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  1. 1. Secret Solo Ads Success FormulaIntroduction:If you have been involved with Internet Marketing for any length of time, youwould probably have heard of the saying “the money is in the list.” Simply put,the larger your list, the more sales you can potentially make from yoursubscribers. Internet Marketing Gurus have huge lists, which is why they can“crush it” by sending out a promotion to their list and getting a huge responsein the form of sales.How can you build a large list, quickly?For some time now I have tried to build a list by using “Free Traffic” withmethods such as SEO by building websites that have an optin form on themwhere people sign up and get some sort of “free offer.”It might be a free report on a topic that is relevant to the traffic, or a free 10part series that is sent to their email on a daily basis, or a free video coursethat you can download, free software such as a Wordpress plugin. Thepossibilities are endless.However, let me tell you that this is not the fastest way to build a list, unlessyou have daily visitors to your site in the thousands, and even in the hundredsof thousands!For someone who is new to Internet Marketing and is just starting to buildtheir list, the chances are that you will not have that many visitors to your site.So attempting to build a list this way can prove to be very slow going.Would you like to know of a way of quickly building your list in with aguaranteed formula that works like clockwork, every time?If I could do it all over again from scratch, I would get paid traffic to build alist. Why? Because with paid traffic you can become a lot more “focused” withyour list building. It is literally like turning on a tap!The great thing about Solo Ads is that the traffic is INSTANT, and there is a lotof it. If you get in contact with someone that has 100,00 people on their list,and you pay them the right price then they are going to send you a lot of trafficwith just one click of a mouse.Because of this rush of traffic to your site, you can build your list very, veryfast, which is why I love solo ads advertising!Yet so many people who start a business online shy away from actuallyspending any money on BUILDING their business, myself included!Until I “bit the bullet” and tried paid traffic, and I never looked back…
  2. 2. We all pay for training – sometimes over and over again as we search for thatgolden nugget that promise to make our affiliate account light up like aChristmas tree with cash. The secret is that there is no secret….How about spending that money instead on something that will give you sales,and affiliate income?What if I could give you a Solo Ads Formula that WILL work, because I use it?I will reveal this Secret Solo Ads Formula later in this report….I love solo ads because they are consistent, targeted, predictable traffic.Using this one technique, you could build yourself and empire in double quicktime.Running solo ads will be one of the fastest, easiest routes tobuilding a list that you will ever use.Make sure that you reinvest back into your advertising the money that youearn from the traffic that you get.If you knew that for every dollar you spend, you can multiply it 5 or 10 or evenjust 2 times, and all that you really need to do is come up with ads that work,and then run them over and over again, wouldn’t you want to do this in asmany good places as you could find?So if you are going to spend some money on your business, one of the BESTplaces you can do it is with solo ads.What are solo ads?A Solo Ad is an ad that is sent out to an email list, newsletter or ezine.Have you ever sent out follow-up emails from an auto responder like AWeber?Or maybe you have started receiving emails after signing up for a free offer?This is the beginning of a newsletter.Solo ads are stand-alone ads that are sent to a list, in a newsletter. The ad isthe only thing in the email and because of this the ad is the only thing that hasthe reader attention. You can generally write your own subject line, and mostpublishers let you make the ad as long as you want.How Much Do Solo Ads Cost?This will depend on the list owner and the size of the list. The bigger the listthe more you will have to pay. For anyone that is starting out you can buy soloads that will give you 50 or 100 clicks. On average for this you will pay $15 -$30. Some list owners may charge more.You could be buying a $50 solo ad today, and it will start generatingsubscribers and then sales almost immediately! I do this every week. One of
  3. 3. my solo ad last week sent me 249 unique visitors to a squeeze page andgenerated 134 subscribers.You may be thinking, “$50 does sound like a lot of money!” However, lastweeks ad became profitable within 48 hours. It worked out at 20 cents perclick, and just under 40 cents per lead, or subscriber to my list. Can you seewhy paid traffic is SO AWESOME?What is My Solo Ads Formula? 3 Solo Ads = Targeted TrafficI bought solo ads in three different ezines and ran each one three times.People need to see an ad a few times before they click. Just like infomercialswhere you will see the same message repeated at least 3 times in the same ad,but in different ways.By the third time you will find that the desire to buy has become muchstronger, and you feel yourself reaching for your credit card.Here are two steps to success…Step #1: Subscribe to 3 Targeted Newsletters related to your niche.At the time my niche was Affiliate Marketing, so I wanted to find newslettersthat were related to that topic. You can Google with “your niche + newsletter”or “your niche + ezine” and take some time to dig though the results.You may get lucky and find a few great newsletters to subscribe to, and also torun a solo ad in, but I found that this was a rather time consuming process.If you are in the Internet marketing niche, then you can check out the WarriorForum. Try to search for “solo ad” and you will get some hits.If you are in other niches then you could try browsing around other forums.Some forums have categories that are created in the forum for people that arelooking for solo ads.You could also check out websites in your niche. You can contact the listowners directly and ask them if they are willing to sell you a solo ad.One of the absolute best resources for solo ads is The Directory of Ezines,which has the most up to date listings and ad rates. You’ll find that it has aHUGE ezine directory and the owner Charlie even teaches you how to use soloads more effectively.However, it does cost to join which, if you are just starting out, may be out ofyour reach for the moment. Sign up for the free newsletter anyway as Charliegives away a lot of great tips and information about newsletter advertising.Another great resource for solo ads (which is free to join) is
  4. 4. Aimed around list owners that are wanting to swap solo ads with each otheron the site so that they can grow their lists, many list owners also offercompetitive rates on solo allows you to rate the person providing the solo ad. This canbe very useful when deciding whom to buy your solo ad from.It is very important to find a targeted newsletter. I got a better response froma newsletter that was about affiliate marketing that I did when I chose a “makemoney online” list, for example.If you have the money it is best to TEST each solo ad, using a unique link foreach ad. Using a tracker such as I was able to see how manyclick I got on each ad, as well as how responsive each list was to my offer.Again, if you are just starting out then find a targeted newsletter. As you startto get a better ROI (return on investment) you can start testing. Althoughtesting IS important, it is something you can do without to start with if moneyis tight.Other free or lower cost directories you can check out to find newslettersinclude:The Ezine Directory ( $7 for $7-day trial) ( $24.95 for 3 months)http://www.ezineadvertising.comEzine Hub http://ezinehub.comBest Ezines http://bestezines.comEzine Finder http://www.ezinefinder.comStep #2: Contact the owners directly and asked them how much ad spacecost.I mentioned this idea earlier in this report. Email a list owner directly. Alwaysask the owner how many subscribers they have, and whether there is adiscount available for multiple ads.There are literally THOUSANDS of small ezines that will run your adsinexpensively, and if the publisher has a great relationship with his readers,and doesn’t run too many solo ads, you could get some AMAZING results.If the list owner does not have some sort of relationship with their list, thenyou can be sure that any ad you run with them will probably get a lowresponse.By contacting list owners directly, you may make friends with them.Check out the list first by subscribing to it, just in case the list owner sends outads for things to buy and nothing else. You can judge the value of the list by
  5. 5. the quality of the content. “The money is not just in the list, but also in the content that is provided to the people who are subscribed to it…”Step #3: Ad writing tipsThe best tip I can give you, and what worked for me, was to use the wordFREE. “Nothing to buy” can also get great responses too! You really want tocreate interest from the reader of your solo ad so that they click through toyour opt-in page or website.The purpose of the newsletter ad is to “sell the click.”You should do everything you can to get people to click on the links. Yourwebsite needs to be able to get them to sell them, or get the reader to sign upetc.For direct sales emphasize two benefits on your sales page.Keep all your paragraphs VERY short – don’t write more than 4 lines. Useshort sentences and lots of bullets points because most reader skim to seewhat peaks their interest, and if nothing does then they move on.Most of all repeat your URL and ask them to click on it!Conclusion:I don’t see many WSO’s on solo ads in the Warrior Forum. Which is surprisingbecause it is really one of the BEST ways to build a list quickly.Solo ads do take some testing and tracking, and once a “guru” finds aplace where his ad converts, he often keeps that to himself. This is a secretthat many Gurus hold close to their chest – building a list with Solo Ads…Any ad that gives you a good response, scale it up. Repeat the ad, and thenbegin testing again by changing things like the subject line or even makingsome new ad copy. Keep the original ad running and continue to monitor itresponsiveness.Common sense dictates that if your paid advertising is not working – youspend $50 and get nothing for it. Stop running the ad.If you have any questions on my Secret Solo Ads Success Formulayou can always contact me via the WSO thread or email me Your Success!David C.
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