sdpssngo Annual report 2010 -2011


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sdpssngo Annual report 2010 -2011

  1. 1. Salem District people Service society
  2. 2. ORGANISATION PROFILEName of the Organisation : Salem District People Service Society (sdpss)Address : Field office: 1/21, Kamatchiamman kovil st, Peramanur, Salem – 636 007. Tamilnadu,India. 77-A, Bharathi Nagar, Chinnathirupathi, Salem – 636 008.Contact person & position : R. Sakthi Chandran, Founder & secretaryLegal status : Regd.Under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act (27) 1975 of No.17/2002 Dated-19.2.2002Income Tax : Regd. under 12A and 80G for tax exemption of 1961 Regd. For PAN of Income Tax FCRA. NO. 076000140Name of the Bank : State Bank of India, Hasthampatty Branch, Salem.Our Auditor : CA. S. P. Arunmozhi Varman,M.Com., F.C.A., DISA (ICAI), CA. S. P. Chakravarthy, B.Com., A.C.A., Chartered Accountants, 91-427-240 2612
  3. 3. List of Board/ Governing Body members/ TrusteesSN. Name Designation1 S. Saroja B.E President2 R. Prabhakaran B.E Vice – president3 R. Chandran Secretary4 S.Kayalvizli Additional secretary5 S. Chitra Treasurer6 N. Mohanraj Working committee member7 S. Rathika Working committee member Staff Details: S. No Name Qualification Position1 J. Sam Devadurai B.A (Eng Lit)., M.B.A. Project Manager (PM)DOM,MDPM2 R. Kandhasamy M.A., M.Ed., MIS co-ordinator3 V.Nagavalli B.Com (CA)., DOA Accountant/Admin4 A.Suresh B.Sc.Psy , C.M.L.T Counselor5 S. Metilda DIP(GNM)General Nursing Health workers Midwifery6 S.Ganesh Peter +2 Field Staff7 M.A.Palanisamy PUC Field Staff8 M.Mala +2 Field Staff
  4. 4. Programme Overview Date Programme Beneficiary Resource Person’s Tobacco Company Labors Fr. Arulappan , 31.05.2010 & community Head Master(LFSH) Awareness People Mr. P. Ravivarma, Programme Industrilist World Anti Tobacco Day Mr. Dr. K. Manokaran 29.01.2011 Tobacco Awareness School Children’s Programme 05.03.2011 Tobacco Awareness PLHIV Men, Programme Women’s & Children’s 31.03.2011 Tobacco Awareness College Student’s Programme Environmental Mr. V. T. Kandhasamy. I.F.S., Salem. Awareness Mr. J. Ramanathan, 05.06.2010 Programme Athma Foundation Environmental Awareness Programme Education Government Mr. C. Rajasekaran, SC/ Primary School, ST Welfare Officer. Material for Nel Kuthi Paarai, Mrs. K. Esthar Rani, 02.07.2010 school children Eruma palayam. A.E.O Programme Mr. K. R. Ramasamy, Education Materials for President. School Children Programme Income Generation for 28.08.2010 Programme Income Generation Programme for PLHIV 08.02.2011 Income Generation MR. X-Mas, Manager. Programme for PLHIV Nutrition Support Mr. R. Devadass, BABL. 18.09.2010 EX. M.P. Programme Mr. T. Sentha Krishnan, Nutrition Support M.B.B.S, Govt. ART Programme for PLHIV Medical Officer. Women’s & Children’s Mr. L. Raja Sundar Singh, M.A., Secredary, Indian Red Cross Society.
  5. 5. Nutrition support for HIV infected Childrens & womens Any health care program me will be successful only if we have a holistic approach andplan, for the reason that all diseases are basically due to the problems in lifestyle, diet andenvironment. Once the organism gains entry to the body of a host, it is the immune status of the individual, which decides whether it will establish an infection or not. If the persontakes a balanced diet, which protects the immunity, it may not succeed in establishing an infection. If all HIV positives - before they get into the state of AIDS - take care of their health with a strictly balanced diet and espouse a good lifestyle, they might be able to prolong their life. HIV Support Groups Meeting The majority of people tested positive for the HIV infection need to join one of the HIV support groups. Even though at first it will not seem like a good idea, only time can tell. Not many want to share their experience, and certainly not many are willing to say to another group of people that they have HIV. A recent infected person will first of all think that others might reject him or her if anyone finds out about the infection. Due to this fact, they keep a low profile and they do not join any group at first. But still, people feel the need to share the experience, to find someone that is similar to them, and to be understood from a different point of view
  6. 6. "Tobacco consumption is injurious to health - Say NO to TOBACCO"ObjectiveCreate awareness of health hazards and vulnerability of certain diseases like cancers, coronaryartery disease, and chronic obstructive lung disease of tobacco useEducate school children, Residential communities as to what constitutes healthy living and thehealth effects of tobacco consumptionChange attitudes and beliefs to more positive tobacco free living approachInform tobacco consumers on the effects of tobacco consumption on personal, family and publichealth and livingTOBOCCO AWARNESS PROGRAMME Sponsor Childrens Programme Around the Salem area we identify the 12 Blocks in rural area. We select the 143 children’s from tribal area all these children’s come from economically weaker section of the community, Our society give the following items. Quality Education ,Nutrition,Health care,Education Supporting Material
  7. 7. Environment Programme Every year we celebrate the grand and public mass Programme during the environmental day June 5th. We identify the places related to the environmental issue. We do the following points in that area. The campaign includes the following programmes: i) Padayatras involving school children ii) Public rallies involving women and social worker iii) Inviting participation of youth associations/NGOs and encouraging them to contribute slogans on the theme.
  8. 8. AWARDS & TRAINING J. SAM Devadurai (Programme Manager) Attend Fund Raising Programme Onemore year has passed 365 days of trials and tribulations, endurance and perseverance, culminating in great achievements and jubilation.Bountiful blessings from the Almighty, generous support from the benefactors, timely assistance from the authorities, dedicated servicefrom the staff and, above all, whole hearted cooperation from the beneficiaries and the public at large, at every step of the way, Thankingeveryone for their support and cooperation, I present herewith the Annual Report of salem District people service society for the year2010-2011 Written By Director/Sectary (Salem District people Service society)