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Monarch lesson-Butterfly Garden Project


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Monarch lesson-Butterfly Garden Project

  1. 1. This is a monarch butterfly. Monarchs are international travelers.
  2. 2. Monarchs fly from Canada and the United States to spend the winter in Mexico. This trip is called migration. Monarchs migrate as far as 3,000 miles!
  3. 3. Monarchs find their winter home in Mexico like magic. They fly to a place they have never been before!
  4. 4. The butterflies arrive in Mexico in November. Children look forward to the monarchs' return every fall.
  5. 5. The monarchs hang in trees in Mexico for the winter. The forest shelters them.
  6. 6. The monarchs leave Mexico in the spring. Their migration begins in March. The monarchs become international travelers once again.
  7. 7. Children in Mexico, the United States, and Canada track migrating monarchs each fall and spring.
  8. 8. Monarch Migration • Intro Video LINK Do You Know a Monarch When You See One?
  9. 9. Monarch Roost
  10. 10. Monarch Migration Do You Know a Monarch When You See One?
  11. 11. Did you notice the stripe across the Viceroy's hindwings? That stripe is the best field mark to look for. Viceroys are also smaller than monarchs, and they are more skittish when they fly.
  12. 12. Queen with wings open
  14. 14. •My name is ________ •Mi nombre es ________ •I am ______ years old. I am in ______ grade. •Tengo _____ años. Estoy en______grado. •I live in the state/province of _________. •Vivo en el estado/la provincia de____ •The name of my school is ________ •El nombre de mi escuela es________ •Thank you for taking care of the monarchs this winter, from your northern neighbors. •Gracias por cuidar a las mariposas monarcas este invierno, de parte de sus vecinos del norte. •Please take care of this butterfly during the long, cold northern winter. •Por favor cuiden a esta mariposa durante el frío y largo invierno del norte. •To help monarch habitat in the north, we planted a butterfly garden. •Para ayudar a mejorar el hábitat de las mariposas monarcas en el norte, plantémos un jardín de flores. •To help monarchs I raised a real monarch and let it go. •Para ayudar a las mariposas monarca, crié una mariposa de verdad y la dejé en libertad. •Monarch butterflies are shared by the people of Canada, and the United States and Mexico. •Las mariposas monarcas son un recurso natural compartidas por los países de Canada, Estados Unidos y Mexico. •Of all the countries on Earth, Mexico is the 4th richest in biodiversity. •De todos los paises del mundo, México es el cuarto país más rico en biodiversidad.
  15. 15. Life in the Monarch Sanctuary Village VIDEOS: m/monarch/LifeSanctuaryRegion. html