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on the rise +Facebook Gaining 100’000 users in 2 months time, Facebook is still on the rise, with 2’300’000 unique users in January. Facebook is always worldwide Top 1. With 42% (Nov.: 38.4%) reach, Switzerland is far above worldwide average: 31.5% (Nov.: 31.6%). Average visits per unique user are impressive: 39 (worldwide: 37).Twitter Plus 20’000 new users in Switzerland, reaching 200’000 unique users. With multilingual support now, it will probably gain more mainstream users. Twitter remains a huge monitoring and sharing tool for market insights and specialists.Linkedin The downturn motivates people to stay tuned and wander for career or new business opportunities. Linkedin makes a step with 10’000 new users to reach 160’000. Average visits per unique user suggest Swiss people are anxious: 7 (worldwide: 5.6). Xing Very popular among Swiss German part of Switzerland, Xing gains 30’000 new unique users by pushing the limits to 140’000 users. Since German speaking part is about 65% of the population, you have to consider opening a Xing account if you intend to work in national companies. As we can see people do.delicious Link sharing, very useful but not well known. Delicious is on the rise with 7’000 new unique users. Goes up to 22’000 unique visitors. WHAT ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA IN SWITZERLAND - Source: January 2010, Google Ad Planner

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