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Gun Safety Shem Ragsdale


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Gun Safety Shem Ragsdale

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Gun Safety Shem Ragsdale

  1. 1. Created by: Shem Ragsdale
  2. 2. Menu Why Guns Are Not Fun Gun Safety at Home Gun Safety At School Conclusion Reference
  3. 3. Why Guns Are Not Fun Although many television shows, computer/video games, and movies display guns, it is necessary to realize that real guns are dangerous. When adults and children play with or miss use guns, they can end up killing someone.
  4. 4. Why Guns Are Not Fun A real gun is not a toy and they can kill someone. Guns have enough power to tear through your skin, muscles, and even your bones. A gunshot can injure you for life or even kill you. This is why it is so important to not play with real guns. When kids how were ask about their gun accidents they say they did not mean to fire the gun. NEVER point a gun at anyone, including yourself
  5. 5. Why Guns Are Not FunAre real gunstoys?
  6. 6. Why Guns Are Not FunNO--Real gunsare not toys
  7. 7. Gun Safety at Home Guns at home should be locked in a safe with the safety on. Tell your parents they can get free gun locks from your local police department If you find a gun in your home you may be tempted to check it out, but don’t play with it.
  8. 8. Gun Safety at Home If you come across a gun…. STOP DON’T TOUCH LEAVE THE AREA TELL AN ADULT
  9. 9. Gun Safety at HomeIf you see a gunat home whatshould you do?
  10. 10. Gun Safety at HomeSTOP, don’ttouch, leave thearea, and tell anadult
  11. 11. Gun Safety At School If someone at school threatens you or says they are going to bring a gun to school tell an adult right away. If you are nervous about doing this in front of other students ask your teacher or principal to talk with them in a private meeting.
  12. 12. Gun Safety At SchoolIs it ever okay tobring a gun toschool?
  13. 13. Gun Safety At SchoolNO it is neverokay to bring agun to school.
  14. 14. Conclusion Researching the topic of gun safety made me realize how important it is to educate children about gun safety. It was interesting to me that you can get free gun safety locks at your local police department. Creating this powerpoint challenged me to learn about the different uses and animations of the powerpoint
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