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Briscoe Bulletin March 2009


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Briscoe Bulletin March 2009

  1. 1. Briscoe Bulletin “PARTNERING OUR CLIENTS WITH THEIR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET” Market commentary from Brian Briscoe As the dust starts to settle on what has been the most dramatic of economic slowdowns, a number of interesting, yet not totally surprising realities are starting to become apparent in the professional and executive recruitment marketplace vis-à-vis Active and Passive candi- dates. For ease of the bullet points below, an Active candidate has job- hunting as part of their daily activities; a Passive candidate does not. INCREASE IN ACTIVE CANDIDATES The number of candidates per vacant role has significantly increased since October 08, but the quality levels of candidates’ remains low. This has led some experts in the industry to conclude that many or- ganisations have used the recent slowdown to make non-essential Welcome to the second positions redundant and in lots of cases, clear out poor-performing individuals. As a result, many hiring managers who got excited about edition of the Briscoe a candidate supply have only been frustrated with the job of sifting Bulletin. Since our last through a multitude of resumes that don’t fit their requirements, thus wasting valuable management resources at a time when it is so important to focus on what submission in December, I will bring positive results to your organisation. hope you and yours have KEY had O I N T S Christmas, a fantastic RELUCTANCE OF TOP PERFORMERS TO BECOME ACTIVE CANDIDATES P A lot of the quality candidates with track records of success have become very cautious got some time to ignore about putting themselves out to the market, hence are often not responding to job advertise- Briefly highlight your point of • interest here. the media drama that ments or registering with agencies. In effect, this has created a short-term false market, where Briefly highlight your point of • interest here. most job board statistics will report a large decrease in advertisements and an equally large surrounds us at the increase in available candidates – however, for most companies, quality remains the issue. Briefly highlight your point of • interest here. moment and came back to Briefly highlight your point of • work with a renewed SUCCESS THROUGH TARGETED SEARCH interest here. Even though the comprehensive “targeted search process” has represented our core service sense of optimism to the offering, recently it has become even more popular, accounting for over 75% of our new as- opportunities that ’09 may signment strategies since Christmas, up from 47% in 2008. Our reading of this large increase in demand for our search approach is clients’ realisation that this represents a phenomenal op- present us in Western portunity to snare excellent performers given the uncertainty over the marketplace, but also Australia. the knowledge that these candidates may not be active. The exhaustive, external search process has often proven to be the only successful solution in sourcing business champions and the current economic climate seems to be pronouncing its Positive Phrase of the value. Unlike database / advertising, search is a proactive approach whereby the client organi- Quarter: sation is able to partner with a search agency to map the ideal candidates skills, attributes & experience and then go to the market to find the person, rather than wait for the market to “I am choosing not to come to you. participate in this UNEMPLOYMENT RATES – a very interesting statistic! recession!” One of the country’s leading economists, in a recent presentation, plotted the national unem- ployment figure over the last 20 years. Most experts are predicting that the rate will go as high How better off might we be as 7% within the next 12-18 months (although WA may only reach 5%). We’ve asked a few of our clients when they thought the last time it reached that level was? Most are surprised to if we all took this hear June 2001. It didn’t seem that bad then, did it!? We definitely are in The Information Age approach? when the bad news travels a lot faster, even 8 years on. We first started using the search ap- proach to recruitment in 2001, when unemployment was at 7%, so our understanding of its value at times of generous candidate supply suggests the next few years may see its con- tinued popularity!
  2. 2. PAGE 2 CANDIDATES Want to be “The “U” Turn ahead”- WA Specific Good News found? Tips from an Ex- ecutive Search Consultant. The fact is, WA has gold, gas, oil, and a wealth NAB ECONOMIST When speaking to of resources which will always be in demand. potential candidates I am The NAB’s January We also have only 10% of Australia's often asked the question- economic outlook for population and consequently, what happens how did you find me? Our Australia has con- researchers utilise a on a national economic front often carries a variety of methods to find cluded that Australia is degree of irrelevance to WA — hence caution the right person to call; most likely headed for internet searching is one of in reading is vital when national stories run! a “U” shaped recovery. Whilst some figures the techniques. that have been appearing lately are negative, As the RBA awaits the effect of its monetary policy and the government’s stimulus To increase your online the evidence does point to an eventual visibility, here are some recovery, and that will most likely be in the package, Western Australians can take some tips: second half of ‘09 and carry on into 2010. satisfaction from a depressed currency and a • Firstly, Google yourself to see what your unique situation that are both bolstering PREMIER BARNETT current presence is. demand. A devalued dollar is making our • Get a LinkedIn profile. Notwithstanding the current state of the exports, particularly minerals and energy, is an Australian economy, there do exist stark online networking tool affordable to the rest of the world. contrasts between WA and the rest of used globally. The SEEK Employment Index for WA which Australia. Premier Colin Barnett going so far • Put your resume represent the ratio of new ads placed to online, create a last week as to say “We can be a VisualCV, and Blog. applications in WA shows a fall of 6.2% in ads counter-cyclical force in this recession.” whilst applications rose 9.0%. Despite these • Present at a China’s latest growth forecasts (8% quoted in Conference recent changes WA remains a cut above the the headlines last week) also show some • Endorse others that nation in the ratio of new ads to applicants. have published online. realistic reason for optimism with the WA • Get involved in online economy. forums in your area of expertise. • Show you are a thought leader in your field by publishing articles or being quoted in articles. The Team at Briscoe Search and Consulting is their people pleased to announce that Brian Briscoe, decisions. Brian Shireen DuPreez is a founder and Managing Director of Briscoe has grown Briscoe Search & Consulting by Consultant with Briscoe partnering with SME’s in a wide range of Search and Consulting. Search and Consulting has been honoured at She has worked as an the annual 40 under 40 awards hosted by the industrial and commercial sectors and by Executive WA Business News. The 40 under 40 awards building strong, personal relationships with Search them all.” It’s fair to say that the award is also Consultant are an annual award evening to honour in the US, Perth’s top business achievers under 40 years great recognition for what the company and UK & of age. In recognising Brian’s achievement, team are committed to, as well as our Australia. WA Business News stated “Starting from fantastic portfolio of clients! humble beginnings, no support network or Many outstanding figures were Suite 8/281 Hay St prior experience in the recruitment industry presented with awards and the Brian has successfully grown a phenomenal calibre of each and every winner Subiaco WA 6008 network of decision makers in Perth who trust was outstanding — so congrats to 08 9489 3333 his business with their most important asset; all the high achievers.