC 70/80% of site traffic for cause related charities. Are you getting your share. Are you reaching all of your natural beneficiries and supporters ? To succeed you need to understand their needs and their search behaviour. To do this look at WMT, AdWords and the keyword ToolSocial Media > 3/5 % of traffic for most sites ( mind you see `assists` later in Goals and assisted conversionsReferral: vital for two reasons. One this brings qualified visitors and two each link back to your site is a vote for your site and its content. This is VITAL as it is the main factor that search engines use to determine how important your site isAds; FB and or Google Display ads. FB ads have come in for some criticism recently but correctly done they can be good at building at reaching a targeted audience. Similarly google display ads can be targeted and...Gaining or losing market share ?Check the competitionReview your position for your top keywordsAre you increasing your backlinks ?
  • The importance of ranking for keywordsAnd how google and Bing decide what pages they will rank at the top for any given query.
  • Add Social Media ?
  • Advanced Segments. BEWARE Site Wide Averages.>The purpose of GA data is to help people make better decisions re audiences, content. > To do this site wide averages are useless actually worse as they are misleading ( see Blog Post)> Advanced Segments are a great way to find actionable data ( Profiles less important these days)> Default and Custom segments. So: By region/city/New/ Returning/by `engagement`/SOURCE: ads/banners/SMedia/etc CONTENT:Lovely features such as Preview Segment and Test SegmentGA was designed to show how the effect of AdWords/Marketing.
  • Goals/Multichannel FunnelsFor an ecommerce site it will be about leads/sales, etc. But for a `content site` eg BBC, Newspaper Sites.> NB: Maximum 30 Goals per Profile.Goals can be: URL reached/ Time on Site/ Pages Viewed/ or Events: eg form completed/downloads/Video viewed, etcEg Number of visitors that you send to a `partner` site.>MultiChannel Funnels: Assisted Conversions. What channel contributed to Goals ? Not just `last click attribution`
  • The principles that you apply to decide what to measure:Remember this can be measured in any way. Most will be by GA butMeasuring social media success/impact is useful too
  • Better Digital Marketing

    1. 1. Better Digital Marketing• Seamus Morley•
    2. 2. The web is full !• The days of easy wins are over• Competition for Clicks is fierce Two Challenges:• How to reach your audience AND• How to make their visit worthwhile
    3. 3. Typical UK Charity Site Visitor Sources: Source % Total Visits To Do:• Organic • 70% • Content/SEO• PPC • 10% • Get Grant Ac• Email • 3% • Build List• Social Media • 5% • Push Content• Referral • 10% • Get more !• Content Ads • 2% • Needs £
    4. 4. Find More/New Visitors• PPC • Google Grant: – 20k Visits p.mth FREE ! • Get the Organisation• Content Strategy behind you • Images/text/Video Ads• Display Ads on 3rd party sites Now - what do you want them to do ?
    5. 5. GA - Advanced Segments• Where do visitors come from ? – Organic/Social Media/Grant PPC, Display Ads...• Where did they go on the site ? – Top Pages/Site Sections/Return Visits• What did they complete? – Downloads/Sign Ups/
    6. 6. Goals Measuring SuccessEcommerce Site > £/£/£Content Site > `more visits staying longer` > Time on Site/ > BRate/PagesVisit > Market Share ?GA Multi-Channel Funnels What Channel adds value ?
    7. 7. Your best friends !• Web dev team • Topics for discussion:• They know tech stuff – Page Duplication• You know marketing stuff – Better Tracking Code – Broken Links / 404`s..and we do not talk the – Page Redirects /301`s same language !• Talk Results – not Design You have to know what you want !
    8. 8. How do you create success ?Find the interested • Needs to be `closed ones. loop`What gets attention • ie `cause and effect` ( excluding ££) ? • Look for quick winsWhat matters to senior • Simple data easy to management ? understand. Closed loop – monitor what you can change
    9. 9. Summary Identify target audience Agree Goals and KPI`s Monitor and ModifyMarket your Create New Content Content
    10. 10. Thanks• Sign up for .5 day session (£) – Google Analytics Marketing Training• Questions/ Comments seamus(at)