Testimonials to Kari\'s Work


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Testimonials to Kari\'s Work

  1. 1. Testimonials to the Work of Kari K. Stewart
  2. 2. “The Prospect campaigns have been very well received by those who participated in them. Kari’s leadership of this project has delivered a strong number of incremental new accounts, with results well above expectation. This project is a good example of Kari’s capabilities in taking a leadership role.” -- Manager comment from 2008 review. “Kari did a great job in achieving both the 2008 goals and in exceeding the goals for 2009. A lot of hard work was undertaken to make these a reality.” -- Manager comment from 2008 review.
  3. 3. quot;Kari demonstrated strong skills and performance – was a self- starter, handled client and AE issues with minimal oversight, has good judgment and consistently meets her goals.quot; quot;Kari hit the ground running when -- Manager comment from 2008 review. she joined the new RPS Communications department; she is enthusiastic and eager to add value. Kari has taken a great deal of information and organized it to support the research and processes she will be developing. Kari has developed relationships in her new role, for the RPS In Focus newsletter which launched under Kari’s supervision.quot; -- Manager comment from 2008 review.
  4. 4. “Kari is a very diligent, detailed manager that is committed to success. Her development of the acquisition plan and her focused determination in execution of it is exceptional.” -- Manager comment from 2007 review. “Kari continued to “Kari has a granular demonstrate teamwork and understanding of the drivers flexibility as she was asked to associated with her continue to vary her roles responsibilities and as these within the team. She is always drivers have been challenged by willing to take on any external factors, she has been challenge that is put before appropriately aggressive while her while maintaining a diplomatic in addressing them positive approach.” cross-functionally.” -- Manager comment from 2007 review. -- Manager comment from 2007 review.
  5. 5. quot;Kari improved the effectiveness “Kari’s teamwork, resilience and good of every team she has worked on and addresses challenges judgment has made it possible for us to manage through numerous head-on.quot; challenges, issues, a lack of quality and -- Manager comment from 2006 review. process for marketing, and now the quality of acquisition campaigns. Her leadership has not only filled these critical roles, but in each case she improved them. Her positive attitude and commitment are second to none. quot;Kari has demonstrated The team could not have experienced unparalleled teamwork and as much success as it has without flexibility as a manager. Her Kari’s contributions.” willingness to take on any role -- Manager comment from 2006 review. that is necessary and her positive, resilient approach to addressing the challenges of these roles has contributed to her nomination for a 2006 Pinnacle Award. Kari is an outstanding asset for the team.quot; -- Manager comment from 2006 review.