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Branding for Results in the Digital Age


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Seagull Advertising, a 17 year old Branding and Advertising agency from Pune, recently held a Digital Summit on branding in the digital age at Courtyard Marriott, Pune. Hosted by Seagull’s MD Mr. Sameer Desai, the event saw more than 116 participants, including brands like Thermax, Kirloskar Brothers, Lokmat, Sakal, Reliance, 3Di Systems and Solutions, P. N. Gadgil Jewellers, Amanora, O & P Hospital, Kalpaturu, Foliage Outdoors, Jaihind, Akemi Excellence, NeoGrowth, Crème Pure, MAD Beverages and more.

Mr. Sameer Desai touched upon the necessity and benefits of branding in the digital space, backed by powerful case studies. His simple but vital insights about the use of digital medium to help brands connect with their audience, gained a lot of appreciation.

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Branding for Results in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Branding for results in the Digital Age
  2. 2. The Consumer What is the world’s most powerful medium?
  3. 3. Question is: Where is the consumer today?
  4. 4. Let’s face it. Digital is the new medium.But where does that leave traditional media? Will print go out of print?
  5. 5. Some things cannot be completely replaced.
  6. 6. Each media has its role to play.
  7. 7. TRADITIONAL MEDIA HELPS ESTABLISH: •Awareness •Credibility •Recall DIGITAL MEDIA HELPS •Increase reach and exploit new markets •Increase efficiency in advertising spends •Helps make advertising and branding more answerable
  8. 8. Today, it’s not about one media replacing another; it’s about an integrated approach, using the best media mix.
  9. 9. More importantly, what holds everything together is
  10. 10. This idea is then taken across different mediums as necessary, while optimising media mix
  11. 11. My blood is red and black
  12. 12. To come up with a big idea however, you need to build your brand around a powerful emotional truth.
  13. 13. Products have rationales brands have emotionales
  14. 14. Consumers champion brands which meet their emotional needs 21st Century brands own an Obvious Emotional Truth
  15. 15. Coke’s OET: Small world machine
  16. 16. But if a Brand is all about an emotional experience, how do you put numbers on it?
  17. 17. How do you align your Business Interests to your Brand Strategies?
  18. 18. Seagull’s 3 stage Wings 4 Profit process Charting your Brand’s Flight Map Giving your Brand Wings Defining your Brand’s Challenge
  19. 19. Our Wings for Profit process defines a SMART Objective for your brand. SMART stands for •Specific •Measurable •Achievable •Reviewable •Time-bound
  20. 20. The Digital Medium is •Measurable •Answerable •Reviewable at regular intervals •And thus more efficient Advertising in the Digital Age helps you meet your SMART objective
  21. 21. Troy
  22. 22. Everybody is now connecting online, including politicians
  23. 23. How #AnnaHazare used social media #Anna Hazare brought a wave of change in the country with his unique anti-corruption campaign He roused a million Indians, solely using the power of social media
  24. 24. •5 Lakh fans on FB page •1.9 Lakh LIKES •37,000 Comments • #isupportannahazare: With more than 8000 tweets, was the top trending topic on twitter(India) on August 17 •1.7 Lakh tweets mentioned Anna Hazare. 1.5 Lakh Tweets mentioned “Jan Lokpal bill’ Scale of his effective social (media) campaign •More than 10000 downloads of the App •1.5 Crore missed calls on the support campaign helpline
  25. 25. Big Indian brands go big on digital • Hindustan Unilever aiming to triple digital advertising spend, which in 2012 was 7% of its total ad spend (2,635 crore) • This year, LG Electronics will spend Rs 40 crore on digital medium, which is about 8-10% of their total ad budget for the year. In the last three years, they have been doubling their spends on digital every year • Airtel’s spends have gone up from being 2% of the total spends to almost 10% in 2011-12. “We are the largest advertisers on digital media and also have the highest ratio of digital to mainstream spends in India,” said Arun Sharma, VP, marketing – head, media & rural, Bharti Airtel Ltd.
  26. 26. So what do big brands do on social media? They LIBEF and SOSHA
  27. 27. What does that mean? LISTEN: Listen to conversations happening online, relevant to your keywords BEFRIEND: Make your customer your friend SOLVE: Solve their problems, queries, doubts SHARE: Share information, valuable content with them
  28. 28. Peter Shankman got lucky when he tweeted a shout out about how a Morton’s steak would be just the right ending to his flight arriving in Newark. The consultant with 150,000+ Twitter followers was greeted at the airport by a man in a tuxedo sent by Morton’s to deliver a complete steak dinner. Social media listening enabled Morton’s to pick out advocate from the crowd and create influence at a low cost. As a result of this, Morton Steakhouse got 1 million mentions. It probably didn’t hurt Shankman’s influencer rating and visibility either. How successful brands LIBEF and SOSHA
  29. 29. What happens when brands don’t LIBEF and SOSHA?
  30. 30. Dave Carroll’s viral video • In 2008, United Airlines broke Canadian musician Dave Carroll’s $3000 guitar in transit •To top it, United Airlines was completely indifferent to his complaints •In protest, Dave Carroll made a song about the whole episode and published it on Youtube •Till date, this video has garnered 2.5 million views
  31. 31. United breaks guitar
  32. 32. How to create a successful digital strategy • Build a digital community • Generate enquiries/sales
  33. 33. Say Hello to the AECCC strategy ACCESS ENGAGE CONNECTCUSTOMISE COLLABORATE From David Rogers: ‘ The Network Is Your Customer’
  34. 34. Author of ‘The customer is your network’ and the AECCC strategy. David Rogers
  35. 35. ACCESS: Be present where your consumer is Nike Fuelband: Embedding the network Giving real time feedback on every individual’s performance
  36. 36. Evian waterdrop
  37. 37. Adidas neo window
  38. 38. Will it Blend? •Blendtec, a local commercial and home blender manufacturer from Utah has created one of the most successful viral social media marketing campaigns 6 years ago. •Once a small manufacturer, currently active in 90+ countries, Blendtec is today known to millions with its crazy yet funny "Will It Blend?" videos. ENGAGE: Become a source of valued content
  39. 39. ENGAGE: Become a source of valued content Dumb ways to die
  40. 40. ENGAGE: Become a source of valued content Dove real beauty
  41. 41. ENGAGE: Become a source of valued content Nat Geo
  42. 42. CONNECT: Be a part of your customer’s conversation March of Dime Charity: •Allowing people to make their own 60 second ad to raise awareness of premature births. People were invited to share their baby stories through videos, blogs. •Over 80 ads were submitted, 3000 votes were cast and the winning ad was distributed nationally on tv.
  43. 43. CONNECT: Be a part of your customer’s conversation Alex – Intel
  44. 44. CONNECT: Be a part of your customer’s conversation Mc Donalds our food your questions
  45. 45. CUSTOMIZE: Adapt your offering to your customer’s needs In today’s age, we have to see what the customer needs, not just what we want to give them. Reebok developed an app which lets you customise your shoe and buy it too!
  46. 46. CUSTOMISE: Adapt your offerings to your consumer’s needs
  47. 47. CUSTOMISE: Adapt your offerings to your consumer’s needs
  48. 48. COLLABORATE: Involve your customers and co-create with them Wikipedia: The world’s biggest free- content, collaborative online encyclopaedia A wiki is a website that allows contributors to create and edit the wiki’s own pages using a simplified editor within the browser. This self-editing software was invented by Ward Cunningham
  49. 49. COLLABORATE: Involve your customers and co-create with them Missing people
  50. 50. COLLABORATE: Involve your customers and co-create with them Threadless
  51. 51. An important question What is the optimum spend needed for the digital medium? • Your spends will depend on your SMART objective •Also, keep in mind, each category is different, for example, in retail and fashion, a facebook community can grow to 15000+ under a month, with spends as minimum as Rs. 1500/day •Also, your budget for SEM will depend on the keywords chosen and cost of that keyword •But every penny spent online is measurable in terms of ROI
  52. 52. Which brings us to the next important question How can you measure your online efforts?
  53. 53. Some cool tools! Web metrics Online research and analytics Social Media measurement and insights Website analytics , trend monitoring and keyword planner Social Network management Facebook measurement and insights
  54. 54. Pay only when a user clicks? • With models such as CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per acquisition), brands pay only when a user clicks on an ad. • With CPA, you pay only once a user fills the registration /enquiry form on your site. • All such payment models make the Digital Medium more measurable and therefore more answerable.
  55. 55. How are successful integrated advertising agencies structured?
  56. 56. Planning Creative communication Social media centre Digital marketing centre Media Activation
  57. 57. How is the Seagull Digital Team structured? Social Media Centre Digital Marketing Centre A strong Digital Community and effective Lead Generation for our products
  58. 58. Sameer Desai - Managing Director 17 years of experience in advertising and promotions spanning brands like Greenlime, Health Fit, Jaihind, Mont Vert, Symbiosis, Oyster & Pearl, Venky’s, Bacardi, Amanora, Borosil, Novartis, Southern Comfort, IndSearch, Culligan Goodwater, Cummins and Pepsi Ashish Mishra- Business Manager 7 years of experience in digital marketing spanning brands like ICICI bank, Set India, Aditya birla group, Salman khan foundation, Tata mutual fund, Garware plyester ltd., Validys toys, Ad-mueseum, Airocide and Rica coffee SEAGULL DIGITAL TEAM RESOURCES
  59. 59. SOCIAL MEDIA CENTRE TEAM Vrinda Joglekar - Digital Strategist Padmini Venugopal- Digital Strategist Tannishtha Motilal - Copywriter Anik Sheth – Social Media Manager
  60. 60. DIGITAL MARKETING CENTRE TEAM Ashish Mishra – Business Manager, Digital Neha Pandkar- SEO,SEM specialist Shilpi Saraogi Sr. Web Designer & Developer Smita Gumphalwar Sr. Web Designer & Developer Vaishu Patel Web Designer & Developer Sanjay Wandre – Head Digital Media
  61. 61. Recap: •First, build a strong brand, with a powerful brand architecture and branding idea •All ideas and campaigns will then follow from this branding idea •For effective integrated campaigns, follow the AECCC process Access Engage Connect Customise Collaborate
  62. 62. How Seagull Digital has helped brands fly: Quick Glimpse
  63. 63. JAIHIND TIRANGA FASHION SPLASH EVENT – 15TH AUG 2013 THE BRIEF: •Spread awareness about Jaihind on Independence Day •Drive more traffic to the store THE IDEA: •Jaihind Tiranga Fashion Splash, with Kunal Kapoor, on Aug 15th, at the Jaihind store.
  64. 64. CALLING PUNE’S YOUTH TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FASHION SHOW OUR SMART OBJECTIVE: To get in 100 entries through facebook for the event within 2 days. OUR FLIGHT PLAN: •Online: We took our campaign online, primarily on Facebook as well as Google adwords, emailers, facebook ads •Radio: We also supported it through radio ads
  65. 65. RESULT SMART Objective achieved: •Within 2 days and just 1/10th of print advertising budget, we got 172 entries for the event on our facebook page. •Increased traffic to the stores Increased social community size: Facebook community grew from 0 – 1636 in just 2 days. JAIHIND TIRANGA FASHION SPLASH EVENT – 15TH AUG 2013
  66. 66. P.N. GADGIL JEWELLERS- ONLINE COMMUNITY SUCCESS STORIES: Increased facebook community from 30,000 to 76,445 in 5 months YOUTUBE: Total views: 12066 Estimated minutes watched: 14,477
  67. 67. COMMUNITY BUILDING AND LEAD GENERATION ACTIVITIES DIAMOND CAMPAIGN - A STORY OF COLLABORATION: To spread awarness about the Diamond collection, we created a story about a woman and a diamond. The story was crowd-sourced from our FB fans. At every stage, the audience was prompted to choose how the story would turn.
  68. 68. COMMUNITY BUILDING AND LEAD GENERATION ACTIVITIES RAKSHA BANDHAN CAMPAIGN •Through effective lead generation, sold 300 rakhis online, with minimal spends •Increased community size with ‘to tie or not to tie’ contests and posts, Raksha Bandhan apps and a viral video
  69. 69. Rakshabandhan applications Design your own rakhi Wacky gift box
  70. 70. SHOLAY Viral video – A spoof of Sholay, where a Rakhi sets things right
  71. 71. Maple Shelters - Community building activity SUCCESS STORIES: Designed, created responsive website. Created online community, grew it from 65 to 7624 in just 5 months, ENQUIRIES: Generated 1825 enquiries in 5 months
  72. 72. MONT VERT BELBROOK INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN Smart objective: 300 walk ins over 2 weeks Solution: Doosra Chance to invest with Murlitharan Muttiah Promotion through integrated media Results: In the 2 weeks, we increased likes by 2500. We also get 200 enquiries through online initiatives
  73. 73. all ready for take-off! (the bar counter is now open;) @seagullads Seagull Advertising Sameer(at)seagulladvertising(dot)org